A Letter to God: By a Human

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I want to do it all, and want to do it all in good spirit and in great way. I want to read, I want to write, I want to play, I want to click, I want to visit all the forms of art and creativity, I want to travel the world, I want to do it all... but the life is too short

Submitted: May 28, 2012

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Submitted: May 28, 2012




Dear God,

Hope this letter find you in good spirit and health (wonder weather you are a spirit or a human embodiment).

I'm all too well on this blue planet called earth, as you might know that all of a sudden I've become too fragile (falling sick every two weeks) and Chelsea/Man U/Liverpool (or anyone of my favorite team) is not doing well in the premier league(unrelated topics...yeah big deal to me) still these are not the reasons for me to come to the altar of the almighty. Though time to time i raise question on your existence, but still i am an admirer of the nature and the beauty you (or evolution, or whomsoever) created. Well this is also not about praising any of so claimed beauties and wonders you are credited to have created.

This is utterly personal and a straightforward complain for my own personal interests. Why have you embodied so many hobbies and interests in this mere human being, all too weak to face the changing weathers, weakened by emotions, stupid enough to take hours to understand the hundreds of lines of codes at work... Why ??

I've got this unending carving for books since childhood, no matter how many you throw at me... i'll never say no.. with teenage you show me the strength of music, the passion of singing, with age came in the strength in me, you (or may be the diet i take) made me a sportsmen, yes i can fight it on the field, then you brought me the manhood, the ego to excel, the passions for literature, music, art, food. One day you gifted me the pleasure of a nomadic existence, arousing the traveler within me to explore this world, this day i'm craving to feel the ice of arctic, the winds of pamir, the glaciers of himalya. With the nomadic experience came the urge to capture the moments of life, the beauty of world, and to hell with this once again i'm good at it too... i can click few of the best pics, i can bring life to the canvass. Had you made me a mediocre man with mediocre tastes i wouldn't have complained. But you made me above average, you (or may be its me) made me differentiable, I'm not one of the masses, i am different and yet unable to handle this gift (or curse) of being different. Each day i aged, became more and more fragile, the count of days of existence decreased, yet i held my spirit hight, but now it all seems so dull... so near and so far away... i can't pick the thread meant for me... should i be like this only ?? A jack of all trades ?? Should i limit my joys of nature, literature, music, travelling (or whatever it is) only upto some threshold. No God it wasn't meant to be this way, certainly not..!!

I want to do it all, and want to do it all in good spirit and in great way. I want to read, i want to write, i want to play, i want to click, i want to visit all the forms of art and creativity, i want to travel the world, explore the limits, i want to sing, i want to play, i want to do it all.... i don't want to die unaware of the greatest literary works, unaware of the wrath of sun in sahara, without listening to the chores of mozart, without testing myself on the playground, without feeling the dust on the turf, I want to live my life with passion, i want to be the joy in life... Life which is too short for one passion to follow, i've got too  many... I want a way, i want the ray of hope, a guide, a mentor, a symbol to show me the way, I'm so confused... Oh dear God show me my path..!!
Show me a path else i'll chose one, and while choosing that one i'll be leaving many behind...I don't want you to regret my decision later, so please God (or nature, or evolution or my subconscious whoever you are) enlighten me, show me my way, show me my path...

Yours Sincerely,
any good spirited Homo Sapiens

P.S. being the creator, the almighty, i assume you can figure out who all are being talked here...

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