Biggest nightmare

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A family of 4 ,, the father mother brother and sister . They move into the countryside to a 3 storie house and dont realise what secrets the house holds .

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



1st Chapter

\" Mum do we have to move \" moans Daniel . \"Yes we live in a shit hole and i can't take 1 more minute of it \" Daniel aged 15 and his sister Emma 13 were both against there mum and dads decision of moving to the countryside , they both like living in the centre of Glasgow where everywhere you look there is either fights or car crashes . \" Kids are you ready to go yet , we are leaving now \" says father \" Almost dad just packing my football trophies \" says Daniel \" Ok well meet us in the car \" While everyone was packing Emma decided to write a final entry in her small bedroom before leaving .

Dear Diary We are now moving house and im really pissed off because how am i going to see my friends when im living in a place with no civilisation what so ever and not even an animal in site . Well i might aswell try and like it so my next entry will be about the house and how shit it is . Bye

With everyone in the car they set of in search of there new countryside house . Hours past and Daniel started feeling a bit dodgy and with that puked all over Emma and the car and that made their trip shit before it even started so they all stopped for a break while Daniel regained cauntioness .They all got back in the car and set off on the road for the second time .

When they arrived at the house there first immpresions were varied some said wow lovely house others said what a load of crap but what would they discover inside .

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Biggest nightmare

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