"The Late Night"

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This is a story about a poor middle aged man who was on his way home from work. He had just been divorced and had been fired.

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



The front door of a shabby house creeks open . A tatered soul walks into a doorway atrium and hangs up his coat and hat which drips wet from the night's rain. It's dark in the house and the man is tired, weary, faded. He closes the door and the click of the lock blends with the rain hitting the shingles of his house. The soles of his feet ache from the beaten path of his life. Cheerfully warm memories, and bitter sweet moments follow him home. Reminding him, haunting him. Its unrelenting but he likes it just fine with all of its beautifly painful nostalgia.

He didn't care about the pressure of everyday life anymore though. He just wanted to go to his bed, and get the peace he deserved. He combs over his messy hair and walks forward.

You can see his face now. Its riddled with stubble, insomnia and sadness. His dishevled apearance is dulled by the night's light passing through the rain outside his window.

\"Allmost there...\" He says under his ghostly cigarette breath.

He reaches a staircase and begins to climb up it. His hand touches the railing ever so gently, and you can hear the rough skin on his hand move against the wood. Before he knows it hes at the top, he looks down, sees where he started and smiles weakly in aproval, and thats all.

He goes to his room and see his bed and all of its glory. Walking up to it, he begins to strip away his cotten and denim armor, letting them fall to the floor in a muffled and sloppy wet clank before sitting down to think about his day for just a moment, just a single moment.

And then with a tired sigh he falls into his sleep, never aching again. (Fin)

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