Kinesis God

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So this is an old story I wrote back in 2010 or 2011.
It's actually kinda crappy to be quite honest but I just joined this site and I feel like I oughta post something before going to sleep, so here's this.
Oh one more thing, I'm not how the rating system on this site works and what the community considers R, PG ect. so if I rated to high let me know, thanks.

Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



So yeah when I originally posted this story as you can probably tell the formating got all fucked up and i'm not really sure why that is but since fixing it would take forever I figure it would be better to just tell you to read it on my writerscafe profile where it formatted correctly for some reason.

Anyway here's that.



Ever since John was a young boy he had an obsession with telekinesis. It started with Star Wars and the force. He would sit alone in his room for hours simply trying to move things with his mind. Convinced one day it would work he read books and watched movies with people who had telekinesis. He read anything he could. While he openly admitted that he found telekinesis cool he never told anyone that he was always trying to achieve it. One day when he was 15 as he was sitting in his room trying to move things with his mind his mother walked in. "Hey John... What uh.. what are you doing." John lowered his outstretched hand. "Nothing." "Um well I just had some laundry for you." "Ok." He said. He waited till she left then started again. It didn't take long for his mother to put two and two together. So one day Johns parents called him down for a talk. "Well, John." His father said. "Your mother thinks you're trying to achieve telekinesis." John was tired of hiding it and thought if he explained himself they would understand. "I've been trying since I was just ten. I think I'm real close I swear I got my cup to move a few centimeters the other day." "John you, you don't really think it's possible do you?" His mother said. "What do you mean it's not possible? If someone tries long enough they're bound to figure it out." It wasn't long before his parents took him to see a psychotherapist. "Why don't you tell me how you've attempted to achieve telekinesis." His doctor said. "Well Doc. I just look at something and focus all me energy into moving it with my mind." "You've been trying it since you were ten? Why haven't you given up?" "Well the way I see it no one has ever really tried it. If someone tries long enough then they're bound figure it out it's just a matter of time before I get it, and then who will be the idiot?" John continued to see the doctor for some weeks before being subscribed some medication. After that he began to pretend that he no longer believed it possible. Everyone was convinced. Until one day when he was practicing his mother walked in on him. That was when they sent him away. "How do you like this place?" John's nurse asked him. "It sucks. I don't see why I need to be here. I'm not dangerous. I'm just trying something no one else has tried." "Maybe you should realize that trying something you should know is impossible make everyone else worried." Dr. Smith said. "Shutup." John said. "Do you really think it could be done?" Dr. Smith asked. "You sound just like Nurse Jane you know that?" John said. "Yes I've been told I sound like Dr. Smith before." Nurse Jane replied. John refused to believe his goal was impossible. Whenever he had the chance he practiced. The other kids talked about how crazy he was. One day John refused to leave his cell. He was trying to move the pillow off his bed. Like he had been unsuccessfully the whole night. Finally the threw in a straight jacket and left him alone in a soft room. He spent all his energy in that room trying to undo his buckles with his mind. The minutes became hours, the hours became days. Finally after being in there for five days one of them bent to his will. "OF COURSE!" He thought. "The problem has been using my hand, I should of been relying solely on my mind." He began to spin himself around so he faced the corner. He didn't want the camera to notice he managed to undo his buckles. He then waited for someone to come in to give him his meal. By the time the man with the tray had made it in there his arms were free and it was just a matter of sliding the jacket over his head. This he did with ease. Then he turned around and flung the tray out of the mans hand and into the camera. Then he flung the man across the room till he was knocked out. He took all his security cards and ran out the room. He headed toward the exit. Two police officers blocked his way and drew there weapons. He used his power to take the guns from their hands to his. He shot them. He ran faster. "John just stop!" Nurse Jane was blocking the final door, he was so close to freedom. He couldn't allow anyone to stand in his way. "MOVE IT BITCH!" He yelled pointing his weapons at her. "You won't shoot me." She said. "I will if I have to now move!" "No." "Damnit now, next time I shoot!" "Then shoot me." She said. "I'm sorry." He said before pulling the trigger. He ran out. "I'm sorry!" He said one last time. He ran until he was certain no one would find him. He sat inside the bush a moment longer then he began to walk at a steady pace. Afraid of being tracked by the dogs he went in a maze like pattern even passing his destination multiple times. He then crossed through many people back yards. Finally he knocked on Peter's window. "Peter damnit get up." Peter still mostly asleep let him in. Then it hit him. "WHAT THE FUCK!" He yelled grabbing his knife. "Hide me!" John said. "You're you're supposed to be in the psych ward." Peter said. "I escaped." "What the fuck? How?" John used his power to steal the knife. "That helped." Peter fell back. "Holy shit. You did it. You got it to work." "Exactly but I need a place to stay for a few days. And I need help testing the extent of my powers." "What do you mean?" "I just figured it out. Maybe I can grab a hundred objects at once maybe only one. I have to know." "Ok I'll help." "I knew I could trust you." "Hey what are friends for?" "Exactly." "Now get some bleach we need to cover my scent." That night John stayed with Peter. John entertained himself from the time Peter left till he returned home. "Come on." John said. "We only have a few hours till your parents get home I want you to help me discover the extent of my powers." "Couldn't you of done most of this while I was gone?" Peter said. "I spent most of my time practicing lifting stuff up, it's like relearning your motor skills." "I see." "Yeah now come on I've gotten pretty good at lifting and throwing shit let's see what else I can do. Not like you have anything better to do." "Ok the first thing I wanna test is seeing if I can levitate things I can't see." John said. "Take this knife and set it on that table back there." John turned around. "Is it floating?" He asked a few moments later. "No." "Damnit." "Sorry dude." "Well whatever. Hand me that bike chain." "You're kinda bossy." "Shut-up." John held the bike chain a few inches from his face. He split one link and dented in another. "What did we learn?" Peter asked. "That I can control myself enough to complete break through something or bend it but I can't make it disintegrate." "That be badass." "Yeah it would." John paused. "Get you dad's gun and some ear plugs." "Wait what why?" "I wanna see if I can catch a bullet." "I don't know about this." "What's the worse that could happen." "Break something kill someone little things like that." "We'll open the door that leads to the back point the gun that way stand away from the barrels end worse case scenario some neighbor asks what's up." "I don't know." John lifted Peter a few feet off the ground. "You sure?" "Fuck okay I'll do it!" He returned a few moment later. "You sure about this?" Peter asked. "Positive." Peter raised the gun. "Fire!" There was a bang. "Excellent." John said. "Where's the bullet?" John pointed. "Oh shit!" The bullet floated inches from the barrel it had left. "Stand back." John ordered. "Why." "I don't know whether it will fly or fall when I stop focusing on it." It fell. "Well the tells me a lot of things." "Yeah." "Well you're parents will be home soon. We'll practice more tomorrow." "Alright." That night there was a knock at Peters door. "John the cops were just here looking for you!" "What? Oh shit!. This is bad I'm not done preparing." "Well what are you gonna do." "I'll leave tomorrow night but I need to practice honing my powers just a little more." "Well ok whatever will you be fine?" "Yeah I'll be fine, but I wanna try to lift things I can't see." "You tried already." "I know but I've been focusing really hard and I've noticed it's like... it's like I can feel the ground a foot or so around me and detect even slight changes. Almost as if it's an extension of my self. I don't fully understand it but tomorrow I want to see if I can start lifting things. Maybe I can strength this power." "Ok well I'll see you after school tomorrow." The next morning John went into Peter's garage. He set some knives on a table and turned his back. He focused. He could feel the floor beneath his feet. He felt the area spreading he felt the mower, the table, the knives. The knives levitated he could feel them in there air. He hurtled them all into the wall. "Sweet." He said. "Hey John you in here?" It was Peter. "Damnit get those out of my wall." He did so with his mind. Then propelled them behind his back. "Well nice you can control shit you can't see finally?" "Yeah. Go grab one." "Huh?" "Grab one." "Um ok." "Middle." "How'd you know?" "Like I said I can feel it. It's like I'm touching everything within a ten foot radius. I wonder how far out I could spread it." "That's wild." "Yeah. Grab another." "Alright." "First. Second to last. Middle again. Second. First and Last." "That's scary." "Just a bit." "Yeah." "I have to get my shit packed I leave tonight." "I'm gonna miss you." "I'll miss you too." That night John left after saying goodbye to his long time friend. He began walking away. Then he lifted himself and to the air and flew. A few hours later he landed. He found himself at some bar out in the middle of nowhere. The kind of place that doesn't check ID's. Walked in like he owned the place. "What'll ya have?" The barkeep asked. "Budweiser." "Ok... wait aren't you a little young to be drinking?" "If I was I'd be inside my house like a good baby wouldn't I?" "Yeah I suppose." The bartender poured him a drink. "OK!" John sat walking to the center of the bar."HEY! LISTEN UP!" The bar grew quite and everyone looked at him. A tough looking guy walked near him and asked. "What you want kid?!" He sounded displeased. "I just want to show everyone something." Before the man could reply John let go of his glass. Everyone stared in amazement as it floated in mid air. Then without warning the cold liquid floated out of the glass and down his throat. The glass sank down onto the bar. "How the hell did you do that?" The tough looking guy said. "Do what?" "Don't get smart with me!" He said poking a finger in John's chest. "You made beer float!" "Oh that. I did it the same way I did this." The man found himself on the ceiling. "How would your face like to become acquainted with that fan over there?" "DAMNIT PUT ME DOWN YOU SON OF A BITCH!" "Oh that's not nice." John inched to the fan slowly. "STOP STOP OH GOD PLEASE STOP!" "What's wrong? It won't kill you. Just hurt like a bitch." He dropped him. "Now hear this! I'm top dog. Anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to fight me!" Nobody stirred. "C'mon somebody!" One man ventured to him. "Only if you don't do that magic shit or whatever it is." He said. "That'll be easy." John lied. The man swung a fist by John. With his powers he caused the mans fist to go just enough off track that he missed. Then John hit him in the face, repeatedly, until he was unconscious. "Anyone else?" He asked. Everyone backed up. A moment later someone came forward. John's fist tightened. The man bowed. "Well that's more like it." "Are you a god?" The man asked? John thought a moment. "Yes, yes I am. I'm a very wrathful god and anybody who doesn't follow my orders I will smite them like those two fools." "I will follow you to the ends of the earth." "Very good. Come and follow me." "Yes my lord." The man followed John to the parking lot. "What's your name?" "My name is Joe." "Joe. Take me to your car and rent us a hotel room. I don't want some cheap piece of shit either get something good." "Yes, right away." "Dumbass." John thought. "What about the Hilton over there?" Joe asked at length. "Rent me the most expensive room." "Yes God." 2 years later. "YOU IDIOT!" John yelled. "YOU THINK THIS PLEASES ME!" "Please God it's all I have." The man quivered in fear. "Kill him." "No please no! NO NO NO!!!!!" "How would you like us to kill him God?" Joe asked. "Command Brian and Chris to set up a firing squad." "Right away my lord." "Good get him out of my sight." "Yes sir." "Next case." Another man was brought in. "Welcome to your trial. You've been accused of something. I'm you're judge jury and if necessary executioner." "Your Honor this man has been charged of failing to donate properly to you." "Damnit why is this all I ever get. Well explain how he failed." "His donation was a large TV which did not meet the minimum requirements for TV’s given to you." "Take away all his possession. If I decide there is anything I don't want it will be given back to him." "Thank you for showing such kindness my god." The man said. "Yeah whatever. Show him the door." John said. "That's all I'm doing today." Joe returned. "My lord are you ready to make your monthly address to the world?" "No give me half an hour." "Yes sir." John retired to his living area. Just before he fell asleep there was a knock on his door. "Who is it?" "Chris my lord." "Come in." "God, there's a woman who says, she says she's your sister. They were about to kill her but I reminded them you do have a sister. Though I of course do not know if this is your real sister. How should we proceed?" "Take a picture of her and bring it to me." "Right away." Chris returned a few minutes later. "Here you are sir." "Sarah? Is it really you?" John was in shock. "Send her in quickly." She was there in moments. "Please give us some privacy." "Yes me lord." Chris closed the door. "Hello brother." "Sarah I missed you so much." They embraced. "It's been so many years since I last saw you. When I saw you on the TV that first time I got her as fast as I could." "How are mom and dad?" "They're fine they're fine." "We must bring them here as soon as possible." "Well I'm sure you could arrange that seeing as you are the leader of the world." "Yeah a lot of idiots think I'm god himself." They both laughed. "Aren't going to get on the TV soon here?" "Actually yes I am. You wanna watch me?" "Yeah. I would." There was a knock. "Who is it?" "Joe." "What do you need?" "Well you told me to give you half an hour, unless you would like more time. Would you?" "No I'll be ready in a minute." "I'll let them know you'll be by shortly." John walked in front of the camera. "Hit the switch." He commanded. The bright red "ON AIR" button flashed on as every television station in the world tuned in to him. "Hello people of the world." He said. "It is time again for my monthly address to the world." After sometime he had completed his speech. "Well you hungry?" John asked his sister. "What does the emperor eat?" "Whatever I want I have the best chefs in the world." "Well then where?" "You'll see." John showed Sarah to his exquisite dining room with everything made to his exact specifications. "This is where you eat!" "Yes it is." "How could you stand it if you spilled even the slightest the whole room would be ruined." "I have a cleaning guy for that." 2 months later. There was another knock on Johns door. "Who is it?" "It's Joe my lord." "Come in." "My lord there is some here who wants to see you." "What have I told you about guests?" "You don't understand he has a whole army." "I knew this was just a matter of time." "How should we proceed?" "Bring there leader to me. DO NOT kill him." "Yes sir." "What's your name?" "My name is Cody." "Well Cody I can tell you really don't like me." "You think you're god!" "I know I'm not god. Godlike yes but not a god." "What?" "I'm merely ruler of the world. To an idiot that's the same thing I suppose." Cody was shocked. "What? Think I was as stupid as those who serve me?" "No but I just didn't expect you to admit it." "Look you can't defeat me, now unless you want me to kill you and your stupid army I suggest you leave now." "I figured you'd tell me that." Suddenly there was a click. "Sorry brother." It was Sarah. "You betrayed me?" "John you went crazy. We can't let you do this anymore." "YOU BITCH!" Before she knew what was happening the gun was out of her hands and she was being choked. "You like not breathing you fuck!" "LET HER GO!" Cody yelled. He tried running but it was no use. John had an invisible shield. "Watch her die." John commanded. "NO!" He couldn't stop it though. John's telekinetic powers had reached ridiculous proportions and Cody found himself unable to close his eyes. Cody looked in disbelief. "Now unless you want to meet the same fate I suggest you leave, you're lucky I don't kill you now. Leave and never return, oh and your army is already dead so don't bother." "I'll come back and kill you someday you fucking piece of sh--ajghfh." John started choking him and then flung him out the window. "Unless you want to die leave now, and really don't come back cause I will kill you then." 10 years later. John sat upon his throne which was set upon the skulls of his fallen foes. "I've returned." "I've been waiting." John smiled. "Mr. Cody." "It's time for you to pay." "Do you believe you can kill god?" "You're not god!" "I thought that too when I told you that, but I realized eventually. I am god." "Then you are now completely insane." "That's what these skulls said before they died." "We will fight." John got up from his seat. It was a repeat of the bar fight. Everyone watched. John's foe got one swing in but he was no match for John's mind. John then beat Cody like he had the man at the bar, except this time he didn't stop till he was dead. "I hope you all were paying close attention." He boomed his voice out bending the sound waves so he was louder. "Let any mortal fool who tries to kill me meet the same fate! I AM YOUR GOD! and I cannot die! I cannot die!" The masses stared at him. "Say it!" "YOU CANNOT DIE!" "I cannot blaghahgo!" At that moment John was hit by a bolt of lightning. His heart stopped beating but he was not killed instantly. He died slowly in extreme pain as he watched everyone around even Joe his original minion rejoice in his death.

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