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The perfect picture... Hung on the empty wall. As the picture hung for everyone to view its beauty. no one new what happened at the time of the picture all they sall was what had happened at the second of the shot..but i no what no one else new... Before the picture was ever hung.

Submitted: May 01, 2008

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Submitted: May 01, 2008



A rather large family broken and taped back together again, and again, and again. The mother who had just hit her 20s had already had her first kid... When she realized she needed monet she got child support.Thats all the girl ment.

15 years later... i decided to tell you a story.


I was in bed... Hopeing.My sisster looked at me and asked me what had gone wrong? I looked at her with a question looked, but some how i new what she ment. What had happened to our perfect picture we all thought it was still thier.I looked at her, it was like she could read my mind, she just turned over and said "nevermind."I wondered what it would be like just one, one picture to have one perfect picture.

The next day in my bubble, i went to school 1st period, 2nd, 3rd so on road the bus home. Came home to yet another empty house. I called my mom complained a little about my hatred twords out new nanny.I dont know why i bothered i new she would be gone on a few months anyway. No one stayed in my family long ... No father no husbend no nanny no maid... Just me and my mom. Even my sisster left everyonce in a while.

As i sawJohn car pull upI debated wether to leave or not,John was and still is my mothers new husbend. I new he wouldnt last long him and my mom got into fites al least once a month. I decided to avoid contact and went to take my shower. When i was done i went downstairs dinner had ben served, but nobody was home so i ate with my nanny laura my sisster wouldnt becomeing home this week she was at her dads. We have diffrent dads lucky for her she gets to escape this black hole more often because he lives closer my dad lives in florida so i rarely got to see him. I remember this one time i asked my mom about going to see my father she had such a fit. I still dont understand why she hates him her 2nd husbend of whom she at least talks to was a severe alchohlic he would do horrible things. I had no clue why she hated my dad more than him. I new that the reason was love i just didnt want to let myself believe that thier was such a thing.


I made many promisis to myself. I learned from my mothers mistakes I never had to waist my life makeing any that way. I new i would never drink like her 2nd husbend never lie like her 3rd never cheat like my sisster who is now 21. Hasnt finished highschool, and is getting married and moveing to new york. And never love like her 1st husbend. I also learned from my mother that money isnt everything she thinks it is. She spends her whole day working so we can have maids,lawn people,nannys .drivers. I dont need any of that. I also didnt need her i basiscly learned how to survive on my own plus I had friends i lived at my house but only as much as I had to the way i saw it our house was still empty with bare walls that no little dirty hands have marked. no trash in the cans. no storys in the picturers. Just hate, everywhere i went.( to be continued)

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