Chronicles Of Vengeance 3

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016







The morning wind slowly blows trough Elrendriel's hair. He is at the stern, leading the ship to the dead bodies and what was left of the boat.

Narihari comes near him.


NARIHARI What is this, captain?



It seems that Akihito arrived here

before us.



How could he do such a thing?

Killing so many people...



He would do everything to take what

he wants.



You really believe he will try to

kill Yukio?



Yes. He will take advantage of

every opportunity.



A person like Akihito will kill

everyone for that power! Even his

own crew!


Shin walk close to them and give to Elendriel the hat.



Here is your hat, captain!


ELRENDRIEL Thank you, Shin!


A pirate start yelling from the top of the main mast.



Land! We are too close to the

island! Stop!



Let the anchor! Stop the ship!


Both Shin and Narihari run without saying a word and throw the anchor in the ocean.


Elrendriel is doing his best to stop the ship, the clouds and the fog is gone now and he can see how close the stones are.



When the anchor hit the ground, the ship shakes a bit and

then stop. The captain looks forward to his left and sees The

Stormwind, Akihito's ship.



Is here! Narihari! Bring everyone



NARIHARI Aye, captain!


Narihari goes inside the ship, in the cabinet, and see at a table, Kohaku and Mao playing cards and drinking from.



Narihari! What is it? What was the

earthquake just now?


NARIHARI It was the anchor!


KOHAKU Why we stopped?


NARIHARI You are drunk!


KOHAKU No, I'm not!



Anyway! We arrived, the captain

wants all of us on the deck!



The book smells that I felt...

Akihiro arrived first, right?



You better go and take a look for

yourself is something that I can't

explain in words.


Mao smiles so creepy and then stand up and run outside the door.


NARIHARI Can you stand up?


KOHAKU Fuck off, Narihari!


Kohaku stands up and manage to walk straight to the door, but there he almost falls. In the end, he manages to grab the door and to walk outside.


Narihari goes to the other room and knocks at the door, and then he enters.



Yamada is unconscious, on the bed, red in the face, sweating and breathing so hard. Tora looks tired, pale and sacred.


Just now he was trying to put a cold towel on Yamada's forehead when he notice that Narihari is there.










Tora! Are you all right? You look horrible!



I'm fine, don't worries about me!


NARIHARI How is Yamada?



Not good! His wounds are worse than

I thought! I tried so hard, but is

nothing I can do for him! He is




Did you ask Mao? Maybe is




The only thing Mao can do to help

him now... Is to kill him.


From Tora's eyes tears are falling.





Narihari touches Tora on the shoulder, and then he realizes how weak he is.



For all the gods, Tora, what have you done?



I did everything I could! I don't

want to see him dying!



You won't save him by killing

yourself. You are too weak! Tora,

stop trying to heal him, you will

be the one who die first.


Tora just cries without saying a word.




Stay here and take care of your

brother, but don't kill you,

it won't bring him back.



What is happening on the deck?



We found the island, but Akihito

arrived here first, is a massacre

on the water, he killed all of the




He is sick!







The captain want all of us on the deck, but is all right! You can't fight like this even if you want to!



I... My duty for the captain...



No, Tora! The captain will

understand, I will talk with him!


TORA Thank you, Narihari!



Just, don't do anything stupid...




I won't.





Narihari looks at Yamada and then at Tora and the he go outside, on the deck where everyone was gathered around the captain.


ELRENDRIEL Narihari, where is Tora?



Captain, his brother is dying and

Tora used a lot of energy trying to

heal him. He is too weak now to

fight. Please, let him stay here

and watch over Yamada.



Very well! The rest of you, I know

how brave you are, but Akihito and

a part of his crew are too strong.




ELRENDRIEL (cont'd) I don't want to see any of my people dying, that is why I will take only the daemons with me.


The pirates start talking with each other, not happy about the captain's decision.



I'm sure Akihito did the same, in a

fight like this I never saw him to

use the pirates. We all know who

are his daemons, and we all know

that none of you would survive in

front of them.


The pirates don't like that but they know that is true.



I want to stay here, wait for me

and protect Silvermoon with the

the price of your blood. I will come



NARIHARI Prepare the boats!


The pirates are still looking at Elrendriel waiting for him to say something more.



Is time to fight! I avoided this as

much as I could because I know

what I would means for all of my

crew...for me... But is time to

kill Akihito! Take down the boat,

we won't need more than one!


The pirates bow in front of the captain and then prepare the boat. Narihari, Shin, Mao, and Kohaku get in the boat, but Elrendriel takes dow his hat and bow in front of his people.


Then he gets in the boat the-the pirates let them down to the ocean. Narihari and Shin paddle until they arrive at the island.



I hope you took the right choice,

captain! In front of Akihito we

would need as many people as we can




I will never sacrifice my crew just

so I can defend myself.


SHIN Aye, captain!



They arrive there and get down from the boat. Walking on the island they look around but the fog makes the visibility kind of impossible.



This place is creepy! I didn't

imagine that the island will look

like this.



We all know what you imagined!


Mao step on something and then he stop walking and look at the ground.


ELRENDRIEL What is it, Mao?



Stop walking! Something is wrong!


Mao is surrounded by his magic. A black veil of magic is around him and then the wind starts blowing like a storm.



You sure this is not too much?


The storm become even more powerful, the sand is flying in the air, they are trying to protect their eyes. After few moments, Mao manages to take down the fog... And then they can see the ground covered with skeletons.



The fuck happened here!


Mao knees and touch a bone of the skeleton that he just step on.










What did those people to Akihito that he had to kill all of them?



Is all right, soon you will be able

to ask him! Let's move!


The pirates look at Elrendriel and see that he is angry. Is his eyes that darkness could be seen again. They don't say a word anymore and start walking, fallowing him.










Akihito and his crew are walking trough the forest, following Iliya, which was supposed to show them the road.



Hyosuke is trying to keep up with them, and at some point, he fall on the ground.



Hurry up, kid, we don't have all




I'm sorry!







How much do we have to go? You, girl, I hope you are not trying to play with us.



Shut up, Tatsuya, and keep walking!


Tatsuya doesn't say a word and keep walking, but he can hear something passing so fast. He looks at the trees but nothing is there.


He keeps walking with the others, but then he can hear that again. A noise, the sound of an animal.










I've noticed!


They all stop and look at the forest. In the next moment, a pack of wolves attacks them. So scared Hyosuke scream, but then he put the hand in his mouth.


The wolves don't look normal at all, something is wrong. Their eyes are red and on the fur,  they have some black stripes.


Tatsuya wants to attack, but Kai stops him.



Don't! Something is strange!


When Kai makes one step, the wolves are growling, so angry, so violent. Kai makes one step back, near the captain.



Kai, we don't have time to waste

like this. Can you kill them?



Of course, I can... But...


Kai looks straight into the eyes of the wolves and then, he look at the ice princess and smile so creepy.



Everyone, walk away from the girl!




Are you trying to kill her?



Do it!


They make few steps, slowly, and then the wolves gather in front of Iliya, growling so violent, ready to tear her apart.



Princess! No, you can't do this!


Hyosuke wants to move, but Akihito grabs him by the hand.



Don't move!


Hyosuke is terrified. With huge eyes, he watches the princess. In the moment when a wolf jump on her, he is the one screaming, but she manage to defend herself freezing the animal.


ILIYA Please... No...


Iliya starts crying. All her body is shaking. Akihito looks at her and then at the wolves. He realizes that something is strange.


She screams when the pack attacks her, but she hear a sound of pain, and the wolves are killed. The black shade around Akihito's hand is vanishing in the air. He saved her.



This is enough! Let's go now!


Iliya is still scared, but she whipped her tears and make few steps.



You said that the priestess is

close, that you can feel her... If

you lied to us I will kill you.


She doesn't answer, just look at the captain, with some tears still falling from her eyes, and then they keep walking.






Yamada can see again the moments when he was a kid. So small, so skin, with a long and dirty blonde hair, with no choose, he works for the blacksmith.


His hands are wounded, bleeding, and he have a chain tight from his legs.



With a hammer, he hit the blade of a sword, so hard, over and over again. He get tired and stop for a moment, and in that moment, the master comes there.



How told you to rest? You shit! You

are good for nothing! Bastard!



No! I just took a moment to breathe!



You are not allowed to! You



The blacksmith grabs a belt and starts hitting the child. He is screaming and bleeding. Hit so hard, the child falls to the ground but the master keeps beating him.


Over and over again, day after day, Yamada is beaten by that person. In the night, he can't sleep because of the pain.


His skin is broken, bleeding, his hands are wounded. He is crying in silence.



Tora, please help me!


Night after night Yamada falls asleep crying.


In the day he works so hard, helping the blacksmith with the swords. His hands are bleeding on the hammer, but he can't stop.


In the afternoon, he has to carry water. That is too heavy for him, and if happened to fall and to split the water, the master will beat him until the child falls unconscious.


Sometimes, when the night comes he receive some food. In a bowl is some rice boiled in some water. Yamada looks at it and feels like vomit, but the hunger forces him to eat.


The rice is cold and disgusting. Yamada eats crying.


In one day, while Yamada is making a sword, he hit too hard and break the blade. The blacksmith starts yelling at him.



I'm sorry, it was a mistake!



How dare you, you did that on

purpose! You rat! Die, you deserve

to die! Bastard!



No! Please, I will fix it!



The blacksmith gets so angry, take the belt and start hitting Yamada. The child is screaming in pain, but he is beaten until he falls on the ground.


The master wants to hit him again, but the voice of Akihito stop him.



Why are you beating the child?


The blacksmith looks at the door and sees Akihito there. The pirate walks into the room.



Captain Akihito! Did You come here for

your sword? I'm afraid is not ready

yet! You said you will come next

week so I....



You didn't answer my question. Why

are you beating the child?


From the ground, crying in silence, so scared Yamada raise his eyes and look at Akihito.


This one walk closer and in the moment so scared, the blacksmith makes one step back.



He is always causing me problems. He

is just a slave... A rat!



Is he?


Akihito goes close to Yamada and looks at his hands. The child is scared, all his body is shaking.



Do you want to become a pirate and

be free forever?


Yamada is staring at the captain, from his eyes tears are falling and even his voice is shaking.










Then wait for me outside! Come on, go!


Yamada stands up, and go outside running, scared.



No! Wait there, you bastard! How

dare you?



Akihito stands up and grabs the blacksmith by the neck.










I heard that you had a talk with the governor about me...


BLACKSMITH No! That is not.



You should know that no matter who

the person that betray me is... It

will not see the sunrise!


The blacksmith wants to say something but Akihito kills him. The blood starts falling, and then Yamada wakes up.




Yamada wakes up and for some seconds, he can't even move. Then, he breathes so deep, his face is pale, he is sweating, his eyes are tired.


He can see Tora sleeping on the chair near his bed.



You were not there when I needed

you most... Now is too


Yamada talks slowly, more like for himself, then cover his shoulder with the blanket and turn on the other side, with his face to the wall.










Akihito and his crew have been walking all day. Hyosuke is too tired and for him is hard to keep up with them.


At some point, Iliya starts running.



Hei! What do you think you are doing?


Kai raises his hand, but Akihito stops him.





Iliya keeps running, but then she stop and knees on the ground touching the frozen leaves.


Akihito and the others arrive there as well.




She is not that far, the leaves and

the grass is still frozen!



We have been walking all day, how

do we know that we just didn't

froze them now?



Look there, at that tree! Those

branches are frozen! I wasn't



Tatsuya looks closer and indeed, some of that tree's branches are frozen. So close to them is a bridge. A very old and almost broken wood bridge.



Captain, look! I believe they went

in that way!



You have to be kidding me! You want

us to cross that bridge?



Yes, if we have to! You don't agree

with that?



Of course, I do, captain! I'm fine

with that!



Good! Child, is Kai right about

that fact that the priestess passed

through here?



Yes. Something is strange about

them, she or someone else is

wounded. They are not that far, and

I'm sure they went in that



Iliya shows them the forest on the other side.



Very well! You, wizard! You cross









Hyosuke just arrived there, tired, sweating, and now, he is terrified when he look at the bridge.




Yes, you! If the bridge will break

I don't want to sacrifice any of my




I think you are very honest,




I don't care what you think! Cross

the damn bridge, is almost night!


Hyosuke looks at Iliya then he walks close to the bridge. He

is scared but when he look back and see Tatsuya smiling so

creepy, he is terrified now.



Please, don't make me do this.




Cross the bridge or I will make the jump! Is your choice!


Hyosuke looks down at the veil. It looks like an abyss.



I cross! Fine, I do it!


Hyosuke wipes his sweating and then grab the rope and put one leg on the bridge.


The bridge makes a lot of creepy noises and is shaking, Hyosuke is terrified. When he look down, he can't even breath anymore.


His eyes are covered in tears but he keep walking. So slowly, step by step.


He grabs the rope, holding it so tight, every part of his body is shaking in the same time with the bridge.


Hyosuke manage to walk like this until the middle of the bridge, then when he make another step, a part of the wood break and he fall with his leg between the wood.


He is yelling and screaming of fear. He grabs the rope so tight and tears fall from his eyes.



What are you doing, wizard? Don't

kill yourself!


HYOSUKE Help me! Please!


AKIHITO Stand up, Hysouke!






Stand up!


When Akihito yells at him, Hyosuke gets even more scared. He closed his eyes and breathe deeply. He is terrified, his hands are shaking, but he manage to raise his body enough to be able to knee on the bride.



Good, now stand up and keep

walking! Come on, kid!


Hysouke closes his eyes, he is too afraid to move.



Hyosuke, I believe in you! I know

you can do this! Close your eyes

and stand up!


Tatsuya looks at the ice princess and smile so creepy.


Hyosuke breath so deep and then manage to stand up. His legs are shaking, still; he manage to make few steps but in that moment the wood break and he falls.


Iliya scream so scared, but Hyosuke grabs the rope of the bridge. This one untie from the tree, he falls even more, and because of that force the bones from his shoulder broke.


The rope gets stuck in the wood and he stops. Crying, Hyosuke looks down into the abyss and see his bag falling.



Help me! Please, help me!



Tatsuya! Take him out of there!


TATSUYA Aye, captain!


Tatsuya put his guns at the belt and start running. In the place where he step the wood of the bridge start breaking.

He arrive near the place where Hyosuke was and grab the rope in time before it breaks.



Don't let me fall! Please!



Chill down, kid, I won't kill you!


When Tatsuya pull the rope, Hyosuke is screaming of pain, at a moment, he stops.




Can you please stop yelling?


HYOSUKE It hurts... It...


Hyosuke can't speak, his face is sweating, he get tired.


TATSUYA No! Kid, look at me!


Even if Hyosuke starts screaming again, Tatsuya manages to pull him out. When he grab the pirate's hand, this one realize in what pain he is.




Stand up!






The bridge will break! It can't hold both of us!



It will be fine! You are safe!


Tatsuya stands up and forces Hyosuke to do so. The pirate grabs him by the shoulder and forces him to walk. The wood starts making noises and breaking under their legs, but they manage to cross the bridge safely.



Thank you! You saved me!



You better do something about that

arm! Your bones are almost broken!





Hyosuke makes few steps on the ground and then he sit down.



Captain, the bridge can't hold

another person anymore! If you try

to cross it will break.



I know! You, ice princess, froze




I don't know if my powers...



You froze the wolf, and you can't

fix a bridge?



She look at the captain, then at Kai, and then again at the captain. She is nervous, kind of stressed, and when the captain grabs her arm, she almost scream.



We lost a lot of time here anyway!

Froze the damn bridge!



Verry well!


Iliya goes near the bridge and closes her eyes. Around her a cold wind can be seen, then, the ground starts to freeze, and then while she steps on the bridge it turn into ice.



Let's go!


Kai bows his head and follows the captain. Both of them and Iliya manage to cross the bridge, and then, she destroys the ice.


Hyosuke stands up and comes near them.


AKIHITO What is that?


They all walk so fast, trying to keep up with the captain. They just walk a bit more through the forest and then arrive in front of a stone gate. It was covered with roots and leafs.


KAI Don't touch it!


Kai grabs the captain by the hand and manages to stop him. When Akihito looks at him, this one take his hand back and bow his head.



Please forgive me! The roots are

poisoned! If you touch it in less

than one hour you will die.



A strange power is in there, I can

feel it! We must go inside, can you

do something about this?


KAI Yes! Shadow!


Kai said the last word so slowly, and then a dark fog flies around the roots. First those become red and then start to dry up so much until it dies and turn into ash.


Kai makes one step and touches the symbols that are graved on the stone.





The druids!





Iliya almost fall, but the captain grabs her. Her face looks so pale, and her nose start bleeding.


AKIHITO What is this?


ILIYA Tiriara, she is there!



Good, let's find her! Can you walk?










Then after you, ice princess!


Iliya wipes the blood from her nose and starts walking. Hyosuke follows her under the pressure of the look of Kai, then Tatsuya and the captain is the last one who go inside the stone gate.










In the forest, from the sky, a fire star can be seen falling on the ground.



What the hell was that?


ELRENDRIEL Is not that far!


Elrendriel and his crew start running through the jungle. The captain is very fast and the other are trying so hard to

keep up with him, but for a moment, this one just stop.








They are staring at a tree which is burning. On the ground, on a carpet of fire Taiki is unconscious.


MAO Captain, wait!


But Elrendriel already run there. The fire disappears, he is curious, slowly he knees, and when he want to touch Taiki, this one wakes up.



Help me! The rider of the sky...




How do you know... Who are you?


Elrendriel sits down on the ground near Taiki and grabs this one by the shoulder when he almost scream of pain. In that moment, Elrendriel can see in his eyes the fire dragon.



They will kill my son! Please help



ELRENDRIEL How can I help you? I...



Give me the freedom to walk on

Earth again, let my soul to touch

the wind.



The spirit of the sky guardians...

I am not a...



No matter where you are and what

you are doing, you will always be a



Taiki is in pain. He hit the ground with the fist and in that place, the grass is burning.


ELRENDRIEL Mao! Narihari!


The pirates are coming closer but they just look at Taiki.



Don't look at me like that! Do

something and help me! Mao!



Captain... My powers are not strong

enough to heal a dragon.


Taiki is screaming of pain and then around him, a circle of fire start burning. Scared, the pirates walk back.




What the...






They will kill Yukio! The ice elf will kill all of them!


Taiki is in great pain. Elrendriel is scared, he look at his crew, but they don't have any idea what is happening. When Taiki scream again, he put his left hand on the dragon's forehead and then his magic appears around him.










The wind starts blowing so powerful until it becomes a storm. Around Elrendriel, a light is dancing. His hand is glowing and seems to heal the dragon.


The wind is even stronger, the pirates cover their eyes because of the sand, then it calms down.


The pirate look and around Elrendriel is just light. They are all amazed.


The fire slowly disappears and then the light as well. Elrendriel takes his hand from the dragon's forehead, and this one open his eyes.










Akihito and his crew are walking through the cave. On the wall are engraved druid fighting scenes and daily life pictures.



This place is terrifying!



It was a druid sanctuary, now it

can be used for the same purpose,

but with another type of magic.



They were doing rituals for the sun

and the moon, for the health of the

forest and for rain... Now this

the place is used for killing souls.



Be quiet!


Akihito walks faster to that cave and then they stop. A huge open place, with a druid altar in the middle, is in front of them.


That place is covered with ice elves, on the altar is a burning blue flame, the soul of Yukio, and just near it is Tiriara, the ice priestess.





In that moment the priestess stop and look back, seeing

ILiya and the others. On her face only fear could be seen.



Yukio.s soul! She is destroying it!



AKIHITO I don't think so!



Soldiers! Kill them! Kill all of



Akihito already attacked. He passes faster than the wind among the ice elves, killing those how to stand in his way. His is trying to reach the altar.



Stay back, protect the girl!


Hysouke grabs Iliya's hand and makes few steps back.


Tatsuya and Kai wait few more second and then attack. Both of them fight against the ice soldiers. The guns are firing over and over again.


Tatsuya is fast, his bullets pierce the frozen heart of the elves. Kai is using both his guns, but soon the gunpowder is over.


The ice elf smile when Kai can't shoot anymore, and attack, but when he arrive so close, blood start falling from his nose. He look at Kai and see the creepy smile on his face.


The pirate throws his guns on the ground and then around him a dark veil appears.








That ice elf is dying screaming. Soon the all place is haunted by shadows. Kai is moving fast and drags the soul out of the ice soldiers.


The priestess wants to touch the altar again but the attack of Akihito put her to the ground.



You fool! You have no idea what you

are doing!


Akihito don't say a word, and in the moment when she stand up, he attacks again, but Tiriara defends herself.


She is surrounded by a white veil of magic, but she have no time to attack because the captain hit her again. She spits blood, but when the pirate comes closer, she hit him in the chest and push him away.


Akihito's hat fall on the ground.



That was not wise! Not at all!



Akihito attack again, so fast and so powerful. The priestess is trying to defend herself, to fight back to survive, but she is too weak.


When she is hit by the wall all her bones are breaking. She scream, bleeding but manage to stand up again. When she want to move, with her body shaking, she almost falls.


In the room, only screams can be heard, both of the ice elves and the death screams of the shadows.


Kai is too fast for them, and behind his only skeletons remain.


Tatsuya's eyes are yellow, and his hands have claws. He is strong, but the most impressive is his speed. He just appearing by place to place, turning every ice elf into pieces.


Iliya is terrified, tears are falling from her eyes and she hold Hyosuke's hand so tight.


On Tatsuya's face, a joy can be seen every time when he kill someone. His claws are covered in blood, but he don't stop until the last elf is dead.


Someone attack him from behind, he makes a sound of pain, like a growling, but then he turn around so fast and break that elf's neck, his claws getting out on the mouth.


Akihito is push back by an attack, he touch the ground with his left hand and not fall. Looking up at the priestess she is too wounded to even breath properly.


He smile so creepy and the attack. He is so fast, she don't even realize when he appears near her and grab her neck.



I don't believe in gods, but if

they exist, I don't even want to

imagine what they will do to you

for killing the son of Taiki.


She screams when Akihito is breaking her neck.


In that moment, Elrendriel with his crew and Taiki are just entering in the cave running.




Elrendriel is screaming, trying to stop him, but is too late. The corpse of the priestess fall from Akihito's hand and hit the ground. This one look back and see the massacre and then he see Elrendriel.


For a second they just stare at each other, but then a screaming makes them realize what is happening.



Everyone look to the left and see how Iliya just killed Hyosuke. A piece of ice cut the neck of the boy and now she is taking his soul.



What the fuck is happening?


Akihito makes few steps and then he stop. The floor is freezing, from nowhere it start snowing and the air gets colder.



One step, captain Akihito, and I

will kill your people!



Just try, you bitch!


Kai looks at her and the shadows are flying around him.


AKIHITO What are you?



I am the cold of the night! The

silent whisper of the storm...


She walk slowly and her ice turn black. On her face red veins start to appears and now is is surrounded by a black veil of magic.


When she attack Akihito manage to grab her hand, even if her speed is impressive. She is trying to freeze him, but he let her go, turn back and kick her so powerful.


She is pushed back, but she manage to stand up.



Stop playing like a child, captain!

Show me your true power!



Then it won't be fun anymore!


Akihito attacks her, but Iliya manages to defend his every attack. She is way faster and stronger than before.


When she hit Akihito and throw him against the wall, this one spit blood.


AKIHITO This is interesting!


Akihito takes out his coat and stands up.


Iliya attacks him, but he just disappears. She turn back and see him there. Using his magic, Akihito burns her chest. She is screaming and bleeding but then she start to laugh hysterically.



Her body is healing itself, so fast and then is is able again to fight. Spears of ice are trying to break Akihito's body but he manage to stop all of them.





Looking at the altar and that blue flame, now Taiki walks through there.



What you think you are doing!


Kai attacks Taiki, trying to stop him from reaching the altar, but in that moment the fire dragon attack back. The force and speed that Kai was hit shake all the place.


Kai is thrown by the wall, with no time even to realize and then his corpse fall on the ground.





For a moment, all of them are shocked by that power. Tatsuya run and knees near Kai, this one is not breathing and his all body is broken. He is covered in blood.



No! Kai!


Taiki seems not even to realize what is happening around him. He arrive near the altar and touch the stone. In that moment, the runes on it start glowing.


Taiki and the altar are surrounded by a circle of fire. The wind start blowing so fast around them, and then the dragon close his eyes.


From nowhere a thunder can be heard and a lightning hit the ground. In that place, burning in fire Kaede and Yukio are

on the floor, unconscious.










No, Captain! This is not your fight anymore!


Elrendirel looks at Mao, and this one don't take his hand from the captain's arm until he agree to stay back.



That power! He killed Kai like an





Is not dead yet, but I believe he

wishes to be. That pain is too much,

even for a Mortualia soldier.



Yukio is feeding with Kaede's soul!

If Taiki won't bring him back, she

will die.



He told us, but I hoped to be a

joke. Captain, weird thing are




I know, Shin! I was a rider of the

sky, but I've never seen something

like this.



So I believe our plan to kill

Akihito is gone?



First we have to fight to survive,

I don't like what is happening. It

can't bring anything good.



Captain, shouldn't we look for the











Akihito is busy trying to stay alive, Kai is dead, Tatsuya is useless now and Taiki is... Whatever he is doing there. I guess we can go and take a look around.



You think the treasure is here? In

this cave?



This cave was a sacred place for

druids, if that treasure is real...

Then it has to be here.



Fine! Go, but be careful, this

place is not safe!



I'm staying with you, captain!




No, Shin! Go with them, protect

them and bring them back alive!


SHIN Aye, captain!



Shin run and arrive near Narihari and the others. They walk fast, trying to avoid the fight and then they get lost in a dark corridor.


Now Elrendriel goes near Tatsuya and takes a look at Kai.



What do you want, Elrendriel?



He is dying, maybe I can help him.



Really? Is your power strong

enough to heal the wounds made by

a god? Are you that arrogant,




Stop being an asshole! I just want

to help you.



That is why you send your people

away! You want to fight and you

don't want them to see how strong

you are.


Tatsuya looks at Elrendriel but this one don't say a word.



You will fight, don't you?




The fire around Yukio and Kaede is gone now. Taiki go and take his son into his arms and put in on the altar.


The blue flame starts burning so powerful. The wind is

blowing even stronger and the floor seems to shake. The fire

circle around the altar is bigger now.




On the snow Akihito spit blood, he is wounded. When Iliya attacks again he is hit by the wall.


He breathes so deep, even if he is in pain, he stand up and take down the scarf that was covering his face. Now black veins start to appear and his eyes turn complete black.




This was fun, but is over! You

managed to get me mad!



You have no chance against me,

captain Akihito! Surrender now and

I will let you leave!



You bitch!


Akihito attack and his magic are stronger. His shadows break the ice of Iliya and throw her against the wall. He attacks over and over again, but her wounds are healing every time.



You were always so full of

yourself and people fear you.

Maybe now is just time for you to

feel the pain and the fear. I will

break your soul, captain!


Akihito's black magic destroy the ice spears of Iliya, but she have not even a scratch. A blade of ice cut deep into the chest of Akihito.


He is bleeding, but because of that anger and hate, he don't even feel the pain anymore. Like a beast, the captain attacks her, trying to break her body into pieces, but is useless.


Inside the room is getting colder, and the blood on the snow is like a red flower.


Akihito jumps on the back and the blade of ice pass near him. This one stand up and attack. He break the bones of Iliya's shoulder, hit her on the ground, but in the next moment,

when he want to attack, she just disappears.


Iliya appears behind Akihito and two spears of ice pierce the captain's body.


She hit him so badly, throwing him against the wall. In that place, the wall break and Akihito fall on the ground.


He moves a bit, all his body is shaking because of the pain, but he don't give up.


He spit blood one more time on the floor, and is trying to move, to knees, but then, when he raise his eyes, he can see the snow tiger attacking him.


Akihito's eyes are huge of despair, is no time to do anything, but then, the tiger turns into pieces. Icefall all over the place and a shadow of darkness can be seen around.


He look curious and see that Elrendriel is surrounded by magic. His eyes are red and the wind becomes a storm around


















Akihito says the captain's name slowly, and then he stand up. He never saw Elrendriel like this, but then, after a second, he smile so creepily.



So that's why you had been



Elrendriel attack, Iliya fight back but he pass through her ice and grab arrive so close, in that moment, he hit her straight in the chest.


Her body is thrown more than five meters behind, hitting the floor, breaking her bones. For a moment, Iliya can't move, but then her wounds are healing.


Elrendriel run and attack again, like a monster, like he can't see anything but the death of the girl. When he arrive closer an ice blade almost cut him in half, but he manages to destroy it.


His hands are wounded, bleeding, but he growls so angrily.



I will kill you! I will kill all of

you and I will feed with your




And you said that I am full of



ILIYA You still alive...



Something that I can't say about

you... Not for long!


Akihito is surrounded by black shadows. He closed his eyes and the darkness seems to cover the room. He attacks so fast and when he arrive near Iliya, a storm of magical blades put her to the ground.


With the ice tiger she is trying to stop them, but still, her flesh is broken.


She stands up, covered in blood, disfigured, and she walks while her body is healing.


AKIHITO You are a monster!



A thunder can be heard and then the lightning covered the room. Akihito attacks Iliya again, and Elrendriel in the same time.


She smiles and raise her hands to the sky, then she hit the ground with the fist. Ice exploded everywhere and put both o the captains to the ground.


She walk trough them and around her the snow become a storm.




Around Taiki, the fire is even stronger. All the place is shaking like it will gonna break at any moment.


The dragon raises his hands and grabs the blue flame and then put it on Yukio's chest. In that moment it starts to sparkle, to shine and to make small lightning.


Taiki makes one step back, the blue flame turns black and then white, and then when it turn into the fire it explodes.


A huge explosion that throws Taiki on the floor. The altar is destroyed and Yukio is on the ground.


Now, that the altar stone is destroyed the treasure can be seen. Inside the altar was the Death Chest, and now all that place is covered with gold.


Taiki stands up and looks around him, everyone was affected by the explosion.


On a side, in front of a corridor, Elrendriel's pirates arrived there.



I told you, we walked in a circle! In

this place is no fucking....



Mao stops talking and all of them can now just to stare at the treasure.


Taiki runs near his son and wants to touch him, but Yukio grabs his hand and wakes up so scared.



Yukio! Is all right! You are safe









Yukio is staring at Taiki, terrified, without having any idea what is happening. Then, when he look around him, he can't believe his eyes.


Akihito is on the ground, the explosion hit him as well. Every part of his body is bleeding, and now Iliya attacks him



again, but Elrendriel stops that attack.


He scream so anger and fight back, attacking Iliya. Akihito looks at him so carefully, watching him every move.


Around Elrendriel, only darkness can be seen. His attack injures Iliya so bad that she make a hole in the wall.


He walk close to Akihito and offer his hand to help him to stand up.



We can kill her! Maybe she is

strong, but she can't defined by

both of us at the same time.


For few seconds Akihito is just staring at Elrendriel but then he grab the ridder's hand and stand up.





When Elrendrile pirates see Yukio alive, they run near him. Taiki is there, helping his son to stand up.


NARIHARI Yukio! You are alive!



Narihari, what the hell is




The ice elves took your soul and we

came here to save you... But

nothing is now we planned.


Yukio looks at Iliya and then he feel a huge pain in his

head. He almost falls, but Taiki grabs him. In that moment, in

his eyes, he can see the moment when she almost killed him

and took his soul.



Yukio! Yukio, answer me!


Yukio breath so deep, and then look at Iliya. She is still fighting with the captains, they are very wounded, but she have no scratch.








Even if he said that words slowly, from the other corner of the room, Iliya stop and look at him.


Yukio wants to move, but Taiki grabs him by the arm.




No! You are not able to fight

against a blood daemon! You are too

weak, Yukio!



A daemon? Is she a blood daemon?



Father! You know that they don't

have any chance against it! It will

kill both of them.










Belief in them, Yukio! They are stronger than you imagine.



It will be too late! You will have

their blood on your hands, father!



I will not let you die again! This

time even I won't be able to save



Yukio is angry, but he can't do anything than to watch the fight.


The shadows are around both of the captains. They attack at the same time. Because of the speed and the force of the impact, Iliya falls on her knees and spit blood on the ground.


The captains attack again but her ice destroys that. She stand up and then a storm of blades hit them. Elrendriel's magic manage to destroy as much as he can, but they are too wounded.


She attacks again with spears but Akihito's explosion destroy them. Both of the captains are tired. They breathe so hard and the pain reduces their energy.


When Iliya attacks again, they don't even have time to fight back and when their body hit the wall this one break. For a bit, the room is shaking.


YUKIO She will kill them!





Iliya attack, her speed is impressive, but in that moment, Yukio run. He is very fast and in no second he arrive in front of her.



His magic stops her attack, he appears so close to her and hit her in the chest so hard that she fall over the altar, in the middle of the treasure.










Yukio! You are not...


But Elrendriel can't talk anymore, he spits blood on the floor. Both him and Akihito are too wounded.


Yukio looks at them and he gets so angry. Iliya stands up with

a smile on her face and attack him, but the fire destroys her



YUKIO Dragon of fire!


TAIKI NO! Yukio, don't!


Even if Taiki yell at him, is too late to stop him. The attack of Yukio shake all the room and the place starts breaking.


His fire turns into a dragon and hit Iliya so powerful that break her body into hundred of pieces, but at the same time, an explosion puts them all to the ground.





After few seconds, Yukio opens his eyes and realize that the snow is getting worse. Is too cold to even breath in there. Taiki and the other manage to stand up as well.



Is her curse... The price for

destroying a blood daemon!



This place can't last long!

Everything is destroying!


Yukio looks at the snow and sees how the snowflakes sit on his palm. His breath can bee see on the cold, but then he walk near his father.


Blood start falling from his nose, he almost falls but Taiki grabs him.






I'm fine!






Never do that again! You could kill

all of them!


A piece of the roof fall on the ground and break all the altar pieces.


Inside the snow is covering everything. Looking around

Elrendriel can see that all the place is freezing.



We have to get out of here!


From the ground, so wounded, Akihito stands up. His body is bleeding but he don't show any sign of weakness.


Inside the air get colder and colder.



Soon this place will freeze! At

that temperature, no living being

can survive! Get out, Now!


Yukio takes Kaede into his arms and looking again at his father, he starts running.



Come on, Kohaku! Shin! Run!


The place starts to shake, soon everything will break. Elrendriel forces his pirates to get out.










Come on, captain! We have to go!



Take Kai and let's get out of here!


Tatsuya takes Kai into his arms and with his captain, they run outside of that place.


Elrendriel look back at that treasure, at so much gold, now almost frozen, but then Taiki yells at him.



Now! Run, Elrendriel!


Elrendriel agree and both of them start running. Before them the snow cover all the place, in that storm everything is destroying, and the place freeze.




They all manage to get outside and stop near the cave.












Is fine, it's over now!



Elrendriel! Is everyone all right?


ELRENDRIEL Yes, thank you!


Elrendriel bows his head in front of Yukio.



That gold...all that treasure.



Is lost! Under the ice for thousand

of years, or maybe more.


AKIHITO Tatsuya! Is Kai dead?



No! But I don't think he has much




He will survive! Now let's go back

to the ship! It was such a waste of



TATSUYA Aye, captain!


Akihito and Tatsuya leave from there without even looking back to the others.










Far from there, the sun is rising. On the water, the light of the morning can be seen.


Akihito walks on the beach near Tatsuya who is carrying Kai in his arms.


From the forest Elrendriel and his crew come there, but when he see the other captain, run at him.





This one stop and look back. When Elrendriel arrives near him

Akihito doesn't say a word and waits for the elf to speak.




Back there, in the cave...



What do you want, Elrendriel? None

of us expected that little girl to

be so powerful, and now the

treasure is lost. Kept under the

ice for thousands of years maybe

more... My most powerful pirate is dying,

I believe too much blood was split for one single




Thank you! For what?





I arrived on this island with only one wish, to kill you. But after what happened... I prefer to protect my people than to lose them in a useless battle.



You choose wisely. For the moment, none

of us want a battle, but I can

assure you, Elrendriel... That a

moment will come when only one of

us will see the sunrise again.


Akihito leave, and speak without looking back at him, and just wave with his hand.



Until we meet again, guardian of



Elrendriel doesn't answer, he just smiles.










Tora is yelling at his brother, but this one don't calm down at all and yell back. He is on the deck, trying to leave,

but is too weak.


He can't even walk straight, behind him, on the floor blood can be seen. His eyes look tired and his face is so pale. The pirates are gathering around but they can just look at what is happening.



For all the gods, Yamada! You will

die! Why don't you understand?




I'm not a child and I don't need

your mercy!



Is not mercy! I care about you! I

want you to be safe!



I never asked for that! Step back,

Tora and let me go!



Go where, Yamada? Look at you, you

look dead! You are not even able to




That is not your business.


Tora is so angry that he punch his brother.



You stupid! What are you thinking,



The boat arrives near the ship and then one of the pirates say the name of the captain. They all help them to raise the boost and to bring the crew of the deck.


When Elrendriel arrives there he goes near Tora.



Tora, what is happening here?



Captain Elrendriel! Please, tell to

your pirate to step back and let me




Yamada! You will kill yourself! You

are too weak.



You want to go back at your

captain, at your crew?










Your brother is right, your wounds are too deep, you won't survive

until the morning.


YAMADA I don't care!



You are very brave.



Or very stupid! Why do you want so

bad to go back at Stormwind?



Because there is my family! They

are my friends.


Tora is shocked, but he make one step back.



Then go, the boats are there!










What do yo want? And.. Who the hell are you, anyway?



He is my father! Taiki, the fire



Both Tora and Yamada stare at Taiki without being able to say a word anymore.


Yukio passes near there with Kaede in his arms, but then he goes to the cabinet.



I will come with you! Be something

that I did and I feel very sorry

about! Is my duty to save him.


NARIHARI You speak about Kai?



Yes, no power in this world will be

able to heal those wounds. I can’t

let him die. Captain, Elrendriel,

thank you!


ELRENDRIEL But I did nothing!



That is not true and we both now

the truth! Please, take my son back

home safe!



I will!





I'm happy to see that my dear friend Henrik level through you, Narihari! Your father was a great man!


Taiki takes something from his pocket, a pendentive and give it to Narihari.



My brother, Ryosuuke gave this to

your father. No matter where you

will go in this world, you will be

seen as a dragon!










Is a boy, and he will have the thunder is his eyes and the spirit of a dragon.


Narihari opens his mouth be he can't speak.



The ship is moving! The captain is




Is fine! Farewell, my friends! Thank

you for saving my son!


They all bow in front of Taiki, and then he grabs Yamada by the arm and disappears. Behind them, for few moments, a fire was burning on the deck.


SHIN That was impressive!


NARIHARI He is a god after all!










He will be fine!



Yes, but I don't know if I will be

fine... That kid is killing me,



Tora leave from there and go at the edge of the ship, looking how the Stormwind sail away.



Narihari! Stop dreaming! Raise the

sails! We are going to Torrtuga!



NARIHARI Aye, captain!


Narihari run and together with the pirates they raise the sails. Shin go and raise the anchor, and then Elrendriel goes at the stern.


In the sunlight, the black flag of pirates is raised in the wind.










At the down, Sakura is walking with a basket on her hand, on the seaside but when she look at the ocean, the basket falls on the ground.








The pirates ship is coming closer and the it stop. The pirates take the boats and go on the water, sailing to the land.


So happy, Sakura starts running, she runs into the water and then stop. The boats are so close now, and Narihari jumps in the water and runs to her.


In the moment when he hug his lady, for them, the time seems to stop.


The pirates boats pass near them, the boys are making all kind of jokes, but Narihari can't even hear.



Sakura! I will never leave you



He is almost crying, touching her belly and feeling the baby. He just kisses her.


Far away, the sunset can be seen.









In the city, the capital of the empire, Narihari is outside, in the garden, but then, from the house his son, AKIRA come running and jump into his father arms.


NARIHARI Hei there my warrior!


From the house Sakura comes as fast as she can, she is pregnant again.




Akira! Don't run like that!


When she see Narihari, she smiles so happily.



Oh, so you hide in the arms of your



She come closer and takes the boy, this one is laughing and hide even more into Narihari's arms.










At Torrtuga, the storm is so powerful that knock on the window. The wind is very strong and by time to time, it almost open the door.


Inside the tavern is noisy as always, the musicians are playing their songs., pirates are drunk, and at some point, some of them start fighting.



Hei! What the hell is wrong?


Kaede grabs the broom and goes there, in the middle of the fight. She is yelling at them, but no one seems to notice her.



You asshole! Stop, you are killing



Kaede hit one of them with the broom, over and over again, until the fight ends.



What is your problem, woman?



My problem is that you are

destroying mine ever!


PIRATE Don't you yell at me!


The pirate wants to hit Kaede, but Yukio just appears there and grab his hand.


Looking back, when that man sees Yukio, on his face only fear can be seen. In the eyes of the daemon, a fire is burning.







The sky is covered with lightning, thunders could be heard everywhere. The wind becomes stronger and almost break the main mast.


Elrendriel is trying to read a map, but the wind blows it. Kohaku, Mao, Tora, and Shin are there with him, helping him to understand what is happening.


His pirates are running all over the place, trying to keep

the ship safe. They take the sails down, protecting the main



Elrendriel stands up and looks forward, in the storm, like he was expecting something.



We need all the speed we can have!

Let's get out of the storm!


Elrendriel goes at the stern and sail with all the speed ahead, even through that storm.










In the storm, in the middle of the night, Tatsuya is at the stern and it seems so hard for him to keep the ship in a straight position.


The water hit the deck and make a mess. The pirates are holding the sails, the wind is too powerful, and might break them.


Akihito comes outside from the cabin.



Let the anchor down! Stop the ship!


Akihito scream at them and the pirates run to let the anchor in the ocean.


The water hit the ship again, and take a man with it in the abyss. Yamada run there and grab the chain of the anchor, he helps the pirates to let it down.



Prepare the cannons! Be ready to

fire! Kai!


KAI Aye, captain!


Kai was holding the rope of a sail, but now he manage to tie it from the mast and then run near the captain. The wind

blow so powerful that take his hood down. His face is clean, with no wood and no scar.



AKIHITO Can you see them?



Clear as in the daylight!



Good! I heard they are very strong,

be ready at any moment to attack.



Is all right, captain, no matter

how strong they are... The darkness

will take them all in the ends...


Akihito agrees and then run at the stern. Tatsuya is trying to hard, but now the captain is there.










Step back, Tatsuya!


Akihito put his hands on the stern and spin it so fast. For him seems too easy to control the ship.


The anchor is in the ocean and now Yamada comes near them. The pirates look at Kai while he passes near them.


In the night, his purple eyes are almost glowing. He is surrounded by shadows and he walk at the stern.


Akihito looks forward and then he smiles so creepily.


AKIHITO Fire the cannons!


The wind blow so powerful, like a storm, but for Akihito is nothing to worries about. His pirates are near him, and they all are ready to fight.





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