Tales of Raetrethra Vol. 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Five months have passed since Team Amethyst's unauthorized excursion to Aszyria. They are now three-quarters through their trainee period, after which they will graduate as Guardian field agents.

For the next four months, they will receive specialized training aligned with their strengths or as required of them, to grow as individuals and as a team. Alas, not everyone gets what they want.

Once their training is complete, they are deployed to Aragona to work alongside a contemporary rifle regiment. Their role: supporting a Guardian operation to exterminate a horde of Beasts.

During the half-year, they learn what being a Guardian truly means, and the sacrifices they must sometimes make for the greater good. Unfortunately, one of them ends up paying the ultimate price.

Meanwhile, Gandalin encounters political backlash for his involvement in Aszyria. His biggest stems from Aragona, where a new movement headed by an arrogant man with an unyielding is taking root.

Table of Contents

Prologue - Into Uncharted Regions

Onboard an airship in north-east Aragona, Wynstal is tasked with seeking out where the Beasts are invading Cambreford from. There, they cross the border between civilization and wilderness.
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Chapter 1 - Welcome Back, Team Amethyst

Seven of the eight members of Team Amethyst make their return, showcasing their growth since and foreshadowing their upcoming struggles.
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Chapter 2 - Wynstal & Kaine

At last, Wynstal returns to Cambreford after his harrowing journey. Upon setting foot into the city, he meets someone he never expected.
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Chapter 3 - Glass Tank & Unfamiliar Bras

Irene experiences an extraordinary dream, and makes a shocking discovery with Jemma regarding one of their roommates
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Chapter 4 - Familiar Face, Dimwitted Simpleton

Jemma and Roland share a class taught by an unexpected lecturer. Norah is introduced to another - equally unappealing - way of life.
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Chapter 5 - Not a Man

As night falls across Cambreford, several protagonists encounter various troubles.
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Chapter 6 - Officers, Leadership & Strategies

Dezmond and Elfred clash over how differing leadership ideals. Roland and Wynstal test their strategic prowess through a bloodless battle of wits.
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Chapter 7 - Task, Duty, Responsibility

Norah and Nemo clash over the criminal case they're attempting to solve; Dezmond receives an unexpected award.
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Chapter 8 - Time

Roland and Jemma discuss his relationship problems. Dezmond returns from Ranger training. Norah gets a pick-me-up.
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