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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic
My first submission to this site. My raw thoughts in a beginning attempt to share my writing publicly.

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



Free flow writing

Opening up the cordoned off sections of my mind

Looking for answers

and reasons

Maybe once the dammed up stagnent ponds in my mind are breathing again

A new outlook of consciousness will flow freely through the debris of broken flood gates

My mind wanders so easily

Like an ADD monkey with a choice of colorful fruits laid out in front of it

This mind of mine makes no sense most the time

Wisdom of life experience mixed with a needy child-like mentality

Thirsting for love and affection

I'm famished

Starving from a deep place in my soul that I have no name for

It's dark there and all sound bounces back and forth in echoes against dank cave walls

And nooks and crannies

Wide open spaces scare me because I cannot wrap my mind around the freedom they suggests

I want to write it down, catch it all like a spider

Laying wait in a web of tangled spokes

Waiting for it's meal

Waiting in necessity

Waiting in patient and intense wonder

Of what the next slight movement in the web will surprise it with

Spiders understand stagnant things with a contentment that I can relate too

Only I hate spiders

How can I relate to something that creates panic inside me and...

Why do I enjoy panic?

Always craving to live on the edge

Seeking out dark places in the world that to enjoin makes me feel alive

Death intrigues me

It used to lull me to daydream about it brought comfort

But with each passing year, I accumulate more garbage

And more knowledge

Things that taint my obsessions and make it more difficult for me to stay stuck in the dark

And more difficult for me to enjoy the forbidden taboos that I keep to myself

In the twisted chambers of my mind

© Copyright 2020 AlantisNamora. All rights reserved.

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