Unknownly 2

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It's a short story of small girl who finds a doll in her grandparent's house. There's something creepy about the doll but the girl thinks that it's playing with her because it never hurts her. Later she finds out that is rather sad than playful.

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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Submitted: August 12, 2017



"Houses don't have memories"

I heard that in a movie when I was just a small girl. Everyone were talking about it being a real story which made me curious. I watched it with my parents one weekend. My parents didn't believe any of it. "It's a hoax" they said. Anyone who doesn't believe and is unknownly of 'their' presence would say that.

The night we returned from movie theatre I didn't sleep, I was scared of my house. I left the lights in my room on and hid under blankets pretending to be asleep. I feared that the door to my room would open itself and a demonic presence would yell "Get out!" That is not how it happened.

I couldn't sleep for next five nights and the sleeplessness was agonizing. To help me get over it, my parents planned to visit our grandparents who lived in a small town. They owned a property there. It was an old shotgun house on a patch of grass surrounded by electric fence. Unlike our last visit, I stayed in my aunt's room and my parents stayed in dad's room. When I went in her room I really missed her. She was very sad when she died. I found a doll in the closet. The doll was a blonde girl with blue eyes and in pink white dress, a lot like the doll I lost last year. Early morning I went fishing with grandpa, in afternoon I visited the church then watched a derby race with dad and in night grandma read me 'Are You A Horse?' a funny story about a cowboy who didn't know what is a horse. I was tired and fell asleep holding the doll dear to me.

I still remember the ugly voice yelling. First it was a dream but then I heard a thud. I sat up and pulled the blanket over my face. The door was closed and the window was shut and it was so dark you could only see black. I switched the lamp beside the bed, I got down and looked under my bed to find nothing. When I looked up the doll wasn't on the bed. I heard it again, coming from the closet, I walked toward it, suddenly the knob twisted and the door swung open. I screamed and ran out of my room.

I ran out and went to my grandpa's room. I screamed like a mad kid and said "There's someone in my closet!" To be honest when you say that to your folks, they don't believe you. It is so cliche. Next moment I realized that all the grown ups were arguing. My dad was standing on other side pointing his finger, my ma was holding him back and grandpa was yelling. Grandma looked upset and was sitting on the bed. They all froze and stared at me, then dad continued "Papa, I am asking you last time, stop being so selfish and let me sell the property! We could live together"

"You don't want us! You want the money, thats all you care about!" Grandpa said rubbing his shoulder.

"I need to repay our loan and you need someone to look after you!"

"This property will remain in our family. We don't need you"

"Screw yourselves then, we are leaving!"

Dad took me and mom to his room, we packed fewer things than we had brought and drove away in middle of the night back to our house in city. Mom and Dad argued in car then didn't talk till we reached our home. Even though I had a strange experience in my aunt's room, I really wanted to spend few more days with my grandparents.

The night when we returned, mom and I slept in my room and dad was given the ignorance treatment, our house rule, if anyone made a huge mistake then no one talks him or her at least for a day. Next morning, I was alone in my room and strangely I heard a thud behind my closet door. I opened it and found the doll. It freaked me out, I told mom but she didn't believe me. Since then, every morning I'd hear a thud behind the door and pick the doll from the closet to put it somewhere else. One night I locked the doll in the bathroom but next day it was in my closet. I left it in school library and again, she was lying lifeless in my closet. Three days I didn't open. I tried to ignore it.

I started to think, maybe its playful. It never harmed me. I guessed it was a friendly spirit who wanted to play with me or she was an angle who would protect me. I played with it, carried it with me and loved it.

Soon the memory of closet opening itself became blind. I moved on and never bothered to do anything about the doll. Few months later I asked mom how aunt died and she said that my aunt was very upset about losing her baby and the divorce was pushing her deep into depression, she locked herself in her closet and ate too many sleeping pills. She killed herself. I was shocked. I stayed awake all night watching the doll, it didn't move when I was looking. I went to toilet in morning and I heard a thud. The doll got itself in my closet. I sound weird, don't I?

A year later, we relocated to a rental apartment which is also close to my school. I left the doll in the room but before leaving I asked the house "Aunt Rose? If you want to talk, now is the time." No one answered. I left and never saw the doll again.

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