Black Sheep(racism)

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This is my stand on racism and the unbelievable racism I've experienced. A short story.

Submitted: December 22, 2016

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Submitted: December 22, 2016



The Black Sheep,

By Alaq Alhussein

It all started out with a cute little baby girl that was born. Her parents were very proud and she had the most beautiful parents and was an only child. They decided to name her Asema. She was born in a different country, that people spoke other languages and had different cultures, and had different physical features.The country was very hated and accused of many things. There was also a stop on immigration from that certain country.The girl learned her language and could speak it very fluently, as it was her mother language. She went to school for about five full years and made many friends and was always a loved person wherever she went. Her teachers loved her that they even called her the flower Yasmin instead of her actual name. She was a child that would always laugh and always has a big smile on her face. Her parents loved her and she would always help them with whatever they needed. until she heard the good news from her parents. 

She was about the age of 10 she had to immigrate to a whole new country that she has heard of and always wanted to go to. Her parents had told her that this was their dream land and that they always wished to go there and now they finally got their chance. The girl was so happy. She was too happy to the point where she would tell her imaginary sister that she was going, as she was an only child. Her parents told her that they had to go by next week and that she had to prepare and say goodbye to her old friends.

She was happy in the fact that she was going to her dream land but sad that she had to say goodbye to her old friends. She couldn't wait until the flight next week. She finally said goodbye to her friends and some of her friends she didn't even tell them. Her friends were in shock and some even cried. Then the day came were they were going on the plane to the new country. Asema helped her parents pack up their clothing and finish up any unfinished things left in the house.

They were moving very quickly. Then while they were packing, Asema asks her dad:

"Dad, how will I learn a new language?"

Her dad replies: "You will very easily, and since you are such a good girl you will help us learn the new language"

Asema laughed and nodded. Then she added a comment to her dad,

"I will miss this house"

"So will I, we all will, but aren't you excited for the new country?"

"More then excited" She says

"That's my girl" 

Asema gives her dad a big smile, with her bright hazel eyes, and then runs and gives him a hug.

Then finally, they finished with the packing and were ready to leave. Asema couldn't believe that it was the day. She looked at both of her parents proud. 

"Mom, I am going to my country, where I was supposed to be born"

Asema's mom smiled and kneeled down to hug Asema, as they waited to get on the plane. It was a very long line of luggages, and security checks. They waited and waited.. until it was their turn to go.

The people that were doing the security checks were giving the parents a hard time and asking them questions from the other country that they didn't understand because they didn't speak the language. They almost couldn't go on the flight because the people were racist and were looking at the family differently. Also they informed them that there was a temporary ban on immigration and that they couldn't go no matter what. Asema started to cry after she felt that they couldn't go, strong tears. 

"Why! Is this because we are different, is this because we came from a different country?" 

The employees looked at Asema crying but did not say a word.

"We prepared all of this time and now we can't go?"

Asema looked at her parents and gave them a hug, with tears falling from her eyes, and their eyes as well.

This isn't a true story but talks about the racism that is rising to an alarming level. It has gotten to the point where people get sent out of planes because of speaking a different language and that people feel "discomfort". It has also gotten to the point where the president elect is planning to have a complete ban on  a whole religion from immigrating for no reason. He doesn't know that there are some people are like Asema and her family.Also the fact that there are a lot of hate crimes only from the hate that exists within people's hearts and the paranoia within people. I am not speaking for every person, that are many people that support me on this point but I am exteremely disappointed in everything that is happening right now with the racism. It needs to stop. It has gotten to the point were I am afraid to say where I am from because people might look at me differently and treat me badly because of my orgin. This story explains just what might happen if this racism issue keeps on going. I feel that this is the black sheep!


© Copyright 2019 Alaq Alhussein. All rights reserved.

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