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Just info about my upcoming fanfics and what they're going to be about and what i plan out for it..just read :)it will make much more sense i promise :)

Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010



Fanfiction 1: ~~Harvest Moon Save Our Goddess!!

Well this fanfic is based off the video game series Harvest Moon with my own personal twist. 

Regular Version:  Main hero owns a ranch, meets sprites, saves goddess, gets married, has kid, THE END

My Version (Awesome):  Four very different types of heroes who have their purposes for rescuing the harvest goddess.  Their very own "slice of life" storyline including character deaths and such.  Lover's tragedy and lover's happiness, things like that.  Each hero saves the goddess in their own unique ways.

First Story (Yuki)-  Yuki is a girl who has a bad additude and doesnt take anything from anybody.  Her grandfather Pierce takes her to Blue Mist Island because he thinks this experience will do good for her. She is the MAIN character of all the stories so she'll probably have more chapters.

Second Story (Shane)-Shane has faced many problems in his life and comes to Blue Mist Island to "run" away from them but he finds that no matter where you go you will always have problems but things get easier when he has his close friends around.

Third Story (Ash)-  A child born into a wealthy family who has social problems.  These problems have made opportunities fly right out of his palm and he feels ashamed of it.  He hopes to get over these problems so he can catch his oppurtunites this time around.

Fourth Story (Melody)-  A girl with no blood relatives.  She is a hyper happy person and believes everyone has a kind heart no matter their previous or occuring sinsShe comes to Blue Mist Island in search of a rare flower

Basically, the goddess needs the heroes help but I wont say why that will spoil the story ;)

So if you havent played this series you may or may not understand the storyline too well...

Fanfiction 2:~~Mana Khemia: Faith of the Mana

Alright like the last fanfic this one is based off a video game series as well but this one has only 2 storylines.  It's about alchemy falling to the ground and with alchemy failing, the mana are fading away and its up to the hero and heroine to restore alchemy... which is a little difficult with all the bad guys in the way so its up to Tate and Akito's workshops to beat them down!!

This fanfic will be written in play form... just saying'


Fanfiction 3:~~Vocaloid XX

This fanfic isnt much of a fanfic but it will mostly be songs (obviously relating to vocaloid).  I dont have a program to make the music but I will try my best to make the lyrics good :)

Fanfiction 4:~~Pokemon: Shadow Frontier

Pretty much explained, a series based off Pokemon XD gale of darkness/colliseum.  Pretty much the similar story line, so not much to say.

Fanfiction 5:~~Warriors

Once again this fanfic is based off the book series(now a manga as well) Warriors by Erin Hunter.  I havent decided to keep the same clans or make new ones.  Wanna help me decide? :)

Fanfiction 6:~~Final Fantasy

Based off the game FFX since i do so love that game to pieces.  Things will be different though... not all the same.

Fanfiction 7~~Destiny Beserk

This is based off disgaea but at the same time...its not

Sorry for the lame descriptions but i dont wanna give 2 much away :)

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