Falling Love

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A poem over the progression from the single life, toward falling into love.

Submitted: July 21, 2014

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Submitted: July 21, 2014



Single means flying;
love bonds cut free
Of worries just soaring.

But love is gravity to a heart unbound
Continually pulling toward solid ground.

As a casket held by bearers’ of the pall
Its descent irreversible; nothing or all.

Don’t fear the ground, its motive will unearth
That Love conquers all; it will prove its worth.

Patience is vital; when love seems to pause—
Timing is critical to understand the cause:

Perseverance shows trust;
For trust must hope
That falling in love
Provides heart rope.
Love requires virtue,
This is the effect:
A vulnerable heart
Love will always protect.

This is meant to guide meant to direct;
To make you see and help you reflect
That love blinds-yes this is correct.
But blindness; does not mean defect.
Only a deterrent so you never expect
You’ve landed on a mountain.
A thought unchecked.

You provide the cause and Love, the effect;
But like a dotted line… it doesn’t connect.

Love provides clarity to a moment so obscure
Your patience will be rewarded; removing the blur.

The delay; is necessary when you hit solid land
It shows your intentions
It declares where you stand.

When you prove to Love your motives are just
Then finally in you Love will trust.

When you understand Love,
And Love understands you,
New direction will be given
you will know the truth.

Transparent is your vision completely clear
Invigorating resolution no room for fear.

The mountain, is your testimony:
To prove that you know
Truly falling in love
Happens when you let go;
Of doubt, of fear
That control and confine;
But love makes you new.

Love means falling—
Down a mountain no way to stop
And once you reach the bottom
it becomes another top;
An endless fall into love, finally free,
Proof of Love’s worth.

© Copyright 2017 Akin. All rights reserved.

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