"Rock Star"

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"Rock Star"

Submitted: April 04, 2008

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Submitted: April 04, 2008



"Rock Star"
(Written By: Alan Cheng)

As I'd close my eyes
To go to sleep at night
I'd envision myself up on stage
In front of millions of people
Who are cheering for me
As I would start the show off
With one of the greatest songs
To ever be performed
Not knowing what song it would be
But that it would get everybody pumped up
And rocking out in no time
When I'd grab the microphone
And start to sing my whole entire heart out
Giving everyone the best of what I can be
In my performances late at night
Which would be the concert
That I'd be performing in
Rocking out with my guitar
As to also hearing the sound of the drums
Banging with the sound of my voice as I'm singing
I'd know that I'm a rock star
A rock star that's out to sing
His whole entire heart out to the crowd
Bringing out the best of me
The real me
That's dying to just let go
And rock out like a wild child
Singing the lyrics that I have written
Letting it all come to life
From my voice to let it all be heard
In the sense where I know what's going on
The sound of the crowd cheering
Screaming out my name
And wanting more than ever before
Of what I have to offer to the audience
The audience who'd rock out to the music
The music that I'd make and perform out there
Which wouldn't only be a dream or vision
But something that'd be like a feeling
A feeling so real
And a feeling that's so emotional
That'd make me think that it all isn't pretend
But it's all 100% the real thing
As my heart would beat loudly
And I would feel it
'Cause I'm singing out every single word
Every single word that I have written
In the lyrics of my songs
The songs in which I have written
And I know that I'm a rock star
A rock star that's rocking his heart out
Losing control over what I've been holding back
For the moment has come
For me to close my eyes
And envision myself up on stage
And to see myself and picture myself
Performing in front of an awesome crowd of people
Who'd all come to see me rock out
Just like a rock star should
As I'd move around in the sense that I'm free
Free to live out the words that I've written
The lyrics that I've kept to myself
Which would also be the words of my diary
And would now be out in the open
The rock star that lives inside the words
And is now the rock star that rocks forever

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