My journey in a world named "SCHOOL"

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it is my story as a school student. my ups and downs and i think the best times of my life.

Submitted: February 18, 2014

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Submitted: February 18, 2014



Journey till now……

April 2001, I entered this institute named MOUNT CARMEL SCHOOL. Well frankly never really wanted to enter there at that time. But I had no other option. Obviously it was difficult for a child of 6 to leave all his friends from the previous school in just a single day. Result-I was crying like anything else when I was asked by my parents to switch the school. All in all I would just say that this four building place was kinda hell for me. I am sorry for the raw words but its reality.

Now we come to the “opening day” of my life there. When I reached there I received a surely warm welcome by standing in the queue under the “lovely bright sun” for about half an hour which seemed to me like half a day. Behind me in the queue was a girl named simran(name changed) who was probably or exactly, I don’t know, was only friend or rather I would say acquaintance I made that day. Moving on, after spending a really “SUNNY” half an hour we were allotted our classes. I forgot to mention that during all this time my mother was standing a little away from us and was the only comfort for me that day…….

Here come the classes oh! I am sorry; here comes the dull looking entrance to the K.G (which nowadays is very colorful). So this entrance vanished even the feeling of consolation which, though 0.1%, but was there. As said earlier, had no option so just proceeded onwards.

U.K.G-D”, was printed in bold on a metal plate, hung beside a door which was actually the last one. I was to go in there so I went. Here I was very much consoled and in fact happy. Miss Promila Sharma, the lady who welcomed me in and the reason I was happy. I was instructed to call her ma’am and very innocently did it all the time.

Days went by; made many friends and was very happy under my class teacher’s motherly care and affection. One person I would like to mention here is a guy named Arun. My best pal, my homie, my amigo, my brother, whatever you like you can call. He was best part of my life. But now he hardly bothers what he meant to me. Moving on came final exams, cleared them all, was passed and moved on to next class.

By this time the school was no longer hell for me but still didn’t like it much. “Ist-D”, my new class. Was a little bit sad to leave my mother like ma’am but after all I was a child and the proverb out of sight, out of mind works very strongly for small buds. So same was my case. Here got a new “ma’am” named Miss Neelam. New class, new year, and of course new teachers. Again passed in flying colors and got 100 marks in math. Why my parents were so happy at that, I could never understand then. One more memory I have regarding my grade 1 is a teacher named Veronica. Still I feel like I never got a teacher like her. She was unique in her own way and I pray wherever she is today she is happy and blessed.

Another year went down the drain of life and I entered my new class, “IInd-A”.Miss Sakshi, my new mentor. Bubbly, cheerful, strict, such was my class teacher this year. Like this, years changed teachers changed I also grew up. In my seventh class, a new admission came. Though seemed nice to me but came to know later that I was wrong. He was a kind of bully or rather a complete bully. My problems started a year later in 8th class when he tried to bully me and I never complied with him. When he couldn’t get me by power he resorted to other means. His group and he, they started spoiling my name in the eyes of the teachers. My, the then class teacher, Seema ma’am was the only one person to hear my plight rest all teachers just ignored me and rather took me for a spoilt child.

Was frustrated and this frustration needed an outlet, that I got in grade 9. This year Shalini ma’am was my class teacher and she was new so no grudge for her was there. I won’t talk about my ninth much coz’ it was not a good year. I would just say that during that year I fought with almost every teacher which I obviously feel bad about now. I regret it now as later on I realized that if I had been at there place, I would have done the same or even worse. But as they say there’s no going back so I moved on. This year our class also went for a tour to Rajasthan. It was a life time experience for me. All the friends together, I enjoyed the journey more than the destination. This tour was a remarkable experience for me and will never forget it.

YYYYeeeaaahhhhh………..!!!!!!!, Came the golden time of my school life, my tenth class; the famous “X-A”. Got new friends or I would say best friends I have ever had till now. My class teacher, Miss. Nisha Mehta, was a teacher in perfect sense. On the very first day of our class she just said one thing which most of us followed till the end of the year. It was, “If you cooperate with me even in 25% of cases, I promise I will be by your side throughout the year.” It turned out to be true. Time moved on, we enjoyed every day of our school. The school which was a kind of hell for me turned into a second home but with first interest. I started to hate holidays. I wanted to be in the company of my friends each and every day. They became oxygen for me. Never thought that I would ever love my school sooooooooo muchhhhhh…………

This year I went through many ups and downs, made many mistakes, made many amends, lived my life in a real sense and throughout all this my buddies were always there beside me as a concrete support. It was also the time when emotional changes usually start to show up. I was no different being, I also went through emotional changes, made the biggest mistake of my life and took a simple attraction as love……..I know it sounds kinda funny to some and may be offending to some but it’s the reality so let’s face it. But thank god, I realized soon that it’s nothing more than a simple attraction and was saved from a disaster. Thanks to my mother for that, I will be forever indebted to her for saving my future. Good thing-it’s over.

Coming to a close, the year end came and the only thing troubling me then was my performance in some subjects (although it was not a tension on my mind but was just a trouble that always existed only for few seconds). One more thing I would like to mention about my attitude towards study. I was like totally careless. Never gave a damn about what I was gonna do in final exams. My thinking-“let it be, there is still a day left for exam, a full day, will do it easily. Moreover full night is at my disposal……!!!!!” This  thing resulted in such a situation that by around 2 or 3 in night I would usually be done with less than half the syllabus and cursed myself but usually in such situations I was boosted by 2-3 text messages from my buddies that they are in same situation as I m. This was always more than enough for me to gather courage and sleep………..;) But I could never understand why I always knew 80%-90% answers even though I left more than half the syllabus. May be my attentiveness in class was the sole reason for this. I never prepared for pre boards and was very much non serious. But when the result came I was at 60% and was really shocked. This shock was probably the one regarding the studies which lasted the longest-for about half a day…….:P ;) A month later were boards, looking from across the space of a month with a very frightening snare for us and we, like ignorant birds ignored all the warnings of parents and teachers until we were just one day away from the “GRAND FINALE”. But then also we cared only for a moment and then forgot every tension. But I gave my boards on complete understanding basis and passed in flying colors and got 92%. I was very happy, my teachers and parents-proud. I was feeling contented as I made my parents and teachers proud.

Writing with a very heavy heart, but………every thing was finished in a few days whooossshhh…!!!!!!! Just went away and we couldn’t even notice when it was all over. We were still lost in memories when we realized that the buddies who were an essential part of every day and were essence of life will no longer be there every day to support, to pick us up when we fell, to flick the dirt off our backs and encourage us not to give up. To forget all the essence of my life in just a few days was definitely a blow to me at least. Still my eyes become wet recalling all those crazy stupid things I did along with my buddies and how fast time passes when you are really happy from inside and believe me or not while I’m writing this my eyes are again damped remembering all those things again………….the gems of my life, miss them all, the school the class, ma’am, my friends, our pranks, our jokes, our fights, every moment that we spent together was a bliss and I’m sure these memories are gonna haunt my mind for eternity. As it goes, “Time is a galloping horse, a flowing river, a flying bird, blowing wind that stops at nothing and for no one. Time, whether good or bad, passes away but memories are the birds that live for eternity and haunt the minds, abandoned by time, as their nest.”

With March 2012, the golden time of my life ended. Was real sad about it never thought every thing would go away so quickly. But the very next day of my last board exam, I entered in a race, a race where people were running like mad to get on top. Where there were no friends, no life, no stupid things, not a even speck of craziness, no innocence, no nothing. The only thing mattered here was to be ahead of all. This race was the career race, or was just called so coz’ my thoughts then were,-“this is madness, what are they trying to do…..???? And what does they want from us….?????”. But before I could understand what was happening and what I should do, I also became a part of this race. I was transformed into a race horse from a carefree child.  After that it’s been two years and I never had time to look back and think about leaving the race. Race horse or not, I am gonna finish this race. It’s only in these two years I realized that a mad race or not, life is much more than it pretends to be.

 Friends, I would advise you that try to live life a little lightly while you still can. Be like children for later you will die to be but then you would have lost your chance. Open up your heart to every new day as if it’s the day you waited for all the time. Be a little carefree and just head out for horizons coz’ sky is not the limit beyond it lies a great, vast, endless universe that awaits you. Give chance to new things, forget the downs, enjoy the ups and care for those who care for you and to those, who stop believing when their belief is proven wrong, I would just say, give a chance to a new belief and a new trust and hold it strongly to your heart, fight for it, be firm for it, let it be your strength, then you will see what the power of a belief can do, I’m saying it coz’ I have experienced it through my friends and many other people in close to me in my life. The only thing I have left to say after my school life, which I think everyone says, is:-

“I always knew I would laugh over my cries. But never knew, will cry over my laughs”

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