hukas and bukas

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it is very old story
it has life in story
trilling story

Submitted: June 16, 2017

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Submitted: June 16, 2017




This is my heart broken story had seen from front of my eyes so please don’t ignore what iam saying

Hi every one hw ru all and the latest news from you all  actually iam not bad but people said that iam mental but my heart said iam good

There where 7 buka’s in village so they are like hungry men’s in the town people us to called buka’s its means( in 1880 sentury the hindu religion usto stay in the village they where hungry people they don’t have food to eat so they use to call buka’s )

7 buka’s names :-

1.balwanth buka’s

2.hesoge buka’s

3.Edwinao buka’s

4.suwaja buka’s

5.pekako buka’s

6.hukhuk buka’s and last one

7.maikeno buka’s

Ther where so danger people in the village they don’t leave any thing in the village whatever they want to eat they where usto eat like dog’s pig’s hen’s etc so there are so dangrou’s people

This story was seen live by shaik zuber he was an actor  like film star hero he went take out a movie in that village he sow 7 buka’s in that village fighting for food and for shulter suddenly one idea came to shaik zuber that he cam make a movie about buka’s but he tried to make the picture but they where now more it was suspenc

The narrator of story is

Akon shaik zuber


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