Akiba's Ophelia Tale

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A short letter written as though through the eyes of a small dog walking with her mother written to a little girl

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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Submitted: October 17, 2017



Dearest willow 

Thinking of u today in that bad storm & hope ur mummy had u well cosyed up with yummy hot chocolate. Not me, would you believe my mummy took me out in it - 

She took me & my bro to the beach of all places, yea the beach, where the wind was howling, the roaring waves smashing against the rocks ???? & it was blinking freezing although the sun did try & peak through the clouds at times ??.  Well for me, an old woman, to be out on a day like today was ludicrous. The only day in goodness knows how many years when a storm of that magnitude threatened our coastline - what was she thinking !!!!   She EVEN made me walk - NO i thought, I woofed, I screamed!!! On better days she snuggles me into my wee backpack all wrapped cosy in my wee soft pink blankie. But not this time, no, she made me walk eek!!  Like, yea, WALK, in that weather!  Either I was a bad girl I thought or she's gone NUTS !!!  ( I do think it's the latter ????)  She even stopped to talk to everyone we past like she was strolling along a promenade in Spain - NO mum I thought, I woofed, I screamed again! this is not the day to stall at all - just get on with it so I can get back to my cosy warm bed by the blazing fire.  To my horror as we were coming to the end of our walk she proceeded to run Ollie along the sand with his ears blowing back in the ferocious wind. I thought, blow this, she needn't think she's getting me on that beach, doesn't she know there's a storm brewing & those waves down there are just too close for comfort so I ran as fast as I could ahead on the path so she couldn't catch me - sometimes I think I'm fitter than she is & I've told her on many an occasion she needs to look after herself better & stay away from those chocolate bars but does she listen - yea u got it - parents they think they know everything eh.  Well it wasn't enough for her just to run the length of the beach with the sand blowing behind their trail & expect poor Ollie to follow behind. Would u believe she turned & ran the whole way back ( he's definitely a sucker for pain I though )  Well I just stared in amazement, even more so when she took off her coat.  Phone the funny farm I thought immediately & have her committed before I freeze to death.  At this stage I stopped for a bit of shelter under a bench which was positioned in a prime sheltered place below some fir trees away in the corner at the end of the beach awaiting her arrival as I thought goodness know how long she'll be prancing about out there. Safe here I thought & was ever so relieved to be out of the direct path of the piercingly cold wind as you can imagine -  I'll just stay here I thought & let her get on with it, as she looks as mad as a hatter out there.  If she comes down with the flu ???? tomorrow she deserves all she gets I thought.  To tell u the truth I was a bit embarrassed ???? & hid well under the bench hoping no one would realise I was with her. She a good mummy usually & always very considerate of my wee pains & aches.  If I stop walking because I'm tired or a little sore she picks me up straight away & cuddles & kisses me - well over the top I may add but that wasn't happening today - of all days !   Just don't know what got into her today!  She must have thought I was feeling ok today because I didn't stop when really I was charging ahead just to get the walk over & done with & get home asap. She miss-read that altogether eh !!! 

Oh I'm sorry Willow for grumbling on I just needed someone to share with & I knew you would be sympathetic & understand.  I know we have a good connection as u cared for me a lot that day at the car boot sale when she tried to make me walk again & you saved me !  & at your granny's.  I can't wait to see u again & looking forward to hearing all about your fun holiday in Scotland with your granny & get lots of gentle hugs & kisses as you do best (a bit of chicken wouldn't go amiss lol)  well my wee friend I'll say good nite & I'll send u this tomorrow as it's a little late & I'm tucked up in bed with Ollie & my mummy all comfy - where I should have been today !!!!!!! ????  

Love u loadz ???????? woof see woof you woof soon xoxoxo

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