A planet not to far from Earth named, Aleria, is much like Earth. Except it is divided based on White and Black guards. The guards are known for influencing those on Earth, and mere mortals on Aleria, to do good or bad. Though they only appear on Earth during certain festivities or when they are being summoned.

Raven, a regular 17 year old girl, was killed by her father. After being buried, she was taken to Aleria where she was given a second life, due to her 'special abilities'. She is now known as the rarest thing on Aleria, a Twin Blade. Only one other Twin Blade has been known to them.

A Twin Blade is able to restore the balance of good and evil on Aleria, if they work together. But when Raven discovers something shocking, her thoughts on being a Twin Blade changes. Slowly she is being lured over to the Black Guards, giving them and someone important a second chance.

Haze has never thought of being a Twin Blade, to be important. He never wanted to help those who caused havoc on their own planet. He believes if someone starts something he was never involved in, in the first place they can solve it themselves. At least that is what he believed until Raven appeared on Aleria. He decides to train her, in a way that she could be almost invincible much like himself. Until she betrays his trust. He must decide if she is worth saving or if shes better off dead.

Will Raven be saved, and possibly return to Earth?


Pretttyyy bad summary, I have a better summary somewhere. But I cant find it right now -.- Anyways, enjoy.

Table of Contents

Twin Blades

 Prologue.   Lightning struck the tall oak tree, and two children watched as it toppled to the ground. Rain pounded on ... Read Chapter

Chapter one; Raven

  Chapter One: Raven     My mother always told me that freedom came with a cost. She told me that with fre... Read Chapter