Animals are People to.

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An essay about why animals should be treated like humans.

Submitted: February 18, 2011

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Submitted: February 18, 2011



Amber Rost

Animals are People to

By Akira

Do you think animals are dumb? Well wait and see if you change your opinion! This is about why animals should be treated with respect. What I mean by respect is they should be treated kindly and intelligently. Animals aren’t just things we own, they are intelligent beings who think and feel just like us! So take the time to read through this and see why I believe this.
You should treat animals with respect because they have intelligence! Animals think things as well and can solve problems. Have you ever seen a dog with a big stick try to get through a small door? It may bump into it a few times but they slowly work out that the way there holding the stick is too big and will find a different way to get it in. I know some of you might see dogs or other animals act dumb, but that doesn’t mean they all do! I’ll admit some animals aren’t exactly the sharpest nail in the shed, but that doesn’t mean all animals are the same. Like us, you have your above average intelligence animals, your average intelligence animals, and you’re under average intelligence animals. But we are the same way. Some of us are smarter than others, while others are struggling to get through first grade. Some dogs can even recognize themselves in mirrors. Another example, but different animal, is that Magpies can recognize themselves in mirrors, or at least some. Scientists have put bright marks at the bottom of a magpie’s beak and then put them in front of a mirror. The magpie would then look at itself and try to use its beak or claw’s to get the mark off their beak and these are just a few examples of how animals are intelligent.
Animals have feelings, too. They can feel pain as well as emotions. Dogs will whine and cry even if they are not injured because they are lonely.Animals are sad when beaten and some may be too loyal to leave, but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid and they don’t think about leaving. Dogs, for example, are very loyal and that is a quality we commend them for. They will usually love and stick by there owner even if they beat them, but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid and just never thought of a way out. Scientists are a bit split on the issue, since how do you define emotion, it is hard to apply what the thing called emotion is to humans, and even harder for animals. Some scientists believe it is instinctual the way animals act, like a dog protecting their owner or wagging their tail when they play. Other scientists have tested and seen that dogs can feel jealousy. One of their tests showed that one dog wouldn’t perform a trick since their partner got treats when they did the trick but he did not. It is also shown that they can feel anxious in tough situations and also that they can feel empathy and love. Also they can see how humans react to a certain emotion and copy it in their own way to show they are feeling that said emotion.
Animals can learn from their experiences and mistakes. You know, you can teach a dog to sit, and do other tricks, and can maybe even train your cat to do so as well. They can do this because they have the ability to learn. If you hold a sharp object to let your dog sniff you’ll see them pull back and not get as close to it again. Not all dogs may do so. Some may try to bite it, but once again that doesn’t say that all animals will do the same. Animals learn to avoid things that cause pain and to seek places of comfort. They can learn not to pee in the house because they learn they get reprimanded and maybe even a small slap for doing so. They learn, though, that if they go outside they get praised and loved on. They then learn that they need to go potty outside and to avoid going in the house. Cats also learn to go potty outside or in there cat litter and not inside or on the floor. You could say there are no hard facts to prove this and to be serious I can’t find anything on it, but that means I can’t find anything to disprove it either. Just watch your animals and learn how they learn.
In conclusion, animals are intelligent beings that think and feel and should be treated as such. They can solve problems, feel emotion and pain, and can learn from mistakes. We shouldn’t treat them like things, or like they don’t have emotions and can’t think. We should treat them with respect like we would treat each other and not like an object. We shouldn’t beat them just like we shouldn’t beat each other, and we shouldn’t just think “Hey, I don’t want this animal anymore; I’ll just leave it somewhere to die or take it to a pound.” Would you treat your child like that? If you would than there is something seriously wrong with you. Animals shouldn’t just be our things that we can get and get rid of like their nothing. They think and feel like a human and should then be treated with respect like we would treat each other.

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