Kiss Me, I Hate You.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lucretia Barows' life was turned upside down the day her home had been lit up in flames, taking the lives of both her father and mother. Lucretia narrowly escaped with her mothers maid, Seneca, hurrying as far away as they possibly could from the horror story unfolding before their eyes. Lucretia is soon able to begin a new life with Seneca, or so she thought. It was only common sense that nobody in this new town, miles from her home, would know who she was, right? Wrong.
They know her. They know her all too well. Especially him. He just doesn't know it yet...

What are you supposed to do when you fall in love with the one you hate? Especially when they have a dark secret that will change the way you not only look at your future, but your past, as well...

Table of Contents

Kiss Me, I Hate You.

Although it says chapter one, officially this would be the prologue. Read Chapter

Chapter One- The Beginning.

Violence. Tears. Fear. World War Three. Those 6 words, believe it or not, sum up exactly how my first day at High School began. I... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Being alone is the worst. I don’t mean being lonely, no, simply being by yourself. It can trigger the most horrible of thoughts, and is... Read Chapter