A Short composition: Bonds of the heart

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This is just a short composition that I helped my friend to think of. He wasgiven a picture of a baby hand holding his father's hand. I decided to come up with this composition. ^^

Storyline: A boy named Jarell had forgotten to study for his exam/test. he cheated in the exams and was caught. He was very dissapointed. On the way "home" he met a stranger which asked him to do "something" and that the "something", could have put his life at risk.

Submitted: June 27, 2012

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Submitted: June 27, 2012



It’s been a week ever since my dad got locked up. I could not believe what I had done. How I wished that time could be reversed, if only what I did could be undone…

It all started three weeks ago. It was during my mid-terms examinations. I had forgotten to study for it. As a typical student who did not go through his brains before taking action, I decided to cheat. However, it seemed like my luck had run out. To my astonishment, my form teacher, Miss Lim caught me cheating. She sent me to the Principal’s office to have a talk with the principal, Mrs Ong. I had never ever thought that such an action would had caused me a downfall.

“Jarell, do you know that because you had cheated in the exams, I have to suspend you?” said Mrs Ong

I looked down as I started to tremble. I did not even want to think what would happened if I was suspended. I never dared to even think about it. I was afraid that my actions would cause a huge disappointment to my parents. I never ever wanted them to feel sad and worried about me.

After I was dismissed, I decided to linger around the Nex Shopping Mall before going home. In fact, I did not wish to see my parents. I had no idea how was I going to face my parents. I kept thinking about it until, a man dressed in all black clothes, wore a sunglasses and a hat approached me.

“Hey you! Why look so sad? You feeling frustrated over something?” said the man.

I told the man everything; He seemed nice as he was willing to lend me his ears. He agreed to help me explained to my parents, if I helped him to do something. As usual, without thinking, I agreed.

He asked me to splash paint at one of the houses. He gave me an address and asked me to do it and go to Bishan Park to wait for him. I took the address and the paint and immediately rushed to the venue. I hesitated for a moment thinking if I should or should not do this. I thought for a moment but still decided to do it as I had already agreed to help the man.

While I was splashing paint, from the corner of my eyes, I spotted two policemen that came out of the corridors. Immediately I grabbed my bag and run. However, unfortunately, I was captured by the policemen. They called my parents and within seconds, they arrived at the police station. Instead of scolding me, they told the policemen that it was their entire fault. It was all because of them that I would have done this. Even though they tried to reason it out with the policemen, I still had to be jailed. My last moments of seeing my parents were a painful one. I could never ever get the image out of my head. The image was forever etched in my mind. My mother, crying in the arms of my dad as I regretted every single bit of it. Suddenly, my dad stood up and walked out of the room. I assumed that he could not take it any longer. To my surprised, a policeman told me that I was free to go. I was shocked! How could I be free? I had done this huge offence by myself, who else would take my place? It was then that I realized, it was my father. He took my place as a prisoner.

Right now, even though it’s been one week, I never ever once did forget about this incident. This incident had taught me the meaning of life. I had learnt the power of love. For one who they love, one could even risk their life just to protect it. For my dad, he had risked his life as a prisoner just to let his own son have a brighter future. I looked down and buried my eyes with my hands. Tears like scattered pearls rolled down my cheeks. How could I ever forget the strength of the bonds of love?

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