Your mama so fat

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Your mama jokes

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Your mama is so Fat:

She fell out of a plane i was laughing but the ground was crackin!

Bus ran into your mama then she said "who threw that rock"!

Your mama is so stupid:

She saw a stop sign and stop forever. When she was walking!

Just regular Jokes: There was a italan a white and a Mexican Walking the Mexican and the italian and the white they work in a sky skaper the mexican open his lunch and says mymymy in spanish then says if i get tacos again tomorrow then i will jump off this sky skaper then the white says i will jump with you if i get another Hambuger then the italian says i will jump with you guys if i get another pizza with grapes so next day the Mexican PEEKS INTO HIS LUNCH BOX AND CUSSES IN SPANISH AND SAYS I GOT TACOS. Then the White PEEKS INTO HIS LUNCH BOX AND CUSSES AND SAYS I GOT A HAMBUGER. then the italian PEEKS INTO HIS LUNCH BOX AND CUSSES IN INTALIAN AND SAYS I GOT PIZZA AND GRAPES. So they all jump off at the funeral's the wive says that THAT THEY ALL PACKED THIER OWN LUNCHES.





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Your mama so fat

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