"Little Writer & Wanderer"

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"Little Writer & Wanderer"

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



“Little Writer & Wanderer”
(Written By: Alana Cheng)

There’s a book of all the written words
I have completely written down
As I have settled on getting even with
The moments that have kept me
Down so heavily
Where I can hear a voice
That tells me that everything
For which you’ve done was for the love
And the sake of the fondness
For the treasures of a book that I’ve kept
All to myself to depend on the mood
Of my own life of reality
All in all to sum up as there isn’t
Much ado for anything right now
With as much as time would fucking allow
I’d only question myself of
What’s to become of the strangeness?
The fondness of the out of the box picture
Of a perfect realization
To what you’ve seen in your perspective
For which there is nothing but
The cosmic waves of events of a plateful
Of nothing but the beauty and the tragedy
All mixed in together
‘Cause if it’s going to be like this
Then I might as well be
A fucking broken record for life on end
But somewhere in my heart
I know that there’s a storyline to how
My life is going in a way I have never ever
Expected it to be
As I have found myself in a state of mind
And I just don’t know
What I should even fucking do about it
Whereas my stubbornness
A degree of which I’ve professed myself
As the acclaimed wanderer
I must admit that I’m so unashamed
‘Cause to hell with everything else right now
Yes, I am very emotionally strong
But truth to be questioned in a reason of curiosity
Are we truly all that we are?
Are we seriously that stapled down?
Are we really that lost in doubt?
And maybe we should learn to be as one

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