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girl loved him like hell, boy thought of her as a friend, what would happen if the girl knew of him getting married...? read to find out...

Submitted: July 13, 2013

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Submitted: July 13, 2013



"excuse me miss..., would u please tell me the way to the manager's cabin..?"

"yes sure, the next left turn..."

"thanks a lot, miss... um... ur name...?"

"Naina Singh, and u...?"

"Raj Sharma... see u later."

he was the new employee of the technical department, just like me, after 5weeks of my new job i met this new guy....

our first meet, so simple, so unattractive, so common, what did he do to me in that forst meet, i don't know, but un-intentionally i got attracted to him...everytime our eyes met in the office, i can feel the sparkle in my eyes and his smile... how can i forget that look, it would make me feel beutiful, makes me forget all the troubles.... after about 5months of our first meet, we used to meet daily at lunch, used to share our tiffins, used to discuss each n every little thing of our beings... maybe this is what they say is 'something more than friendship', bt how...

how can i,NAINA SINGH, fall in this trap called love, how can i the one who used to explain to all my friends say that love never exists, fall in it... that also with him.. my only friend even after 6months of my 1st job...

raj is an nytym ready for new adventures, humourous, fun loving guy, n me....brought up by a single mother, lonely n always an introvert girl... how can i fall for a guy who is my total opposite... how...??

anyways, all these questions r un-important rgt nw, till i get to knw, his feelings for me, but HOW...?


should i go n ask him...NO, what if he refused?

should i make some1 else ask him... NO, every1 would know about my feelings...



i never got to know of the tym in these thoughts

"hey sleepyhead...?"

"mmm, what? did i sleep, who is this... hii, raj...? hey, what happened? did the boss see me..."

"nothing dont worry, its the lunch tym... come lets go to the canteen..."

"ya, come lets go..."

omg, i slept for whole half an hour... n now its lunch tym, the only hour i spend daily alone with him.. today like always he is looking super awesome.. grt n happy...?

"is anythng special today...? u look so delighted today.. whats d occasion?" i ask.

"o, i have to share something with u..." dats the part i love the most, that sparkle in his eyes, dat happiness in his words..."ohkk, so i m listening, tell me..."

"so, the special occasion is dat... priya is getting married...exciting na..?"

"priya, ur clg mate... rgt? n whats so special for u in that...?"

"aahhh, u r sleepy nw also...didn't u get it...?"

"no, plz explain me..."

"she is going to be 'mrs priya raj sharma',now did u get it?"

dat was like a thrashing to a small child caught stealing chocolates.... my body was under shock... i could not respond for the whole minute... "hey.. what happened naina? would u nt congratulate me...?"

"hey congrats.... i am so happy for both of u.. when is the marriage..?"

"it is on the 10th of the coming month, n u have to be there..."

"yes of course, i would be there...." even if i desire or not, i would be there if it makes u happy...

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