Vampire or Werewolf?

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This is from my dream diary I only have two or three dreams in it because I never remember any of my dreams, well its either that or I have no dreams at all. I am a bit confused between trying to identify what he is, that is the reason as to the title vampire or werewolf.

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



October 15, 2009

It all started on me staying over at my grandmother’s house. From my father’s side of the family. When Aunt Cassandra came over and started talking about the new neighbors. She has short brown hair that reaches about a little above her shoulders and she is older than my father. The family is composed of a mother, father and son. From what I heard the boy is about my age. The house they moved to was the last one down the street. Which is about 4 house’s from here.


No soon had my grandma and aunt started talking I went to the back of the house to climb on the ladder to go to the roof of the one story house despite the blazing sun. I say blazing sun ‘cause its three in the afternoon and the sun is beating down hard. In a couple of hours the ambient will cool down a little thanks to the approaching autumn. After a while I started having the feeling that someone was watching me. It isn’t strange since almost everybody was inside their houses hiding from the sun and I’m out on the roof wearing all black as usual, from the hoodie to my black converse. Another reason for someone to be watching me would be the fact that im the freak of the neighborhood.. Also I am sitting on the edge of the roof hugging my knees to my chest and I have my eyes closed while resting my chin on the knees.


I opened my eyes to look around and spot the person that was staring. It was a boy around my age. He had brown eyes, messy brown hair and tanned skin. And above all else he was totally MAGMA HOT. Also something that can’t be left out is the fact that he looked like the bad boy type which I find completely irresistible. I figured that he was the son of the new couple that had moved to the neighborhood. He was walking up and down the street as if trying to memorize it. He looked at every house he passed, actually he was looking at the numbers and the names or last name’s or whatever could give even the slightest info on the fam. that lived there. I now because of the look in his eyes tha told you that he was analyzing his surroundings. He kind of reminded me of how wolfs memorize and or study their surrounding territory to know if an animal or other wolf is around.. Also it sometimes helps them avoid traps laid by humans. But I couldn’t help but nodes that every single time he passed my grandmother’s house he looked at me.


Suddenly the scene changed and I was no longer on the roof of my grandmother’s house but on a clearing that is halfway down the mountain behind my other grandmother’s house. I feel like I’m being followed the second that I start making my way down the all to familiar trail. So I started running. Meanwhile I’m running something hits me in the back of the head and I black out. When I wake up [still in the dream] im at the foot of the mountain, im full uf deep bleeding cuts, and theres a storm going on. Thanks to the thunder and my grandmother’s old age she didn’t here me no matter how much I screamed for help. Feeling like a total idiot I try to stand up. But when I do I slip on the mud and end up on the ground again. Out of nowhere the new boy on my other grandmothers neighborhood appears and takes me to this place that was probably his room. After putting me down he took some ointment and started putting it on my wounds. And I watch in amazement as all of my wounds heal instantly. I look up into his eyes. He had his eyes closed tight. And when he opened them he looked relieved. He was about to say something and then…………………………..I woke up.

I swear I almost cry when I woke up cuz I didn’t get to hear what he was about to say. That is really tragic, atleast to me it is.

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