The Sin of April

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The Sin of April is the 1st poem in my book, All Have Stories but None Has Any To Tell. You can listen to the full poem in the link below. Happy
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Submitted: June 01, 2018

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Submitted: June 01, 2018



The Sin of April ...!!

From the womb of darkness, I was born

Blackened by the sin yet so white !!

Deaf to hear but still, I heard the cries. Haunted by the devil day and night !!

Gloomy and awful views crossed my mind, The eclipse in April blinded my sight …!!


I was carried in a coffin toward a funeral called life

Beyond normality was my senses ability !!

Silence was audible to be heard

The unseen was visible to be seen !!

One sense only puzzled me

 The common sense among all human beings !!


To my feelings gate, I had no key.

I wished to feel, I wanted to feel calm and peace …!!


Something then awoke inside of me !!

A wake-up call it seemed to be

A vision of a doomed earthly war possessed my sight momentarily !!

I cried and shivered. The ashes of the vision brought me nothing but riddles !!

I cursed the moment I arrived to such a demonic heaven …!!


And then, a white angelic creature before me appeared !!

On his worthy shoulders, I leant to flee

With a smooth voice, he whispered “ Just follow me ”

Faithfully I seeked my missing piece !!


A long road it was. Six thousand miles

It was daylight but slowly turned into dark

I was left behind for no angels would bear the black !!


To the unknown, I was led

Fear was what I first felt

Bright things did not rest my chest cause I was accursed by the sin I never meant !!

Neither life nor death welcomed my bleeding wrist !!


I chose the shortest way to my own hellish heaven

I uttered the prayer before I jumped into the arms of the devil !!

So dark and gloomy but it filled my soul with pleasure !!

O pain pain pain. That’s what I felt up to the present and that is my birthday present ...!!

© Copyright 2019 Akuma By Angel. All rights reserved.

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