Egyptian Tulip

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A true story about the suffering of The Egyptian girls from the customs and traditions of retro

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013




She is a 32 years old Version girl from Egypt. although she is living in a Dramatic love story with 36 years old Guy since Bout 12 years ago but this Dramatic Love story didn't culminate by Marriage yet for a very Complicated and Radical Social reason. Her family discovered That she is in love with some guy from the same city 8 years ago without their knowledge which is a violation and Unforgivable Mistake from the girl against Their traditions and their Oriental Habits and Rules since it's not allowed For Girl To Make any Relation with any man before Marriage. After They Discovered the Love story they decided to prison her in the House for two years as a Moral Punishment without any kind of Communication with the Guy like Mobile Phone, Internet Connection, Dial Up Phone…Etc, they even prevented her to join any Job although she holds a Master Degree in Child Rearing

Was clear that her father and Her Brothers wanted to take their revenge from her in order to wipe the shame they have suffered from and the impact of rumors and Gossips that surrounded the girl  

The Guy she loved also tried hard and did his best to take her away from the Circle of sadness and to end up all her suffering. he sent his father to meet her family but they kicked him outside the house then he tried again to talk with her brothers himself and they fought with him, he even tried to sent One of the city's notables To get her father's approval and it was also useless, he even offered to ensure all the expenses of marriage and that her family will not pay a cent in her marriage costs and unfortunately this offer also Got Rejected by the father.

She tried hard to put the end of her miserable Life depending on herself by doing more than 13 attempts of suicide, cutting the main artery in her hands, eating sedative in large quantities, Ignites fire in her body By Using benzene...for some Reasons all her attempts to get rid of her life ended up with failure...she even begged her father and her sisters and Brothers hundreds of times and cried Rivers Begged his father for approval Then she didn't get anything except the Contempt and scorn  ...

Her older brother was influenced by the Western culture and he was Mentally Convinced That his sister has all the Rights To Choose her man and to Decide her life, He Got scold so many time from the father when he tried to show sympathy with his young sister, he was in pain after he felt that his sister's life is getting slowly destroyed specially when she Turned 30 years old without getting married or having kids or even a job like the rest of the girls in her age in their Community..

Her Civilized Old Brother gathered all the men of the family members (uncles, Cousins) and they went to an interview with his father after he explained his point of view to all of them, and he got succeeded to convince all of the folks  

 The father and some of her Brothers were hard minded as usual During the interview Until the Old Brother warned them that if they will not approve the Marriage he will do The procedures of marriage without reference to them which means more Scandal and shame for the family and the father, Finally they
achieve their Goal when the father approved to let her go and marry her guy after he put some terms such as he Will not pay only one penny to cover the expenses of his daughter's marriage, not attending the wedding Party and also the girl shouldn't come back to visit the family's house as long as he is still alive

The wedding party will be next April 6, 2013…

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