Love, Fear, and Guilt

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A story I have started writing in my free time. Please give me advice, tips, andy criticism, Anything to improve my writing. :) thanks!

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012




She sits in silence, tears stinging her cheeks. She's empty inside; nothing left to lose. Her breath is visible as it escapes through her chapped lips. She stands slowly and begins her journey, to an unknown, but certain location. 

Chapter 1 - You're Screwed

Elizabeth awakes to bright white degrading overhead lights, grievously shining into her pale blue eyes. She promptly sits up, grasping the fact that her body is unclothed, and exposed. She becomes cognizant of the bulky metal shackle encircling her ankle. Panic starts to set in her mind as she scans the unfamiliar surroundings. She begins to peruse the strange room she has somehow been placed in.

The room is rattling small, with revolting piss-yellow stained walls, and no windows. There are two twin beds, both in painfully bad shape. A small bathroom area is located in the corner of the room; a clogged toilet, and rusted shower sit there. She quickly stands and sprints to the extensive steel door that leads out of the atrocious, strange chamber. She reaches out to grab the broad doorknob, but suddenly hesitates. Behind the door, a distance away, she hears loud footsteps quickly approaching. Timorously, she steps back and quickly scans the room for anything to espouse herself with. She soon realizes that the room has been cleared of all harmful items.

Her heart scrambles in her chest as the clamorous footsteps near the door. She scurries to the two beds located on the other side of the small enclosure. Elizabeth kneels behind one of the small boorish beds, struck with fear.

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Love, Fear, and Guilt

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