Introduction: Characters

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A not-really-funny-but-hope-you-enjoy story! Actually, a script.. xD

Submitted: February 02, 2014

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Submitted: February 02, 2014



Main character:

?Akuro Hagiwara (Mai, mai-chan) ?Yasuragi Rikun (Rikun, ya-chan ) ?Yamaguchi Kaitou (Kaitou, kai-chan ) ?Yakichi Sakurai (rai-sama, saku-chan )

Other characters:

?Yasuragi Takumi (manager, taku-niki, yasugaki )= 1st son ?Yasuragi Izaya (Izaya, iza-kun ) = 3rd son ?Yasuragi Rikuo (Rikuo) = 4th son ?Yamaguchi Shouchi (Shouchi, yamagaki) = big brother of Kaitou ?Yamamoto Wikaru (wikun )

*that's all for the intro. Why the name's looks weird? Because it's Japanese! Why Japanese? Because I'm student wearing Japanese! Don't ask too many questions here. Be grateful I didn't write in Japanese xD only intro for now. Later the story in dialogue or~ script! (Same? ) thanks for reading!!!

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Introduction: Characters

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