Too Scared

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Today I found myself in a tough position. My friend was being made fun of and I was stuck there frozen. Listening to their words as they spoke. It hurt me hearing what they had to say. But really what hurt me the most was not doing a thing about it. Next time I will stand up. This will not be tolerated around me.

Submitted: April 05, 2011

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Submitted: April 05, 2011



There I was on that day. I had no means to betray. But I did only sit and grimace. I had not stood up and become fearless. As those two boys talked, laughed and snickered, In their eyes dancing flames flickered. Thinking they are so cool, Talking about another boy in school. \"Let's make fun of him, he has no feel\". Little did they know, this boy was real. He had feelings like any other person. As the two boy's talked, the situation worsened. Talking cruel harsh words, names were thrown...'Fag'. Did they think it was funny? Something to brag? If only I had the guts to stand up strong. But I did not, I took to long... To wake myself up, and take a stand. I knew I had the power in my hands. So why was I frozen? Stuck in fear? Too many thoughts coursing through me, my brain unclear. \"I should tell them to shut-up\"...\"Say what I feel\" Was the situation not at all real? Next time I will be there. I will stand up and shout out. I will not be too scared. I will be brave and say, \"he's more of a man than you will ever be\".

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