Truth and fear

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This poem links the two most important factors of life truth and fear. You can find some useful new words in here.

Do not mistake me for saying that truth is fear, I never meant saying truth makes you a coward, what I actually mean is that truth is a powerful weapon and you should use it wisely. You should use truth to bring justice, but life is'nt just a written and edited piece of work, there will be times when you have to hide some truth for justice. You can either say truth or hide it (only if necessary) but never modify it.

Submitted: December 24, 2014

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Submitted: December 24, 2014





You are a wastrel,

When you have fear.

Let nothing let you startle,

Always cheer.


Never fear a fiend,

Never let fear fear a friend,

Never fear.


Fear no subtle wraith,

Fear no squally wrath,

Fear no trifle wroth,

Fear troth.


Truth is winsome wince,

A wile ever since.

Let it never give you woe,

Let it give fear to your foe.


Truth is fear.

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