Il Festival di Zeppelin

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So back in my Junior year of high school (also my last year) I was in a lovely little creative writing class and one of the first things we had to write was a story where the first word of each sentence started with the letter of the alphabet corresponding with its position. So the first sentence would start with an A word the second a B word the third a C word and so on.
On to of this you always had to have a number of words corresponding to the position. So the first sentence would have one word, the second two, and when you hit Z it would be a twenty six word sentence.
I decided to do it in reverse so I started with Z.
So here's that.

Submitted: July 22, 2013

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Submitted: July 22, 2013



Zeppelins fly in the month of June frequently in an amusing festival of massive proportions in the small town where I live to spread merriment about.

Yearly they come, in what they call Il Festival di Zeppelin, a time of joy and youth when the perpetually circumnavigating aircraft travel the globe.

Xabat is my name and I recall those days from my youth when I would leave home early to glimpse the mystical flying machines.

When I was fifteen I noticed a young lass in the town whom sparked my interests; I quickly grew determined to know her.

Veronica Queen Amongst Mere Mortals is how I came to address her within my mind though perhaps that was a foolish act.

Uneasy, intimidated, jittery some of the words my schoolhouse compatriots used to describe my demeanor near Veronica Queen Amongst Mere Mortals.

Trembling in fear whenever near her I found myself unable to speak but I had to speak, it was necessary.

Stupidly I bumbled about unable to form words in her presence; courage abandoned me when my eye located her.

Return, the zeppelins always did, if I'd one chance it was an invitation to Il Festival di Zeppelin.

Quickly I developed courage then semiconscious I approached the Queen Amongst Mere Mortals with a sincere request.

"Please Veronica my queen attend with me to Il Festival di Zeppelin, quoth I, do please."

On rare occasions I find luck; that day was rare indeed is the robust truth.

Now I'd only the option of preparing for the upcoming event left for focus.

My mother's spaghetti flaunted about my shirt as I was acquiring the girl.

Lines etched themselves into time recording my misdeeds and triumphs that day.

Kindly I eradicated spilt soda I'd blundered into from Veronica's garment.

Judge not that blunder; I still managed to impress her.

Ineptly I planted a love that grew quite well.

How strong our bond became surprised most all.

Gone, sadly she moved; I was left.

Follow this advice I do command.

Even if everything falls apart.

Don't hate the Zeppelin.

Carrying good times.

Bad times.


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