The Fates of Nayam: The Awakening (Book 1)

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Nayam had never been the same since the arrival of the second moon. Countless miles of shoreline had been swallowed up, the rising sea flooded the ground water beneath the low-lying plains, killing everything and turning half the continent into a desolate wasteland. In the west, the onset of an eternal winter drove many of the mountainous Byakti tribes to seek refuge in the eastern Alurai tribe lands, sparking a war for what precious resources remained from this disaster.

Some say it was the gods, others say evolution, but over time, a precious handful of warriors within both tribes developed magical abilities, ranging from power over the elements, to powers of healing, and the summoning of dark and twisted creatures. For centuries, they waged their powers against each other, tearing up the land, until there was nearly nothing left to survive on. To preserve their continent, the two peoples made peace, founding the great city of Amara Ekai as a pinnacle of their treaty. Despite all of its progress, the great new governing seat of Nayam wouldn't survive to see its centennial.

Our tale begins 80 years after the fall of this great beacon city, through the eyes of a young girl born to a plantation owner in the southern Challe Region. Ever since the fall of Amara Ekai, mages have been hunted and discriminated, feared for their power and held responsible for the city's destruction. When it is discovered this girl has been born with the gift of magic, her father must find a way to keep her safe from the ignorant violence of their people.

Follow Raael and her companions as they fight for their survival, and for that of their fellow mages, lest a war between the magefolk and the common men tear apart their world once more.

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Submitted: August 14, 2015

After the fall of Amara Ekai (now sunken beneath the Challe Caldera), the continent was politically split into two. Much of the mage folk, as well as those of Byakti tribal ancestry returned to the west, establishing the country of Hi'um, with Grand Hi'um as their seat of power. Ruled by a mage of great power, not much else is known of their mysterious leader. In the east lies the republic of Nayam. The wise councilors of Atikrama brought forth King Jahar, who chose Ahankari as Nayam's new capitol.

Keystone Port is where our story begins, in the agriculturally-based Challe Region Read Chapter


Submitted: August 14, 2015

  It was a bright, windy day on the caldera.  The jib sail thwacked overhead as the red canvas caught another full gus... Read Chapter