Colombian Asesinato

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017




“Hold up!”

Atticus was drenched in sweat after an attempt to chase down Sophia’s Follower. The man was running for his life, although he was slow he knew the street’s shortcuts. He kept running downhill and using the speed took an immediate left which slowed Atticus down. He squeezed through the 2 Slums hoping for a big gap between the 2 but Atticus was right on his trail. Atticus managed to clean the slums of some dried of mud which swept on his face making him blind and losing some distance between the 2. He opened his eyes and he was nowhere to be seen.


Running outside to see some trace of light, he saw the man. He was trying to camouflage in the crowd and lose his identity. Atticus crept up to a point where the man could smell some stench and turn around.

He ran for it. Both Atticus and the man had to thread their way through the crowd hoping for an obstacle to slow the other one down. Suddenly within a second, the man bumped into a pylon that was hidden by the crowd but he pushed through with all his strength and bumped his head onto the rusty pole.


Atticus looked at his condition. The man looked a bit unconscious but with a splash of water, he would be wide awake.


A small nap was good for Atticus. In the suitable bed in the hotel he stayed, he had brought the man in a few hours before but he was very tired. In his small apartment were what a normal house would usually have: a bathroom, a small bedroom, a kitchen and a tiny balcony to look at the eye shattering view of the mountains from where he had stayed. He was a little hungry so he uneasily walked over his dirty clothes all over the floor and opened the tiny flimsy door. Inside his kitchen was a small stove at the end of the kitchen which was 2 metres away, a flickering light bulb that would decide when to switch on or off, some cabinets hung on the wall and a basket for cutlery, plates, and bowls. The sink was right opposite the stove and was usually always dripping with water. He opened the cabinet right above him and took out a packet of crisps. He pulled open the local brand spicy crisps and grabbed one. He ate it but he wasn’t pleased, the crisps had lost its crispness. He looked at the nutrition facts and right below the information was the best before date. It had Expired 2 years before. He tossed the bag in the dustbin in the kitchen and rushed out and sat on the sofa depressed. His family was killed in a ‘car accident’ 2 years back. He started to believe the policemen but then the secret agency IA7 came up to him and told them that it was not

A car crash but something fishier. They promised to tell him if he had joined their agency, they would tell him the whole story. After he thought about making the move or not, he realized that if he did not join, this talk with the head of IA7 will always bug him for not taking the offer so he decided to take it.

IA7 was a whole new world.

He was introduced to a new building, many new people and new technology. The building was not exactly a building but the door to the building was hidden on an abandoned subway line which no one except members of RI7 would go.


Anyways, Atticus thought about what to do with the man. He was still lying unconscious on the balcony with rays of sunlight burning and drying up the skin and mud on his body. Atticus went to the kitchen and filled a small bucket with ice-cold water. He dragged the bucket into the balcony and raised it over his head. He flicked the bucket and the water cascaded down and splattered his face. His body reacted like an electrical shock. He woke up and said,

“What place is this?!”

Atticus replied, “Where is Sophia Fox?”

“What is Sophia Fox?”

Atticus grabbed his face with his right hand and pressed his cheek hard.

“Where is Sophia Fox”

“I...I have never heard Sophia”

Atticus then smashed his head on the metal railing right behind the man.

“Where is Sophia Fox?”

“Ok..ok I tell you just please no hit me”

“Speak up”

“Sophia is at the... The …”

Atticus fetched his gun from his pocket and pointed it at him.

“She… She at the forest... Secret in forest”

“Where is she in the forest?”

“She underground..there is a red cross on ground and it located close to river Vaupes”

“You lying or not?”

“I swear I no lying .. I .. I no lying”

“If I find out you are lying,” Atticus primes his gun, “then you will face the consequences.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Stay in this apartment, you escape and then I give you lead.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What is your name by the way?”

“My name is Matias.”

Atticus rushed out of the balcony, grabbed his backpack. He took the flower pot from the kitchen and placed it on the coffee table. He took the keys, locked the door and left the apartment.


Sophia was one step ahead. Although she did not know that Atticus got hold of Matias, she was always on the move, one step closer to her target, Santiago Andre, the winning candidate in the presidential elections for Colombia. He was beating the other 2 presidential candidates and one of them was very upset with him. Diego Martinez was a candidate that had dreams of earning the top spot of Colombia, speaking out for people and also the power of the country which was the twist. Diego had the money to spend on the elections but the Colombians did not like one thing about him. He had some American blood. His mother was American and when she entered the country, she faced a lot of hate and his whole family faced humiliation. His goal was to get the power and destroy Colombia. The way he was treated by the locals disgusted him and wanted revenge.He did not like the fact that Santiago was occupying the top spot by a long margin.  He already had his plans laid out. His most dangerous was Sophia. He had hired her to assassinate Santiago. The way she would assassinate Santiago was unknown but to find out, he would have to track her down and he uncovered one clue.


Atticus hired a cheap taxi to get to the forest. The Colombian town he was in was very traditional and there wasn’t much-industrialized infrastructure to call it a town either. He didn’t really know what to call it but it was fascinating.


An Hour’s drive and Atticus reached his destination. The taxi driver dropped him off at a very remote area in the forest where there were no roads and buildings. Atticus was on his own knowledge. Just as he stepped on the ground, he realized something. He looked ahead on the ground and saw footmarks of very small feet.

This could be a sign of Sophia.

Atticus carried on and followed the footsteps that had gone through the very rough terrain. Drops, Mud, Slides you name it.


The footsteps came to an end at a very fishy area. All the trees were cut down, no greenery and also some deep holes in the confined area. It looked like someone would have camped with a tent for a few days. Atticus examined the footsteps and they looked very fresh.

Sophia was making her move.

Atticus had to move hastily and get to the presidential elections.


Sophia had made her move. She was in the private room with Diego.

Diego was upset with the situation and said, “Why the hell is he still here? Shouldn’t he be dead already?”

“I am taking my time don't worry I’ll get the job done.”

“You have one job and you better do it”


Sophia got out of the room. She walked down the hallway acting like his secretary and adjusted her cap to get the right view.She entered the crowd out the door and disappeared.


“Can you take me to Saint Giovan Stadium?” Atticus was gasping and needed a desperate ride to the stadium.

“Three hundred thousand pesos?”

“Ok whatever”

Atticus got in the car and it zoomed off.


“The voting results are here, right in this envelope,” (Translated into English from Colombian).

“Colombia’s new president is…”


Everyone knew it was coming. All the 50,000 people plus the people watching on TV were pleased. But they were not going to be pleased with what was going to happen next.

Sophia had her cap ready. She adjusted it and looked on her phone. The crosshair was focused directly on Santiago. Now all she had to do was click at the right moment.


At that moment, Atticus got into the stadium. From his bag, he took out a special camera. This could detect metal objects nearby. Passing through the metal detector was compulsory for everyone except board members.


He found a mini metallic rod with something on his camera and knew that it had to do with something suspicious. He ran and managed to thread through the crowd to reach just a few meters away from Sophia, but then.


Fortunately, the shot missed. Santiago was surprised and rushed to the backstage.

Sophia was mesmerized. She failed her one job and now she had to get away before Diego would deal with her. Sophia made a run for it but Atticus got hold of her.

“Where are you headed off to Sophia?”

“Who are you?”

“I am Atticus Bay, member of AI7 and you are under arrest.”

Atticus shoved his electric handcuffs onto her hand and she collapsed.

Now he had another problem.

Colombian Counter Terrorist Force.

One came right behind him and said,

“Are you Agent Atticus?”

“Yes indeed.”

“And is that Sophia Fox?”


“Come with us and bring her along.”

Out the stadium, he was flabbergasted to see dozens of helicopters and cars.


“Get in the helicopter please.”

Atticus got himself and Sophia into the helicopter.

And they flew away.


© Copyright 2020 Akul. All rights reserved.

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