Le mort

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a poem about a guy who makes a deal with death in order to survive.

Submitted: July 07, 2009

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Submitted: July 07, 2009



I fell asleep last night reading,
my eyes couldn't hold much longer.
But what occured in my dream that night,
was much more that a midnight slumber.
As soon as I dozed off I felt a chill,
a sudden fear arose in my heart.
A feeling of depression and sadness grabbed me,
draining light from my eyes leaving it dark.
This was more than just a dream,
I felt vulnerable and so weak.
As if Death itself was toying with me,
I gasped but couldnt speak.
I wanted to yell for help somehow,
as I began to sweat heavily.
What was happening, was I dead?
This nightmare began to scare me.
Then suddenly I felt its touch,
making chills run down my spine...

Just call me D he said to me,
and thanks you're right on time.

Time for what, was what I was thinking,
and who was this mysterious illusion.

"Oh im sorry but this is not a dream,
let me first clear up any confusion.
I am Death, and your time is up,
so say goodbye to everything else.
Unless you're willing to make a deal,
then I can afford to sacrifice yourself"....

A deal with Death I contemplated,
but what terms could their possibly be?
Would my life be back to normal,
would my soul actually be free?

"Natural Causes that how you will die,
roughly around the age 89."
All I ask for is a simple task,
and I wont waste anymore time"....

Tempted I took his offer,
waking up where it all began.
Now I had to follow through with the terms,
for now death had set forth his plan.
So what was the deal you may be wondering,
that I bargained with death to survive?
Just to write a note titled death,
so tonight you readers dont be surprised.....

By: Anthony J. Andrews Jr.
(Just wanted to grab your attention. Sweet dreams everyone)

© Copyright 2020 Ajaj2r. All rights reserved.

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