"A Serenading Symphony"

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"A Serenading Symphony"

Submitted: April 05, 2008

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Submitted: April 05, 2008



“A Serenading Symphony”
(Written By: Alan Cheng)

Sing me a song
As you’d serenade me
With your tender voice
Which makes me feel
As if it is a lullaby
To make me sleep at night
So I won’t go wild with those thoughts
That have bugged me to the core
Of what I have left in my bones
As I have said all those words
That were unsung on those calls
On those conversational phones
With life that brings forth
The nightingale of dreams
Which were once nightmares
To awaken me and say
That every single thing in my heart
Will be absolutely ok
‘Cause I feel as though
I cannot sleep without your tender voice
To put me to sleep
As you’d sing a serenading symphony
A serenading symphony
That’s got me wanting more
With each minute that passes on
Ever so quickly in the days and years
That have gone way too fast
And I would love to hear
A serenading symphony that would
Forever last in my youth
And of my years to come around
As I feel like I am bound
To be locked in chains
Unless I hear your voice
With a serenading symphony
Where life itself
Would look as though
It is ever so funny
With a beautiful voice like yours
That would forever set me free
A serenading tune
A serenading symphony


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