Sexually aggressive women and the men who fear them

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article on Vancouver woman who celebrates sexual freedom and the freedom to express who she is.

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



Corinne Lea is infamous for posting risqué photos of herself on facebook – why, some people ask? Because she can is the short answer, but there is more to the story.

“I went to art college in the 1990s and it was that very politically correct, very serious atmosphere,” says Lea. “But why do women have to be modest to  be feminist, where did that mindset come from?”

Lea explains that it was during her art school days that she discovered photographer Cindy Sherman, who would take pin-up photos of herself.

“I thought that’s a great way to be artistically vain. It’s the same reason drag queens do it, you want to present different characters and you want to express yourself sexually.”

Lea’s sexuality is, as  you may have guessed is aggressive, and she is completely unapologetic about it.

“A lot of people say men like to be the hunter, although you find some are pleasantly surprised to be the hunted. I’ve noticed that younger guys are not as concerned about sexually aggressive, I get hit on by a lot of younger guys.”

Being sexually aggressive she explains is not about dominating, Lea says she may be a confidant ballsy woman, but she desires a confidant ballsy partner. “A dominatrix does it for the submissive, it’s all about what he wants, a confident woman goes for what she wants.”

“It’s a fine line, you can be confident and men like it, but you can’t out macho men.”

She says there’s no reason women can’t be strong and confident and feminine, but isn’t posing in lingerie just satisfying a male fantasy?

“A lot of people may judge, call it vain, insecure. I had a conversation with an ex-boyfriend, who turned out to be a little too conservative for my tastes, he said didn’t I want to save that side of me just for him?” Obviously not, as Lea goes on to explain sexuality isn’t just for one person. “I’m respected for my brain all day long, so go ahead objectify me I want you to.”

She notes that even today too many women hold onto modesty as a virtue, “but why is that? Later in life you look back and think , why didn’t I show it off while I had it? It’s not like you get some sort of brownie badge for being modest.”

Lea began doing pin-up photos when she discovered Vancouver photographer Shimona Henry, whose company, Pin-Up Perfection, Lea says is booked months in advance by women who want everything from promo photos for burlesque shows to woman who want something personal for their husbands or boyfriends. Henry’s work is showcased on this page, along with another local photographer Lea works with, Trevor Jansen.

“I had to out myself to my family on facebook, which for me is part business and part play, they’re a little more conservative, and I’m the only in my family like this but I have to be who am.”

Lea’s foray into pin-up photography also coincides with her involvement with many women in the Vancouver burlesque scene. “More and more women embrace this, you see them performing at the burlesque shows or even if they’re just attending. I admit I’m an exhibitionist, but there’s plenty of voyeurs to go around.

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