Mending the pains of the heart

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This is a simple poem about pain

Submitted: May 30, 2007

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Submitted: May 30, 2007



Being hurt by someone you love is the worst pain of all

you know you love them, you dont know if they love you

you dont know if their love is even true

you hurt deep within down to the soul down to the heart

you dont want to trust yourself again with love

you don't want to make the same mistakes

because you just dont know what love has to offer

will you be left cold, heartless, and in dispair

or will you be happy and satisfied and just maybe your heart finally wont need repair

you have to belive

that there is the right person out there

the one that was made for you

the one that you were made to be with

but you ask yourself maybe, just maybe there's not a person for me

well how will you ever know

you have to be brave, step out, make a move, and be bold,

stand up for yourself, fall in love and let your truth be told

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