Secret of The Swamp

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 15, 2019

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Submitted: October 15, 2019



Karen is a single mom who recently broke up with her boyfriend, living alone in a cabin by the woods. Now the cabin by the woods had a swamp on one side. The mom was working her ass off at the local diner as a waitress to make ends meet. So the boy was always alone in the house. He had no friends. He craved a lot of friends and started having imaginary ones. He used to play all day and night with them. 

So one day the mom arrives particularly late and was beat. She just wanted to close her eyes and sleep, the boy obviously wanted to spend time with his mother and started distributing her whose temper got the best of her as she yelled at the boy. The boy with teary eyes murmured,"Why is she always like this Aunt Jane?” The mom literally had shivers down her spine. Jane was her sister who passed away when they were young. 

The mom closed her eyes and slept nonetheless. As the night was dark and she was fast asleep... she heard a little girl whisper into her ear, the breath of the girl blowing at her hair... ,"Why did you do it Karen?... Why did You...?", and the whisper turned into a scream,"WHY DID YOU KILL MEEEE????” And suddenly she jumped up, throwing the blankets off her body. Her eyes wide open, pupils dilated, heartbeat so heavy she could almost feel the muscles pushing at her sternum, she could barely move, forcing her head slightly to the left she saw her son staring at her, his eyes piercing her very soul, she knew something was wrong. 

The next day she had fever but chose to go to work anyways, returning exhausted and forgetting all about the previous night. To her surprise the boy was not disturbing her but was peacefully playing. She walked into the backyard and almost froze at the sight of what her 7 year old was doing. He was playing teatime with the kitchen set she and Jane had as kids but somehow lost.

"Where... d...did get th..that from?", she stammered sweating…. The boy returned an innocent smile and said,"Aunt Jane showed me mom... she wants to play with you as well…" Karen was shivering in her boots and grabbed the boy up and ran inside… She searched and searched of an old bible that she threw away when she lost her religion. She found it dusty and torn to pieces by rats, she took and hugged it and her boy while tears rolled down her eyes… The boy kept on saying he wanted to play with his aunt Jane. 

The only thing the mother lived for now was her child, her baby boy... she couldn't bear to loose him... she would die before that… She decided to stay with him all day and night even if it meant them having to starve. The night was long and tiring for her, she watched her baby sleep and decided to stay awake guarding him but her droopy eyes betrayed her. In the middle of the night she was woken up by voices, slowly turning her head to find her boy not with her, she jumped out of the bed, still in her waitress clothes and yelled out,”SAAAAAAMMMM" The boy mechanically walked into the room and as she yelled,"What the hell are you doing outside bed????” He replied,"Aunt Jane wanted to play mom, we couldn't have tea today remember....??",in a sweet calm and tone deaf manner in stark contrast to his mother.

The mom jumped up and ran near the boy, with her face close to him she yelled,"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT WITH MY BOYYYYYYYY??? LEAVE US ALONEEEEEE….." 

"I am scared mom", the boy said with a concerned tone. 

"You will be ok sweetie, mom is with you. Close your ears, don't listen to anyone else except me baby", she said, tears rolling down her eyes as she hugged him 

"No one will take you away from me", she said 

They went back to bed but either couldn't sleep, however the tiredness got the better of them at the break of daylight when both fell asleep. 

Karen slowly opened her eyelids as the light shone bright, she turned around to find her son gone and even worse, this was not her bed, this was not her room. White walls all around her. No mirrors, no furniture, just the bed and herself. She woke up and ran towards the one door, banging at it to let her out… Two young men opened the door and as she began to attack them they held her down and tied her to the bed. 

Following them came a lady with hair as white as snow, face so old she could easily be 150 years, Her voice however sounded young for her face,”Hey Karen, how are you doing today?",she enquired in her angelic voice 

"Who the fuck are you???? Where is my son????", she yelled back.

"Do you remember what happened?", the lady asked seemingly ignoring her questions.

Karen was not willing to answer her but kept yelling the same questions over and over again until she could no more.

The woman was persistent with her questions until Karen yielded, Karen's anger turned to fear and then to sadness as she confessed at long last,"It was me... It was me who killed Jane... my sweet sweet Jane... I killed her....", she yelled out loud,"I KILLED HERRRRR” 

"Tell me what happened", asked the old lady.  

“We were out playing, I wanted to catch a fish from the swamps but she did not... I dragged her along with me. She was afraid but it didn't matter to me, I wanted to be in the swamp.... I dragged her up a branch and my hand slipped as she fell into the swamp, I tried dragging her up, but I was small, I was not strong, I wanted to save her but could not. I yelled for help but it was too late. If I had just called for help earlier, if I had not stepped on that godforsaken place on the first place I wouldn't have killed her”

"It was not your fault, you should stop blaming yourself Karen", the lady replied, before Karen could continue the lady went on,"This guilt that had been built up over years made you trust yourself very little with other people, you pushed your parents away, you pushed your boyfriend and friends away, you literally isolated yourself with your kid on the Cabin. Being in the place where this all began the guilt finally took its toll. The breaking point was when you son found out Jane's diary. He befriended his imaginary Aunt. He found her hidden toys, your guilt made you hear and see things.” 

Karen couldn't speak, she couldn't open her mouth, she could barely move, there was something stronger than the leather straps the tied her down holding her back.

"It's ok to cry... let your feelings out", gently whispered the doctor. The words broke down the dam she build around her feelings as she couldn't stop her tears. 

In a few weeks Karen was normal and walked to the doctor's office in a jolly mood. "How are you feeling Karen?",asked the doctor.

"I'm good”, she smiled. 

"Very good, you can leave the hospital today, your boyfriend is here to pick you up", said the doctor… "How did he?...", Karen enquired. 

"After you locked yourselves in for a day in the cabin, your son called him and he ran over to your place to find you deranged and speaking of your sister coming to kill you, he bought you here…" The doctor said. Karen walked out to find her boyfriend waiting for her by his mustang and Sam happily smiling to see his mother. 

"I really went full psycho didn't I?",she enquired of her boyfriend. 

"Not as much as that time when I forgot our anniversary ", he replied as he smiled.

"I missed you Karen" he said tearing up as he hugged and kissed her. They went home together as a family, after a few drinks the parents slept. 


Sam walked into the room parents were sleeping in and slowly turned his eyes to his right and said,"They think you are not real aunt Jane”. 

”Let's keep it that way", whispered a voice from behind his shoulder.

© Copyright 2020 AKATSUKI777. All rights reserved.

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