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Every year I write something with Gordy the Pumpkin in it to post on Halloween.
I hope you enjoy all of his adventures past, present, and future!

Submitted: October 31, 2014

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Submitted: October 31, 2014









Alan Dale Dalby




Just down the lane lived Scary Jane who wore a mask each day

The other children mocked poor Jane in hopes she’d stay away

Her arms and legs all seemed present

Nothing else seemed odd or out of place

There was simply one thing that Jane would always resent

Her mangled, horrible, no-good face


The leaves turned golden, amber and red

Such beauty, Jane thought as she left her home far behind

To be so beautiful among the dead

Oh what peace of mind


The cold was crisp, causing Jane to shiver as she walked along

She did not know this twisting path or these dreadful woods

Yet something made her feel maybe here she could belong

Along she went keeping watch for the Big Bad Wolf to her Red Riding Hood


The trees bent and reached out for her

One managed to grab her hat

She could think of nothing ruder

Why would you go and do a thing like that?


We are starved in these woods and very lonely.

The tree said as he handed Jane back her hat

Not starved as in hungry, but by ourselves here only,

Please take note of that.


Scary Jane introduced herself and the old tree took a bow

It is lovely to meet you Jane, but why do they call you Scary anyhow?


Jane touched her fingers to her mask and let go of a single tear

I know that it is Halloween but I must wear this thing all year.


Welcome to our neck of the woods young lady!

Jane stumbled over something soft and landed in a bed of fallen leaves

A smiling jack-o-lantern seemed to wink at her which sounded crazy

I think we’ll all be thick as thieves!


Jane picked the hollow pumpkin up as she stood and gently poked his face

They call me Gordy the Pumpkin and you are always welcome in this place.


Jane lost herself deep in the burning fire that lit up Gordy’s eyes

Her lip began to quiver

Dark clouds snuck into the overhead skies

Poor Jane began to shiver


Gordy concentrated with all of his might

He let his fires burn as hot as his poor soggy body could take

I shall keep you warm tonight.

You are our guest for goodness sake!


I thank you all for your kindnesses and wish with all my heart to stay.

Jane closed her eyes and imagined a world where she felt free

Feelings of sadness crept in, guilty feelings for running away

But if I did my mom and dad would cry, you see at least they love me.


Jane placed Gordy back on the ground

The little pumpkin watched her walk away

Feel free whenever you like to come back around.

We have quite a good time on Halloween, we laugh, and dance, and play!


Jane saw such strange creatures as she became lost deep in this strange wood

Her fear grew and her palms began to sweat

She feared someone was up to no good

Something that Jane would surely regret


The mask you wear, why is it there?

Asked a nosey old bat

Is it meant to cause a scare?

It is not very successful at that.


Jane looked at him and touched her mask with trepidation

She nearly took it off

Then she thought back on all of the humiliation

She feared he would only scoff


The other children laugh and stare,

I just can’t catch a break!

I do not wear this mask to scare,

My face is simply better off being fake.


The bat shook his head and with it his brain

His wise old face wrinkled at her as if she were insane


Let me tell you something child,

Do believe that on this subject I am right,

Halloween is the time to run wild!

You need not wear your mask tonight.


The old bat stretched his wingspan wide

It made him seem immense

A large soft flowing cape on either side

Jane tried to hide how nervous she was and wished he was not quite so intense


I know, I mean; it’s Halloween.

What better time to shine?

Yet I still cannot come to terms with being seen.

Me and this wretched face of mine.


Jane crunched along the trail and bid the bat farewell

She saw many sights as she prowled

Witches atop a hill creating a powerful spell

Somewhere in the distance a werewolf howled


She must have gone in a circle for she found the tree that had taken her hat

Gordy was there too still, a much less frightening creature than the old bat


I’ve been lost for so long in these woods,

My parents must be losing their heads!

I didn’t mean to really leave them for good,

I hope they don’t fear me dead!


Gordy lit up the trees which recoiled from the light

A path was then revealed

You’ve found yourself lost tonight,

But your fate is far from sealed.


Please take the path I am showing you and make your way back home.

Just remember in your darkest moments that you are never, ever alone.


Jane did not say a word but took off her hat and gave it to the tree

I am sorry for taking it before but it does look awfully delightful on me!


Scary Jane nodded and walked slowly down the bright path home

She never looked back at the little jack-o-lantern

He had done her a kindness like none she had ever known

So she felt like doing one in return


Not so much for Gordy or for the old tree

She didn’t do it for the witches or werewolves or the old bat

She took off her mask and revealed her true self for the entire world to see

She wasn’t beautiful to most who looked at her but was okay now with that


As she approached her front door she heard her father’s cries

He hugged her close and tight

Her mother sniffled and looked her little Jane in the eyes

Oh my sweet angel, I’m so glad you are alright!


She felt very different now, not at all the same

Something in those woods had touched her soul

She would no longer be Scary Jane or any other name meant to defame

She was quite simply just plain and simple Jane, a beautiful little girl


The seasons passed as Jane waited patiently

When it was Halloween again she returned to those woods that appeared to her alone

Her old had was still there atop the bare tree

Gordy’s bright fiery light still shown


She delighted and marveled at so many wonderful things

Witches watched skeletons dance to the sounds of howls as they mixed a strong brew

An old bat wrinkled his face and spread his great wings

Well now, let us get a good look at you!


Jane remained timid around this creature that had left her quite unnerved

The old bat smiled, a first Jane thought, and wrapped his wings around her

My child, only actions can be ugly, and for you only kindness is deserved.

Jane suddenly squeezed the old bat as tightly as she possibly could and wished their hug could last forever





© Copyright 2019 Alan Dale Dalby. All rights reserved.

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