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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

a poem of love and a broken heart

Am I ill minded for my thoughts,
wanting her to feel this pain.
The same feeling that caused me agony,
and left devestating thoughts in my brain.
Countless nights I cried for her,
even begging for her to return.
I guess forever came to swift,
and left my heart torn to burn.
Until the end of time we said,
but time is nowhere near the end.
A change of heart due to circumstance,
and now im suppose to be a friend?
Unacceptable to me and I refused,
to settle for anything less.
You were my heart, my other half,
your precence just gave my soul rest.
Now look at me does it look familiar,
how tears just cover my face.
If im not mistaken and my memories right,
I attached to you in the same state.
Down, hurt,confused you were;
optimistic towards an opportunity.
My time, love, feelings I sacrificed,
to show how much you meant to me.
So take back all those shallow kisses,
only used to disguise your lies.
How clearly I see how weak i was,
being lured in by fake tears in your eyes.
Neither of us asked for this,
but answer one quesiton to be fair...
How many tears did you have to see,
until you stopped pretending to care.
Because if you cared you would have talked,
to work out any issue.
Always asking you whats on your mind,
because unlike yourself my love was true......

By: Anthony J. Andrews Jr.

Submitted: July 07, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Ajaj2r. All rights reserved.

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