Commercial shit versus writing success

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Good way to look out for the difference between the commercial importance and satisfaction of author via writing

Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016





And yeah, no difference between these two, huh? Seems not. But has a big one. By the word shit you don't mean no disrespect to the capitally exaggerated stuffs out there, gaining a lot o' money, but it definitely warms up the temperature of every non-commercial-human-being on this planet whenever the word  success gets related with the amount o' money in the name of the stuff. Definitely for an individual, the merely respected factors regarding the detection of success, is money and it should be.

Getting into the world of examples, you create a fictional stuff, let it be a book at instance, look at it. Feel the front cover, back cover and the page quality of the book and yeah that's the only three natural steps one does before reading the stuff on the back cover which tells what the whole fat thing is all 'bout. And there's no harm in that because you don't take the book in your hands because it'd gained a shitload of money in the market. And that's when it comes to the contradiction of the definition of success. Yeah, a hundred cheers who think the same.

The amount of money it gained all over its life, I'm talking 'bout the book. The money goes to the author publication and every other damned sections regarding the book. And the money is directly proportional to the success of the 'writer' commercially. For a true writer, it gains him money, respect but it doesn't has the flair to gain him the satisfaction, he expected while writing.

The success for the book actually depends upon the equality of the understanding ability of the characters by writer as well as the reader

Again move to the exemplary world, imagine a writer, writing a book. He introduces a character named 'Jack' and simultaneously he creates a picture of Jack. And as soon as he proceeds in writing the introduction, the stuff in the inverted commas, defining the personality of Jack; he starts getting knowing Jack personally in the fictional world and as he completes writing the stuff. Jack's role in this world is over and now you ask the writer who Jack is? What does Jack looks? What's Jack do in this situation and in that situation, you get the answer from the writer as he'd been living with Jack during his writing time.

And what you do now is to ask the reader of the same book, and I'm talking 'bout an ideal reader here. You ask a guy same  questions you asked the author. And now the success of satisfaction produced by writing, to the writer is directly proportional to the similarities of the characters made by him and reader.

In other way, the reader will answer the questions same as the writer, he will characterize Jack as the same person with whom the author has lived with. And if he's able to do it, that's it. He nailed it.

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