Sexy Sadie

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A quick limerick about life and love on the internet.

Submitted: September 16, 2007

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Submitted: September 16, 2007



Sexy Sadie

by Alan Dale Dalby




The numbers quickly dial giving cause to a smile as life begins at home

The world of normality becomes a fatality as you recline in your chair alone


There online you’re feeling fine and quite the handsome devil

If cyber land knew you well, they’d all LOL at how far your profile is from being on the level


A doctor, an attorney, or wealthy man back from his third journey into the heart of savage lands

What will you be now as you chat with the crowds with your shamefully dishonest hands


Munching on cookies you take a quick looksie at the IM you’ve just received

It’s from Sexy Sadie, a lovely young lady with a body you can’t believe


You spend all night talking, this girl’s language shocking, but you find it quite appealing

Yet if you could look at with whom you’ve been chatting, you might find his burly chest to be disturbingly revealing


© Copyright 2017 Alan Dale Dalby. All rights reserved.

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