Life As A Normal Teen

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An orphaned teen has to handle love , high school drama and being chased by a serial killer.

Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018




Mind games. Endless Mind games. Love, school, life. I am 16. Only 16. And my brain is exhausted.

Why? What could have possibly happened to this "young girl"? Surely it's not that bad. She's just being dramatic, like a normal teenager would.

Well, try orphaned, heart broken and targetted by a serial killer. Yep, not that bad right ?

I remember my parents. Wait, cross that out. I remember my "life-givers". I was five when they "gave me up". They didn't give me up, they left me. Left me stranded, isolated, alone. But like the orphanage keeps saying , they "gave me up". I still remember her packing my clothes in a bag and telling me I'm going to be sleeping over at a friend's house. This has been one hell of a long night.

I let go of the hurt though. I questioned myself for years where I went wrong. What did I do to deserve this ? I was five Mommy, was me not being able to eat my greens really that much for you to handle ? But then I moved on. I closed myself up to everyone. Until I met him.


It was grade eight. First year of highschool. I still remember seeing all of the grade eights being so excited to be around the "big kids". Thinking back to it now, it's more lame than I thought. The girls were going crazy over the matric boys, because they were the first boys they laid their eyes on - they were in charge of initiation.

Ahhh, initiation. I dare you to think of something worse. We were given extra large yellow t-shirts to tuck into our school pants. It wasn't even the nice yellow like my favourite colour , it was the mustardy, dirty yellow. We were given ninja masks to wear 24/7. It wouldn't have been so bad I guess if we didn't have to make the masks ourselves out of paper. How did the mask not break , then, you may ask. Well, it did, and cellotape was the answer. We had to act like ninjas and fight the air whenever we were approached by a matric, we were thrown at with eggs all day and then sprayed with water to "rinse off". We were given lunch to eat by them - bread with fresh, moist worms. Atleast the bread was buttered, they had some decency. I still, however, chose to starve.


But anyway , back to him. He saved me. And not just in the romantic , cliché way. He was my protection, my guardian angel. I remember I was being thrown at with eggs because I didn't want to eat the very appetising worm sandwich, and he stood infront of me. I saw for the first time , a matric stand down to a grade 11 without a word being spoken. Matteo Dean Michaelson. I wish that name didn't bring butterflies to my stomach, nerve signals to every part of my body and memories that make me weak. If you want to die young , fall in love.

Love kills you. But not quickly. It drains you emotionally, physically, completely. It eats you up from the inside out and puts you in total vulnerability. I protected myself from everyone else, but I should've just protected myself from him.

He consumed me - my heart, body, mind. He became my life, me. He was everything to me - my happiness , sadness, love , hate, friendships and family . He was the only thing in this whole world who gave life meaning. And because of this, I left.


Shackleton High is exactly what it sounds like - shackled. In my first week of school I made no new friends and spoke to noone besides the teachers. I learnt to just look down and avoid everyone. Everyone is like two cent coins - two faced , and worthless. They came to school to socialize. I came to school to escape my head.

Being alone with your thoughts surprises a person. You find out new things about yourself all the time. I'm scared of my thoughts. Not because they're evil or terrifying or whatever , but because they're exaggerated, dramatic, overpowering loud voices playing loops in my head.

You think overthinking is bad ? Try combining two minds that overthink, and both of them are yours.


I always envied the people who had support from loved ones, I even envied myself when I had him, but since he's gone now, I'm alone again. I enjoy the independence yet I get lost with myself all the time. My head is a whirling wind and I can't escape. I have the power to control my whole body yet I can't control my own mind. Not even a little bit.


My life was the usual everyday - eat, sleep, go to school. I felt like a robot - I was programmed to do certain things and that's all I did. I wasn't in control of myself, someone else controlled me , I just didn't know who.

My life was the usual everyday until, I got the letter.

My whole life changed. I was no longer the robot going to school, eating and sleeping. I was the robot going to school, eating , sleeping, and being watched.

The note was scribbled as if by a six year old child , but I knew it wasn't by a young child. A young child wouldn't be writing a letter to me. A young child wouldn't be writing a letter to me in blood.


I felt as if I was in a dream. This wasn't a dream however, this was a living nightmare. I couldn't escape by simply waking up, I have to wake up and fight for my life in order to escape.

Who knew that there was a more powerful short sentence than "I love you"? Trust me, "I'm coming for you." is much more powerful.

There was a part of me that was terrified, but also a part of me that was in wonder. Who could this be ? Why would they be after me ? Was this a prank? But I don't have any friends to play a prank on me so I highly doubt that. Matteo and I haven't spoken in months so it can't be  him, and he certainly won't scare me in order to win me over.

I ran to Aunty Avril and asked her where the note was and where she got it from. I tried not to sound worried. She told me it was left on the front step of the orphanage and it was addressed to me so she just gave it to me.

I wondered who would want to scare me , and if it wasn't just a prank then who would want to kill me.


I tried to ignore the letter , telling myself that it's just a prank from my imaginary friends that I had since I was five. Maybe it was one of the girls from the orphanage, they are unusually quiet and keep to themselves because they don't have friends either, I'm sure. I kept thinking this until I got the second note , inside my locker.

"Start getting prepared." So it can't be from one of the girls at the orphanage because most of them are either out of high school or not in high school yet. Someone was definitely watching me, and closely , how else could someone see my locker combination? A chill went down my spine. What did I do to deserve this? All I do is keep to myself , get good grades and definitely, keep to myself. I don't mingle with anyone , especially people my own age. I knew I had to try find out something about what's going on.

I knew I had to get the camera footage to see who left that note in my locker , so I decided I would steal them from the principal's office the next day. Being a "geek" comes in handy when you get to distract the principal by talking about implementing new rules into the school and get to steal the school camera footage.

I don't know why schools still put the school footage on DVD's that are so easy to access and play anywhere. I put the disk into my laptop and prepared myself mentally for what I was about to find out. I couldn't mentally prepare myself enough for what I was about to see. "You can't catch me that easily."

They knew what I was going to do. How can someone read my insane mind. Unless, they are the person controlling me unconsciously, always a few steps ahead of me when I don't even know what my current location is and where a few steps could even lead to. It was in this moment I realized that this was real. I was being targeted, watched, stalked. Being stalked alone is horrifying and creepy, but being stalked by someone who wants to kill you is undeniably worse.


I was intrigued to find out who this was, even though I knew when we meet face to face there will be no time for explanations, I will look my killer in the eye, be shocked maybe that it was someone I knew , maybe even more shocked that it's someone I don't know and then , die.

Thinking of death doesn't scare me. It's inevitable. Death is the ending of life. It's a split second that determines that our life is over and we transform into the afterlife. Our ashes become one with the earth and we get to be with everyone we love again, as the soil they grow their plants in, the wind that blows in their hair or even the sun that they enjoy after a cold winter season. Death doesn't scare me , but someone trying to end my life suddenly makes me question why I'm scared of losing the life of being a robot.

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