Romeo In The Storm

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' Romeo In The Storm ' is a tragic fanfiction writed by the young author A.J.B Minime in the setting of a school essay. The story is freely inspired of ' Romeo And Juliet ' by William Shakespeare.

« After have known Juliet's death from Mantua by Balthasar, Romeo tries over all to surrender face to his deep love pain. »

" Reason is the energy which maintains us our feelings order ".

Submitted: May 13, 2015

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Submitted: May 13, 2015



Romeo In The Storm


by A.J.B Minime


It was during the summer, somewhere in Mantua. The weather was execrable, the ground was burning where sunlight reflected. Nobody dared to walk, lest their feet would be roast by the heat which came from the sand. It is amazing to realize that people did not want to enjoy the holidays, mainly when they were all expecting its coming formerly. They bunched theirselves into ambulant fridge, hoping the rain would eventually arrive. Their caravans were parked not too far of the sea, cause they wished to swim immediately if the sensation of suffocation would become really difficult to support. While a few months ago, everyone was fleeing the winter we avoid everything and nothing. Why humans are so unpredictable ?

And it was precisely there, away in the landscape, that Romeo was exiled. He have passed his whole day stretched out on the old sofa that was lying in the center of a little caravan. The curtains were supposed to cover the windows to prevent dust, insects and everything else from entering the house. The problem was that it did not cover anything, exactly. Instead, windows, or what was left were dotted here and there with rags. And Romeo was simply dying deep in thought, along with dozens of cigarette butts, plus the famous and faithful gnats fluttering everywhere. A multitude of events jostled in his head, and he looked all around him blankly. Romeo was powerless face to the storm of feelings.

A few days earlier, only, he said goodbye to his beloved, his fiancée, the unique person he truly loved, Juliet. Alas, Romeo was the responsible for their removal. Indeed, Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, killed Mercutio, during a duel in his honor. Romeo had seen his best friend to die. And he had finally killed Tybalt. Passionate, Juliette had resolved to forgive him. She really believed him, Romeo, has never judged him. And she offered him her love, her body, her whole being. Without restriction. How could he forget this wonderful night when they met ? He remembered the brilliance of Juliet's eyes, which reflected his own emotions. Her radiant smile, the beauty of her face. The grace of her touch. Her hot breath and sweet smell that emanated from her with pleasure. Her generous curves. Her mysterious look, as attractive as her beautiful white dress. And finally ... the passionate kiss she had given him, she was then offered to him. They had made one. And they loved each other. Alone in the world.

The best way for Romeo to find inner peace was to love Juliet more, cause there is no remedy for love but to love more...

The noise of a vehicle pulled Romeo out from his litany. He rose hastily, and leaned against the doorway. The wind poorly tapped his chest, left uncovered by an open shirt, and made up his nose the acrid smell of his own sweat. His old revolver hung at his side. The man in the car put feet on the ground, and started to walk towards him. Romeo stubbed out his cigarette and smiled recognizing Balthasar, his faithful servant. The two men embraced with relief.

' Hey, how are thy old sport ? Do you come with news from Verona ? ' Romeo asked eagerly. Balthasar did not answer right away. His face became darker.

' What ? What happens ? Why are thee suddenly silent ? ' Romeo panicked.

Balthasar looked down.

' Nothing...'

Romeo looked at him with disdain.

' Why ? Why are thy liying, my friend ? Tell me what are news from Verona. I want to know about my dear Juliet, now ! He cried, shaking the poor young man.

' Romeo..I just can to say...Ohhh, I'm so confused...I bring terrible news...'

' Speak ! '

' Romeo, Juliet is dead '.

Romeo looked at him without understanding.

' Whh..what ? '

' If you knew how sorry I am...'

' God, it's not possible...there's surrely a mistake. '

Romeo scratched his hair, walking up and down. Then, he suddenly stopped and pointed Balthasar.

' No, it cannot be true. You lie ! '


Balthasar opened his mouth to answer, but Romeo was already sitting on the encadrure of the door, head in hands. He finally looked up.

' Who is responsible ? '

Balthasar was incredulous.

' Pardon ? '

' Who are the fucking murderer of my wife ?! '

', I don't know, uh...'

Again, Romeo ignored him, and pushed him violently aside as he walked toward the car.

' I'll find. I'm sure it is Paris. He want to marry my wife. I will find him...Tonight I will kill him ! Julieeeett !!! '

He literally fell upon the wheel, on which the key had been left, and started the contact.

' Romeo, no ! You are doing a great error ! ' begged Balthasar, jumping to his side.

The car started with a bang, left a deep trail in the ground, and crossed the desert like a fury, surrounded by a thick layer of dust.




They finally came to Verona far into the night. The city lights were blinding them, the wind slapped their faces. As they were riding very fast, radars rapidly rated the vehicle. And then, deafening sirens of the police began to be heard.

' Chit ' yelled Romeo, crushing the accelerator pedal.

' Be careful ', warned Balthasar.


After yet another parade, Romeo decided to abandon the car near a service station, in order to mislead the police. His servant followed him reluctantly, and they had to continue their mad run on feet. They finally arrived at the corner of the concession of Paris' house.

' We should perhaps give away to the police ', said Balthasar.

' No way ' replied Romeo, starting to climb the wall.

Close they could hear sirens approaching. Romeo landed on the other side and whispered vehemently : 'Balthasar, will you put your butt here our make you roasted by the guys in uniform? '

His companion followed him.

Romeo burst into the house and searched furiously the room of Paris, gun in the air.

' Don't do this...'

' Shuut ! You'll give us away “

They saw the big oak door and Romeo made a great kick.
Paris opened his eyes, an expression of terror was drawing on his face as he saw the seriousness of the situation. A woman was still sleeping on the bed. Paris was leaning over her.

Romeo yelled : ' How can you dare ? ' And you want to marry my Juliet '

' Romeo, please, I can explain everything...' Paris begged, covering his head with his hands.

' Coward !'

A dark click was heard, while Romeo brandished his weapon.

Outside, the sound of sirens produced a real racket.

' I will never forgive you ' whispered Romeo. ' I want you to look me in the eyes before dying '.


Paris swallowed, hands in the air, paralyzed.

Balthasar made a move to wrest the gun from the hands of Romeo. But he shot him at close range.

' Don't move ! ' screamed Romeo, shooting again on his servant's body.

At the same moment, hearing the detonation, the woman in the bed woke and started to cry.

Romeo pointed his gun at her.

' You are crazy ', said Paris. ' Completely crazy. The police will arrive from a moment to another. You must to give up '.

Romeo shaked is head.

' Chut up ', he just said.

And he kill them.



Romeo was sitting in the dock. He listened to the testimony of Friar Lawrence.


' ... And finally, at midnight, the effects of the poison have ceased. Juliet would meet me at Paris, to convince him to cancel the wedding. But now, things do not go as planned, Juliet started to run a fever at night. I loaded Paris to take care of her, he was kind enough to install in her into his own bed . And ... and ... I was left in search of medical drugs at home ... when it happened. Snuff, snuff...
Forgive me ' and he burst into tears.


Romeo looked at him incredulously, while an avalanche of feelings gradually took hold of him.

'No ...' he murmured. 'No, no. Julieeett !!!'




« Where there is love there is life. » Mahatma Gandhi


Romeo In The Storm.




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