A pale Darkness

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A man finds himself wandering through the streets of some random scene lost in depravity; he talks to himself and questions why he is there.

This is a short blurbit I wrote when I was bored... Took like15 minutes, hope you like it... :) unedited, just wrote what came to mind...

Submitted: March 13, 2013

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Submitted: March 13, 2013



Darkness...  Not only in the look of the place, but in the feel of it.  The kind of darkness that makes you question whether or not light even exists.  Dot to say that you couldn't see anything, the street lights and the occasional store sign made that possible. But nothing could be seen quite clearly enough. Almost as if a dull fog had wrapped itself around your head, confusing your thoughts and twisting reality.I continued walking down the street, my steps creating an elusive beat of repetition.  An indistinct commotion far in the distance caught my attention.  What was it? A scream?  Almost a whisper, maybe.  Maybe it's just my mind yelling at me to get out of here.  But I can't.  I am here for something.  But what?  I think I am meeting someone. I forgot.  But one thing I know, I can't stop walking.  Even if I wanted to, I feel as if I would be breaking some law, some unspoken rule to keep calm and keep calm.  I am so comfortable with my environment, yet I want to break free.  The beat of my pulse matches that of my footsteps, pairing with the hum of the lights.  The ebb of the whole city seems to revolve around me, and with each step, the claws of the dismal cold creep closer toward my heart.  The song of death.  The thought rushes through my head and dives into some obscure corner of my brain, taunting me as it slips away.  Its almost as if an intense pain is enveloping my entire being, making me feel as if I will spontaneously rip myself apart.  I want to, but I know I can't.  But why? I take a left at the next street corner, certain this is the way.  It looks exactly the same as the last.  Is it the same street? I urge myself to believe otherwise and continue further into the mass.  I settle into a pace and keep walking, walking, walking...

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