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This is a Prologue for a dystopian book i am currently writing.

I hope you enjoy :)

Submitted: September 27, 2013

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Submitted: September 27, 2013



I open my eyes to darkness. Disorientated, i blink and feel a warm breeze float over my body. I don’t understand why i’m outside. How did i get here? 

The grass around me is long and cushions me against the hard earth. Above me stars twinkle in the secret that they know what happened to me. My head feels heavy and i try to remember how i ended up lying in this grass. Thoughts wisp through my mind and as much as i try to grasp a hold of them, they twist out of reach. Frustrated, i lift my head to take in my surroundings. I’m in a small clearing in a forest, alone. I swallow. Propping myself up on my elbow’s, i sit up and feel my head clear a bit. All around me, the forest looks dark and unforgiving, the branches of the tree’s stretching over my head, almost blocking the little light i have from the stars. 

Feeling anxious, i stand up and look across the clearing into the forest, wondering what sort of creatures live in there and trying to determine whether they would harm me. The grass in the clearing swishes playfully in the breeze, trying to comfort my unease of the forest.

The night is warm and i must have known this, as i’m wearing a white cotton dress that falls to my knees. My feet are bare and my long dark hair hangs loosely down my back. Nothing around me gives me any understanding of why i’m here. The breeze blows against my back, towards the forest like a gentle push. My hair glides across my face and I brush my hair back with my hand. I notice a small marking on my wrist and lean back to see it better in the light, excited. This must explain something. The symbol on my skin looks like a brand, almost in the shape of some letters. I angle it in the light and realise its not letters but a roman numeral. 

My memory trickles back in and i almost wish i didn’t see the marking. I know exactly where i am, why i’m here. I want to run away and keep running until i can’t see this forest anymore, see anything that reminds me of it. But i know i can’t.

I have to go back.

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