Bad Luck Luca

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Luca is the unluckiest boy in the world until he moves to a new town and makes new friends. But after an unfortunate incident, Luca has to face the horror of his own bad luck and how it affects those around him.

Submitted: June 09, 2014

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Submitted: June 09, 2014



Bad Luck Luca

There was a police report of a family who were attacked by an unknown intruder. Reports say that their seven year old boy had gone to bed at 8:00pm whilst his parents sat downstairs watching television. Everything was normal until they were startled to hear their son crying profusely that someone was in his room standing over his bed laughing and holding a rope. Though each time a parent went to check, no one was to be found. By 3:00am the parents had grown weary with their son’s cries and refused to check his room. When police arrived in the morning they found the parents had been hung in their bedroom with multiple stab wounds and an inscription carved in their foreheads. The young boy was unharmed. When asked what he remembered about the man in his room, the boy replied ‘He laughed every time my mummy and daddy didn’t believe me. He had no hair and he smelled bad. Something was missing! He asked me to sing his song if I wanted him to go away but I didn’t know it and he kept laughing the more I cried!’  Police were unable to find the intruder and are still on the lookout though the young boy remains in therapy and never forgets the night his parents were murdered by the unsuspecting figure who visited them on that particular night.

Chapter 1

Luca was the unluckiest boy in the world. He had broken his arm four times, had been mugged on several occasions and was bullied on a regular basis. At age seven he was hit by a car, leaving him in a coma for several months. His pets had all died after their first birthday and he was frequently ill from vomiting and nausea. The few friends he had, often felt misfortune whilst in his presence. Owen, a boy across the street had lost two front teeth whilst skateboarding with Luca. Another had suffered from multiple bee stings in a mid-summer garden party as they played football. Incidents like these had rendered Luca as unlucky from a young age. The name ‘Bad Luck Luca’ came when he fell over in the school canteen, dropping his lunch and landing face down in his cottage pie. The chants echoed throughout the entire hall ‘BAD LUCK LUCA!! BAD LUCK LUCA!!’ By that point, everyone knew he was a jinx and tried their best to stay away. Even teachers had regularly asked him to not partake in after school sports in fear of anyone getting hurt. The corridors rang with the chants every morning as he solemnly walked past trying to live a normal life. Younger years had taunted and ordered him to stay away whilst his peers had forgotten everything that once made him their friend. Years rolled on and things remained but by 17, Luca had given up. His toast was always burnt and his milk was forever sour. He needed a new start and a new identity. He didn’t want to be Bad Luck Luca anymore and he was dammed if anyone was going to call it him again. So when his mother had told him that they were moving, he knew for sure that things were about to change.

On the day they arrived, the atmosphere was different. A much cleaner, fresher air hit him as he stepped out the car. Their estate was divided into detached properties, each owning a front garden and drive-way. For Luca, this was the peak of a new start.

‘Luca, bring your bags in.’ his mum yelled.

On occasions such as these, he would usually trip up on untied shoe laces or bash his head on the car boot but he eloquently handled himself like a born again bell boy. Going through his luggage he was surprised to find that his shampoo hadn’t exploded and his nausea tablets hadn’t come loose. Everything fitted nicely into his wardrobe and his room was almost twice the size of his previous abode. If there was a time to pounce on an opportunity, it was now. He didn’t want his luck to run out before he had the chance to use it!

‘I’m going out!’ he yelled, as he trampled down the stairs.

As he stepped out into the sun, the sight entranced him as he admired the various gardens and designs of households. He was however confused as to which houses contained children his own age. Walking along the common he stumbled upon a garden that had footballs and toys scattered across the lawn. Although toys belonging to a teenager may have been slightly optimistic, he was confident for the first time in years. Prizing open the gate, he ventured forward towards the house, being careful not to step on any flowers. As he walked, he noticed a low grumble emerging from a garden shed that stood in the corner. It was a low noise that sounded ominous and threatening. Something was clearly residing in this small space. For Luca this was an opportunity to explore the unknown, something which he rarely had a chance to do within the curse of bad luck. The shed door rattled as he approached whilst the grumbles continued. He reached out to open the door.

‘What the fuck are you doing? Get away from there!!’ A young boy came rushing over from the porch. He knocked Luca’s hand away and checked the double bolt was still tightly locked.

‘Are you crazy?’ he shouted.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude.’ He paused while the boy caught his breath. ‘What’s in there?’

He frantically checked the wood panels.

‘My dog.’

 ‘I’m good with dogs! I used to have three. Come on let me have a look.’

The boy looked up and laughed.

‘You won’t be good with this one.’

Luca squinted in confusion.

‘I’m David. You’re new yeah?’

‘Yes I’ve just moved in, I’m Luca!’

‘Well nice to meet you Luca.’ He held out a hand gesturing a response.

Luca firmly shook his grubby hand and heard a symphony of applause as his inner joy exploded in excitement.

‘I’m sorry for being blunt about the dog but Bonnie isn’t good with strangers. Do you want a beer?’

Luca had refrained from drinking due to the risk of vomiting and headaches but the offer alone made him want to take up the habit immediately.

‘Sure, I drink all the time!’ David gave a patronising smile.

They sat back on the porch as the sun came down. Luca sipped his beer, hating every bitter drop that landed in his mouth.

‘What made you move here then?’

Luca coughed back another gulp as he planned his story.

‘My dad got a new job around here. The town I came from was a proper dump!’

Although he felt bad for lying, he didn’t want David to know the truth about ‘Bad Luck Luca’. Something told him that David was popular and that this could be his ticket to a decent friendship group.

‘’My dad works down on the road-works, you’ll probably see him around.’

‘What about your mum? What does she do?’

David shied away from eye contact as he gripped the bottle tight.

‘She left mate.’

Luca gritted his teeth as he felt embarrassed.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to . .’

‘It’s ok let’s just not go there. Anyway how you like it here so far?’

‘It’s nice, I mean I’ve only been here about an hour but so far everything seems pretty cool!’

‘You’ll like it here, I promise! You play football?’

Luca took another gulp.

‘Sure! I used to play for my old school.’ Another lie.

‘Great! We play down the park every Tuesday night, you should come, show off your skills.’

Luca smiled to himself. The acceptance he had longed for seemed to be happening. David seemed genuine in his invitation and actually made Luca feel part of something. They sipped their beer and exchanged a laugh. As the sun started to come down something caught his companion’s eye.

‘Hey, Hey Luca look!’ David patted him on the shoulder and pointed out across the road to a boy wearing an eye patch. ‘You see him?’

Luca spotted the young boy as he crossed the road looking fragile. His eye patch was bloody and masked half of his face. He was much younger than they were and his body language showed he was a nervous character.

‘Yeah . . . what about him?’

David smirked as he downed his final gulp and came closer. His voice dropped to a rasp.

‘We bricked that little fucks house two nights ago.’ He began to laugh into his hand.

Luca gave an uneasy laugh.

‘Haha, why?’

David stood up and collected the beer bottles.

‘Oh that little shit told the teacher that I was smoking weed behind the school, so the boys and I put his windows in. Brick must have landed in the little shits face when we did his bedroom.’

Luca averted his gaze as he continued to laugh nervously.

‘Oh right! Yeah . . . little shit!’

‘Look man I got to go chop wood for my Dad before he gets home so I’ll see you at school tomorrow yeah?’ he began to make his way back to the front door.

‘Yeah, definitely, thanks for the beer!’

‘No problem.’

Luca looked out to the garden trying to piece together everything he had heard. For years he had been at the hand of bullies. Now it seemed he had actually befriended one. And this was no ordinary bully. This was someone who liked to brick people’s houses and torture children. David’s league was beyond anything he had encountered before. Despite that, he liked him and David appeared to like him too. Was there any danger in being among those he once feared? Not anymore! Bad Luck Luca was dead. Maybe it was time for him to experience the other side of the spectrum. Luca stood up and made his way over the garden. The dog’s grumbles rattled through the rotting wood panels.  He couldn’t help but enquire.

‘Hey David!’

His head popped up below one of the windows.

‘Why is your dog locked in the shed?’

David smiled an odd grin as he lifted his wood chopping axe.

‘Bonnie’s rabid Luca, I wouldn’t get too close!’  


Chapter 2


The next day, Luca attended school. For once, the corridors didn’t ring out the mocking taunts he once heard. Teenagers huddled in groups of fours and fives as they minded their own business and allowed passers-by the freedom to reach their lockers. As Luca was new he was expecting some form of initiation but so far nothing had gone wrong. The day itself had started well; his toast wasn’t burnt, his bus was on time and he hadn’t fallen over. It was his belief that the previous day wasn’t a fluke at all. Bad Luck Luca had in fact died when they moved house.

‘Oi bell-end!!’ someone shouted.

Then again, maybe he hadn’t died. Luca sunk his head as he turned to see his tormentor. But to his surprise it was David, laughing and gesturing him over to a gang of boys huddled in the corner. Luca laughed as he made his way across the corridor. David was dressed in a scruffy excuse for a uniform, wearing his tie short and his shirt untucked. This sight had further proved that David was a rebel of some sort. In fact, most of the boys wore their ties short. Several of them wore hoodies covering their foreheads and nearly all of them had their shirts untucked. Luca looked like a model student compared to them.

‘Luca! Allow me to introduce you to everyone.’ David brought a hand around his shoulder as he pointed to everyone in turn.

There was a fat kid called Plumb, a tall figure called Ike and a more muscle built brute called Cooke. Overall, Luca knew that none of these were their real names and that maybe their real names were too embarrassing to be shared yet they each seemed unique in their own way.

‘Nice to meet you!’ he calmly returned. They each nodded in sync, mumbling a gesture of acknowledgement. As the bell went, Luca turned as if to hope that the others would follow.

‘Where you going?’ David sternly asked.

‘Class? That’s what the bells for right?’

He patronisingly laughed as he grabbed Luca’s rucksack and dragged him down the corridor with the others.

‘First day of school should be well remembered Luca! You won’t get any of that from class!’

His mind had quickly resorted to the initiation he thought he had avoided. Whatever waited for him at the back of the school clearly wasn’t the warm friendly welcome party he had so hoped for. He imagined an over-flowing bin with his legs stuck out as he hurtled down the nearest hill into oncoming traffic. Or an array of worms and mud shoved down his throat as they tried to cram in more. As they brought him out into the courtyard, Cooke took out a joint of marijuana and searched his pockets for a lighter.

‘We’ll spend the first few periods relaxing shall we?’ David rested against the wall.

Luca was somewhat relieved at not being attacked yet the sight of the joint had made him feel uneasy. He had never smoked weed and had no intention to either. His paranoia and nausea was bad enough as it was and didn’t need to be provoked no matter how much he wanted to fit in.

‘You game Luca?’ Cooke asked as he handed him the freshly lit joint.

‘Umm . . . no thanks, I’m not feeling it right now.’

Cooke laughed as he inhaled deep and blew the smoke into his face.

‘I told you guys! David’s found us a pussy!’ they all laughed.

Luca joined in the laughter but felt annoyed at the taunt. He needed to win it back.

‘Hey, I’m no pussy! Give me that!’ he snatched the joint and inhaled deep taking in way more than he could handle.

‘Whoa! Take it easy Marley!’ David prized it from his hand.

Luca coughed as he became entranced by the drug. ‘Keep it together’ he kept thinking. Though as they chatted, the nausea and feeling of sickness came thick and fast. He knew he had taken too much and was quickly feeling bad and needed to leave.

‘Luca, where’s your house?’ Ike asked. But as the whirls of dizziness took over, Luca swayed out of control looking as if he was about to faint.


He looked up to see David put a hand on his shoulder. He could hear Cooke laughing in the background and Plumb reiterating the fact that Luca was a supposed ‘pussy’. But before he could object to the term, Luca felt the impending vomit brewing in his throat.

‘Luca, go home mate.’ David ordered, still keeping him upright.

He looked up but as the blinding sun hit his eye, it was the final push. Luca threw his head down and threw up, most of it landing straight onto David’s t-shirt.

The howls of laughter erupted as each one pointed at David as he stood embarrassed while Luca grabbed his stomach and moaned in agony. David’s eyes were red with anger as he grabbed his hair and threw him onto the floor.

‘You fucking idiot!’ he yelled.

Luca scrambled to his senses. ‘I’m . . . I’m so sorry!’ the jeers still echoed as they circled them.

‘Sorry? . . . Sorry!? Fuck!! Look at my t-shirt!!’ his words became louder.

‘I’ll pay for it I swear!’ he mustered.

David put his foot on his neck as he pointed to the puddle of sick next to him. ‘You’ll pay mate’

‘Beat him up!’ Cooke shouted! ‘Throw him in the mud’ yelled Ike. The laughter was unbearable. Luca was transported back to all those times he tried to forget but now it was much scarier than before. There was something about this group that made him wish he hadn’t even met them. David smiled a sly grin.

‘ Lick it up!’

The laughter had stopped. There was a shocked silence as eyes wondered and heads turned. Cooke turned around and went to a corner while Plumb sunk his head down and averted his gaze.

‘David . . . maybe we should just leave it yeah?’ Ike quietly gestured.

Luca found David’s foot getting heavier on his neck as he felt the anger pulsating.

‘Leave it? Leave it!? Look at my fucking t-shirt!? Get on your fucking knees!’ he hauled Luca up by the hair. Ike backed down and joined the others. Luca winced and tried hard not to cry.

‘Lick it and I’ll forget this ever happened.’ The smile had emerged again.

The worst form of bullying he had ever encountered and it was only his first day. As he looked down at the slimy gunge consisting of his breakfast and stomach acid, he felt the looming presence of Bad Luck Luca. Maybe he hadn’t died after all. Tears emerged in the corners of his eyes as he knelt down and buried his face in the vomit getting a strong odour of rotten porridge and sour milk. David was the only one laughing now. As his tongue touched the yellow he heaved at the smell, bringing up more acid.

‘We’ve got a squirter!’ David howled.

With much hesitation, he finally bit his cheek and scooped up a line of lumpy mess. David bent down and checked he was well and truly in horrible discomfort before releasing his hair. Luca coughed and spluttered as he tried to regain his senses.

‘You fucking weirdo! Who the hell licks up sick!’ he playfully pushed Plumb trying to get a similar response.

Luca spat several times in an attempt to get rid of the taste. He held back the tears as hard as he could. Everything was back to normal. The feeling of aloneness layered with embarrassment and depression. ‘Just sink your head and go home. Go and cry, let it all out and then return the next day to face it all again. After all, you were meant to experience bad luck. Do you know why? Because you’re Bad Luck Luca!’ he clutched his belly. But within the depths of his mind was another voice. One he hadn’t heard before. ‘Fight back! Show them you’re not a pussy! He made you eat sick for Christ’s sake!’ A voice of courage. A voice so confident and strong that he believed every word for the first time. Luca stood up. Bad Luck Luca was not coming back no matter what.

‘Who the hell keeps a rabid dog still alive?!’ he proudly shouted.

There was silence again. David halted in his tracks as he turned and faced his victim. His eyes were now redder than before. Everyone took several paces back. Luca still stood tall not wanting to back down despite the taboo he had broken and prepared for a fight.

‘Bonnie’s my dog no matter what. Rabid or not . . . she’s mine Luca.’ His voice had softened yet the rage was still there. He expected a punch or another trial. To his amazement, David turned and left leaving Luca to stand broken but not quite defeated. ‘Well done Luca. You just lost another group of possible friends.’






Chapter 3


That evening, he sat alone in his room watching television. ‘You stood up for yourself! Don’t be disheartened.’ The reassuring voice held him only briefly before the depression sunk in again. ‘David liked you and you fucked it all up! BAD LUCK LUCA, BAD LUCK LUCA!’  He slammed the television off and paced the room. ‘Was this the end of it? He seemed pretty mad at you?’ He thought long and hard about the situation, especially about the young boy with the eye patch. Would that be him after tonight? Would a brick come hurtling through his window and knock him out?

Luca looked across the street to David’s house. The sun was coming in and the light was fading. ‘Go and apologise! It’ll all be over and you’ll be out of danger!’ He agreed with his battling conscience and grabbed his coat.

Making his way across the lawn, he heard Bonnie’s grumble from the shed. She was louder than the previous day and he could almost hear her drool hit the floor. Thunder rumbled in the distance as the light dimmed and it all went grey. Luca was nervous yet felt confident that it would all get resolved. His front door was ajar as he heard laughing and music in the background. He gingerly made his way in and followed the noise into the living room where David and the whole gang were sitting. Luca noticed beer bottles strung all over the place with the smell of marijuana filling the air. It was then he realised that it was a bad idea to try and resolve matters on this particular night.

‘What the fuck are you doing here?’ David angrily shouted. The whole room went quiet and Luca felt exposed.

‘I umm just came to apologise for today.’ He remained close to the door. Ike shut off the music as everyone remained silent.

David laughed and got up from the armchair. He swayed and struggled to find his footing as Luca realised he was incredibly drunk.

‘Apologise huh? Well I’m not all convinced I’m afraid Luca!’ he turned and smiled to his gang.

‘Well what else can I do?’ Luca cried in desperation.

David put a hand on his shoulder and came in closer. The smell of beer and weed was overbearing.

‘You should just take what’s coming to you.’ He looked deep in Luca’s eyes as he drew back a fist and punched him straight in the face.

A string of blood flew out his nose as Luca hit the floor. He scrambled to the front door trying to escape while David shook the pain from his hand and followed him out into the front garden.

‘Get back here you fucking pussy!’ Luca tripped up on the lawn. David kicked him in the chest and planted a foot on his neck. Bonnie was barking like crazy in the background as she bashed her head against the shed door numerous times.

‘You should never have moved here! Your life is now over!’ he laughed as he grabbed a vodka bottle from Cooke and poured the strong alcohol over Luca’s face.

‘Does that sting?’ he shouted.  Bonnie was bashing away at the door as the wood was beginning to break.

‘David let him go!’ Ike shouted. David turned his head in hysterics.

‘LET HIM GO?’ The wood broke as Bonnie’s head emerged from the shed. ‘THIS FUCKING PUSSY HAS EMBARRASSED AND HUMILIATED ME! LOOK AT HIM! HE’S NOTHING!’ her body started to break free as her barking grew louder. ‘NOTHING BUT A FUCKING, GOOD FOR NOTHING’ she drew back for a final push. ‘JINX!!!’ The dog broke out and ran across the lawn as David jumped back in a fit of fear. She lurched forward and sunk her teeth into Luca’s arm before running out onto the street and disappearing.

He grabbed his arm and cried a river of endless tears. The bite went right into his flesh as blood oozed out.

‘OH FUCK!!’ David screamed. He put his hands on his head.

They all gathered round Luca as he cowered at the pain.

‘No, no, no, no, no, this can’t be happening!’

‘What do we do, what do we do?’  

‘You have to take me to the hospital. My arm really hurts.’ He was crying profusely unable to stop.

‘We have to do something!’ cried Cooke.

‘Right, I’ll go phone an ambulance.’ Plumb made his way to the house before being stopped by David.

‘Wait, wait!’

‘What, we have to! It’s his only hope! Bonnie was rabid David.’

‘We can’t phone an ambulance they’ll ask questions about why I was keeping Bonnie. They’ll say this is my fault!’

‘Please!! I need to see a doctor!’ his arm had gone limp and purple.

‘Look at him David! He’s freaking out!’ Ike screamed.

‘Please!! My arm really hurts.’ He begged.

David looked at the festering mess.

‘We need to get help!’ Cooke demanded.

David looked up and gave him direct eye contact.

‘I’m not going down for some fucking kid who didn’t know his place!’ his eyes had gone red again.

‘David! He’s been bitten! It’s rabies! We have to do something!’ Ike pleaded.

Luca had now collapsed in a heap as his energy was fading. David thought hard as he searched for options.

‘Please David! We won’t say anything! Let’s just get him some help.’ Plumb was restless with agitation.

‘You’ll go down too you know! You all will! I’ll make sure of it. I’m not taking responsibility.’

‘But look at him! What else are we supposed to do?’ Cooke started crying.

David circled in restlessness as he thought hard. ‘FUCK!’ he screamed. He looked out towards his house and back again at Luca.

‘Hold him down! I’ll be back in a minute.’ He sprinted across the lawn into his Dad’s workshop.

Luca was shaking in hysterics as he felt a world of pain take over his body. The gang circled him and held his arms and legs out as David ordered.

‘NO DAVID! NO FUCKING WAY!’ Cooke yelled as he saw him return with his father’s wood chopping axe and a flame burner.


‘David, this is too far, we have to phone an ambulance!’ Ike started crying. By this point everyone was crying.


Ike walked away and averted his gaze from the situation.

Luca was struggling to keep his eyes open. David lurched over him with the axe trying to find his mark. After a moment’s hesitation, he lifted the tool above his head ready to bring it down.

‘David don’t!!’ Plumb yelled.

Luca caught a glimpse of his tormentor. ‘David . . . please . . . No’ he whispered. Slam. His bone crunched as the axe sliced through. He screamed in agony and tears erupted as he rolled over and vomited before passing out in a heap.

‘It’s, not over yet. Give me the torch.’ He turned on the flame and held it against the wound, burning off his skin and creating a horrible smell of burning flesh. Luca twitched in spasm as his eyes remained open for the whole time.

Ike turned round and threw up as Cooke held his nose in disgust.

‘It’s nearly over just a little longer!’ he kept the flame burning bright.

As Cooke tried to stomach his sight he remembered one crucial thing that David had forgotten.

‘His face!!’

The flame caught alight of the vodka that was poured over his front. The blue flame ran up his shoulder and set his face on fire in a mixture of red and yellow. The smell was overbearing as the heat burned away his flesh and seared off his hair. Luca had passed out and all he remembered was the sound of crying and the noise of ambulance sirens.




Chapter 4


BAD LUCK LUCA, BAD LUCK LUCA, BAD LUCK LUCA. His eye snapped open as he looked around the white hospital room. He heard his parents talking in the background to whom he imagined to be the doctor.

‘Oh my god, he’s awake.’ his mother cried. ‘Luca, Luca are you ok?’ His bed was raised so he could sit up.  He felt naked and unable to put his feelings into perspective.

‘Luca, can you respond?’ the doctor enquired.

He looked round the room taking in the surroundings.

‘I’m fine mum! Why wouldn’t I be’ he confidently smiled.  There was an aura of confusion about the room as the doctor lowered his eyes and studied Luca’s facial expression.

‘Luca, you’ve had a very bad accident and we need to know if you’re ok.’

Luca turned his head and gave direct eye contact with the same wide smile. ‘I’m fine doctor!’ Can I please have a mirror?’

His gaze lowered again.

‘Darling, you’ve had a very bad accident are you sure? Maybe tomorrow?’ his mother said.

Luca looked over.

‘No . . . I want to see now mum.’ He smiled again.

The doctor went to the corner and picked up a square mirror with distinct hesitation. His mother took a step back as she started to cry. The mirror was held in front of him as he looked up and studied the reflection that looked back.

His hair was scathed off in burnt patches with his skin red raw and white in bubbled spots. Black streaks ran up his neck towards his eyeballs and down towards the bandaged stump where his right arm used to be. Whispers of hair poked out over his scalp and his lips were bloodied and cut. Luca studied for several minutes with his eyes getting wider by the second. His smile had not disappeared for the whole time and there was no shock or horror from seeing his reflection.

‘Luca . . . are you ok?’ his dad quietly asked.

He met his dad with eye contact. ‘I’m never better Dad. This look goes perfect with who I am.’

His mother looked confused as she tried to understand.

‘What do you mean darling?’

He shot his head up and beamed a wide bearing smile. ‘I’m BAD LUCK LUCA!!’


A week later he left the hospital and returned home. His behaviour was exceptionally normal for the duration of his stay and without any notion of what happened; the hospital had no choice but to release him. Luca had admitted to causing the accident himself and reserved the right to remain silent about the incident.

That night his mother and father were in the living room whilst Luca was upstairs. What the hospital had failed to realise was that Luca had been bitten by a dog that was carrying rabies. Their sight of Luca had made them treat him for burns and wounds yet what they failed to realise was that Luca had in fact contracted the disease. Despite David’s efforts to stop the virus from spreading, Luca’s perception and hold on life’s problems were now crawling with the virus, making him become something else. Something which he couldn’t control.

‘Hi mum and dad!’ he stood at the stairwell holding a knife and grinning insanely.

His father threw the paper down and stumbled at the sight of their son.

‘Luca, what are you doing?’ he quietly asked.

Luca moved slowly towards them. ‘I’m becoming who I always have been. I’m Bad Luck Luca!!’ his parents moved further back as he continued to approach them.

‘Darling, let’s talk, put the knife down.’ His mother quietly gestured.

‘But then I won’t be who you made me to be! I bring bad luck to all those I meet. I never understood it until now. This is who am I mum. BAD LUCK LUCA, BAD LUCK LUCA, BAD LUCK LUCA!!’

The next day his parents were found with multiple stab wounds and their eyes gouged out. Police reports say that on the same night Luca went to visit those who welcomed him to town and exacted a similar method of torture. Cooke was found strung up in his bath with his wrists cut, Ike was found in his wardrobe hanging from a hook and Plumb was cut up and left to bleed out with rats gnawing at his flesh. David on the other hand was left alive but had both his arms cut off after it was reported that Luca had sunk his teeth into his leg. Each victim was found on the same morning with the inscription BAD LUCK LUCA carved into their forehead and a bite mark somewhere on their body. After David was diagnosed with rabies, they put a time limit on his life until the disease took over and killed him. He is currently restrained in a maximum security hospital ward as he attempts to survive each day.

Luca is still loose, claiming a victim every night with the same inscription carved into their forehead and the same bite mark on their body. Police are waiting until he gets caught or the disease kills him. People who live in the area have claimed to see a bald headed figure in the shadows, watching them from afar. Young children have been heard to chant a nursery rhyme in the hope that it’ll stop Luca from visiting them at night.

Bad Luck Luca is out tonight

He’s sure to visit and give you a fright.

His presence is dawning

He’ll kill you by morning

If you’re willing to feel his bite.


The rhyme has been known to spread across the town with even parents chanting the verse at night. It is well known though, that anyone who goes to sleep or lives alone, is praying that they don’t meet or run into Bad Luck Luca.

© Copyright 2020 ajrobinson1. All rights reserved.

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