The Revenge - Short story

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The first story I wrote on English.
The story of a bullied girl that comes back at her hometown with a desire,to revenge to 4 girls that made her highschool years terrible.This time she got help.A short story of how this girl killed them all.

Submitted: August 11, 2012

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Submitted: August 11, 2012




/First story I wrote in English/

Everybody knows that highschool is harsh to some people,at times causing depression...Well at least that ends,the pain and words and bad feelings.It makes you stronger or weaker.It all depends on your soul. This is a story of a cute,nice girl who did everything to be liked,but being fake to be liked sometimes it doesent work.She tried everything,but she got bullied even more.Her name's Lucy.At least it used to be.When the high school finish,she moved,and nobody ever heard of her.Never. Even the persons who bullied her felt bad.Its a fact that they were insecure and wanted to be liked and respected by the whole school. Sussane,Cate,Laura and Lizzie,'Queens of Highschool' didnt even imagine about the horror they were going to see.

A beautiful day on Altown,April.A quiet day,like usually.When suddenly,the four best friend would hear that they have new neighbors,a just married couple,while drinking their morning caffee.The four of them were not married neither in love. They spent every single day together,chatting with strange guys in internet or going in blind dates.

-Maybe we should go and welcome our new neighbors-said Lizzie-I mean theres a man we dont know,I even heard he is hot...

-Yeah,I heard he is married too-replied Cate.

-Thats something easy.I bet he will get tired of his wife,and there I go.-said Lizzie again

-Stop acting like a whore,we'll go in good purposes.-She replied again.

While they were drinking their caffee,a hot,beautiful strange woman walked to them.

-Hello ladies,i just moved here with my husband.Could you show me the town.-they looked her annoyed-Oh im Abby!-She extended her hand!

The four woman accompained her across the town,laughing and having fun. Its like Ally was someone they wish they met earlier. It was awesome for four of them,meeting someone new,after being everyday with the same people,hatin' all of them! Anyway,after that day,they did hang out almost every day!

Nothing strange,just a beautiful friendship.

Hey girls,you all are invited tonight at my house.Please come,I need y'all! -Luv,Abby (a text in their phones)

They got dressed and went there,of course.Happy and excited! Abby took them inside the house,and accompained them to a room.-Stay here! Im goin' to take something.

Suddenly,a voice whispered.-Did you miss me,your majesty?-in an ignorant voice!You should have known i would be back,stronger than before.You took my life,so im going to take yours aswell!

They started screaming,and running! The doors were closed.Ally where the fuck are you,theres a killer in your house! Lucy !!!

Abby came downstairs -Oh there is.There ARE 4 of them! And i dont like you 4,you all look like 40,you have no life.Whats the point if you live anyway.

Lucy took a knife from the kitchen

w h o should I k i l l first?-she started makin' word games.- Lizzie youve been a totally bitch,you even dated the guy I l i k e d,more points to you.-So she cut her throat!

Cate,the sweet Cate,you can leave the house alive...-Lucy smiled -just cut Sussane!And gave her a knife.

Cate without even thinking cut Susanne.

-I thought she was your friend Cate?-said Abby while killing Laura

-In situations like that,there are NO friends.-Cate replied

-That means were not friends anymore?said Abby annoyed...

-No,youre different...I like you..

-You said this to them too.And look theyre dead.There are no true friendships today! -pointed a silent gun at her

-But you said you wont kill me! Lucy!! -she started yelling,shocked of course

-Well she said,I dont remember sayin' that...-And shot at her

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