Miracle of Love

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Love turns one's world upside down.

Submitted: March 13, 2007

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Submitted: March 13, 2007





© 2000, Wanda L. Harrell

She is in love, so...
Rainbows arc across the midnight sky,
Coarse threads form sheets of smooth satin,
Warming rays from the sun shine down from the moon,
Still and frozen rivers burn with furious fever,
Stars sparkle amidst the daytime clouds
And perfect silence sings a tune.

He is in love, so...
Deserts boast ribbons of rivers across their sands,
Bold bolts of lightening gently kiss the earth,
Mountains bow to greet the valleys low,
Fallen Autumn leaves find their way back to the tree,
Orange tongues of fire lick to cool the heated brow
And red roses bloom in the Winter snow.

They are in love, so...
Frowns of sadness curve upward into smiles of joy,
Solitary secrets and fears become thoughts shared,
Moans of grief transform into loving sighs,
Old and shattered dreams return anew and flawless,
Cold darkness ignites into white-hot passion
And once solo voices unite to harmonize.

Miracle of love,
Two single hearts incredibly blend to become one.


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