A Rant About the People in Your Dreams

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Editorial and Opinion  |  House: Booksie Classic
Exactly what the title says.

Submitted: May 22, 2013

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Submitted: May 22, 2013



Warning the following article contains strong language.
And I mean real strong language. And for absolutely no reason other than this drives me insane and when I get mad I swear like seven sailors.

Okay so I've seen this before but I just saw it again and immediately in my head pops up the word "BULLSHIT!"
Every time I see it fucking pisses me off to no goddamn end and it makes me want to yell on the roof of my damn house at my fucking neighbors screaming "These mother fuckers are full of smeg!"
Have you ever read that supposed 'fact' that fucking says 'when you dream all the damn people you see are people you've seen before at some point in your life, even if you don't remember them. They're all people you've seen before."
That is fucking bullshit! And mother fuckers believe this shit and I'm like "NO! Shut the fuck up! It is a bunch of shit goddammit!"
I mean how the fuck can any mother fucker believe that? How does one not read that and immediately have their bullshit detector go off? I mean seriously when I see some dumbass post that shit I always say to myself "Damn nigga! You just went full retard!" You know why? Because they just fucking went full retard that's fucking why!
And sometimes I mention it to people and they try to defend the goddamn concept like "Well I mean it makes sense the human mind is only so powerful blah blah." And I always say something like "Nigga! Shut the fuck up! Why the fuck does your brain have to pull up some douche bag you saw at the grocery store seven fucking years ago? Answer me that? It's fucking stupid and not true! Further more how in the goddamn hell would they fucking prove something like that? Niggas can't be seeing your fucking dreams! They have a machine that can scan your dreams and reproduce it but it's so fucking blurry it looks like some shithead with cataracts drew it while a damn cat clawed their leg!"
Anyway it just fucking befuddles me that people think it's impossible for you to make an original face. Really? You would down play that fucking bundle of neurons that much? Do have any goddamn clue what the shit is capable of? DO YOU MOTHER FUCKING BITCH? DO YOU?
Think of this! Colour is not fucking real! Neither is taste nor smell ect. ect. It's created in your goddamn brain! It's just the way your brain cells interpret various electric signals! Your brain can create shit like that but fuckers be trying to tell me that I can't make a new fucking face? (It's also worth noting you can create shit like that without outside stimuli, that's what a fucking dream is in the first place!)
I mean for pities fucking sake! If you were to mix two real faces that is still a new face that doesn't exist! Therefore you created a new goddamn fucking face! And shit maybe you can compound on top of that shit!

Back to how the fuck people would prove it? Do they just go like,
"Did you recognize everyone in your dream?"
"Was it someone you'd seen before, everybody?"
"Yeah you probably saw them before."
And then that dumb ass with their dumb fucking cocaine addicted psychologist went and posted on their damn twitter "Holy shit! My fucking doctor said the people in your dreams are people you've seen before even if you don't remember them!"

How about this.
According to the logic (fun fact it's not logic, it's bullshit.) of this idea this would be true.
In a dream, I can drive an ice cream cone, on a road made out of liquid fire, that burns at zero degrees Kelvin, while it's raining, in the space between Neptune and Pluto at ten times the speed of light, yet have seventy times my normal mass. And that's no problem at all. BUT I CAN'T MAKE A FUCKING FACE THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE IN MY LIFE?
Get the fuck out of here!
Just get the fuck out cocksucker! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!
Damnit! I'm out bitches!

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